Atlanta Housewives star Apollo Nida cuffed by feds

ATL Housewife Phaedra Parks and husband Apollo Nida

After reading this story over at TMZ my first thought was that Apollo Nida needs to get himself a lawyer, but then I remembered dude married one in the form of ATL Housewife Phaedra Parks!

In a previous post we highlighted the criminal past of Mr. Nida including racketeering charges, mug shots, and official arrest records, but this federal cuffin’ had nothing to do with Apollo’s shady history.  It was just a bad case of Barney Fifitis – or in legalese, mistaken identity!

According to The US Marshals Nida was pulled over and detained on Thursday afternoon but was quickly released when the task force realized they had the wrong guy. TMZ reports Apollo Nida bears a “striking resemblance” to whomever was the real target.

Some higher-up suit with that task force had a bad, bad day. Can you imagine hearing that your team accidentally cuffed the husband of an Atlanta Housewife, who just so happens to be a renowned attorney, all due to mistaken identity!?! I got a Phaedra feeling this situation is going to resurface later.