Matt Roloff dating Roloff Farm manager Caryn Chandler

Matt Roloff and girlfriend Caryn Chandler

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff didn’t have to look very far to find love as it was apparently right there in front of him the whole time! The 55-year-old reality star recently confirmed on Facebook that he is dating Roloff Farm manager Caryn Chandler.

The confirmation came in response to commenters curious about photos of Matt and Caryn together from a baby shower they threw for Matt’s son Zach and his pregnant wife Tori. Here’s one of the pictures:

Matt Roloff girlfriend Caryn Zach Tori

Commenters asked Matt if he and Caryn are currently dating, and he replied without ambiguity. “Yes, I’ve started dating Caryn,” he wrote, then added “She’s amazing! 🙂 ”

The responses were mostly positive, but of course there were negative comments as well, including many folks wondering why Amy seemed to be excluded from the shower.

One congratulatory commenter responded to the negativity with a bit of humor, which Matt seemed to appreciate as he responded at length to people’s questions about the event:

COMMENTER: On behalf of many ignorant people, I am sorry Matt Roloff that your exciting post, was more less turned into a episode of Dr. Phil on how other people think you and your family should or, shouldn’t do things. Thanks for sharing your exciting news and fun pictures.

MATT: Thank you Randy for your humor. lol It’s nice to read fun posts from so many friendly FB friends.. .. Zach and Tori are actually having several baby showers (I think 3 separate events??) .. some filmed events others not.. The event we had yesterday was Not a filmed event for no particular reason other then they cant film everything we do.. lol This shower was called the “Co-Ed” shower because it was untraditional in the fact that we invited guys and gals. Unfortunately, Jer and Auj, Molly and Jacob we not able to attend from out of town.. We had all just filmed a family dinner event the night before and everyone had to get home… Amy is planning the other showers that you will likely see on TV so i’m sure she already has her hands full planning the other baby showers. lol BTW That was the Very first Baby shower I’ve ever been at.. Crazy what you ladies do for each other.. :))

On Sunday, Matt posted the photo at the top of this post with Caryn and a rather perty pooch and revealed that the three of them had just taken a mini beach vacay. “Broke away for a day of relaxing at the beautiful Oregon coast,” Matt captioned the photo. “Is anybody else doing something special this spring break?” he asked before signing off with “Love love to you all.”

Congratulations to Matt and Caryn! We can’t wait to see their romance play out on screen, which may be happeneing sooner rather than later. Matt was asked when Little People, Big World was coming back, and he revealed “New episodes should be out this May.”

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