Atheist billboard causes controversy, claims Christmas is a ‘fairy tale’

Atheist Billboard

Jesus is the reason for the season, right? Not so says the American Atheists, a group dedicated to “working for the civil rights of atheists, promoting separation of state and church, and providing information about atheism.”

The group recently launched a billboard campaign in Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas that depicts a little girl along side a message that reads:

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is to skip church! I’m too old for fairy tales.

So, what’s their goal with this campaign?

The American Atheists spokesman Danielle Muscato claims the billboards are in place to support people who question God. “We want them to know it’s OK that you don’t believe,” he said. “It’s OK that your kids don’t believe and you can have that conversation with your children.”

As you might imagine, the billboard has erupted a bit of a controversy. Some have spoken up in support of the America Atheists while others said they feel attacked though Muscato claims, “That’s not what we’re about.”

American Atheists

Check out the news clip from Nashville:

WSMV Channel 4

This isn’t the first, and likely not the last, time the American Atheists will attract attention for their controversial billboards. Last year, they rented out space in Times Square touting the message, “Keep the Merry! Dump the Myth!”

What do you think of the American Atheists’ billboard campaign?

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