PHOTOS Gypsy Sister’s Nettie Stanley’s teenage daughter Nuckie Small welcomes baby boy

Gypsy Sisters - Nuckie Small

Gypsy Sister‘s Nettie Stanley is now the matriarch of an even bigger clan: Teenage daughter Nuckie Small welcomed her first baby with husband Pookie Small on November 28.

“There’s nothing like holding ur newborn son n ur arms ahh thank u lord for my sweet baby boy idk what I would do with out u,” Nuckie posted on Facebook of her “mama’s boy,” Henry Huey Harry Small. It seems the baby got his first two names from his dad — whose legal name is Henry — and maternal step-grandfather. (Although the family is known to repeat a lot of names, so there may very well be another Huey in there.)

Pookie Gypsy Sisters Baby
Pookie and “Pookie Jr.”

Nuckie and Pookie began dating when she was 14 and he was 16. They ran away together shortly after that, much to the frustration of mom Nettie. But, since tying the knot in an episode of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding last spring (when Nuckie was 16), Nettie’s accepted the relationship. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to go see the new baby in Florida.

“I’d love to have been there but she lives too far away for me and 5 kids to travel by myself,” Nettie posted on Facebook. “But she understands and that’s how it is when you take the place of a woman but I LOVE YOU more than anything and your in my heart and on my mind all day n nite”

Also unfortunately, Pookie Jr. experienced some health problems after initially coming home from the hospital: Nuckie posted yesterday that the little boy had to go back for some blood work. It sounds like the results were concerning because she next said, “My son is getting a immediate into the hospital everyone say a prayer.”

Pookie Jr. Nuckie Small

Thankfully, it sounds like he’s quickly recovering.

“My boy is doing better with his breathing that’s for all the prying n pryers! I praise God for my baby every day to keep him strong,” Nuckie said. She added today that he was discharged from the hospital again and they would be able to go home after a quick trip to the doctor.

Nettie and her Gypsy Sisters co-stars return to TV on Thursday, December 11 at 10/9c for Naughty or Nice Christmas.

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