Artist creates Barbie doll with the shape of a real girl (Barbie’s finally got a booty!)


We’re obsessed with the Barbie doll. Every generation of girls (and boys, both directly and indirectly) for the past five decades has grown up with her help, but the truth is she looks insane. She’s not shaped like any real woman, even supermodels. (Valeria Lukyanova came close with the help of plastic surgery and other interventions.)

To deal with Barbie’s disconnect from reality, people often undertake projects like drawing Barbie’s proportions on a real woman, or doing a mock-up of Barbie’s face without makeup, but for the first time an artist has created a Barbie doll that looks like a real girl. She’s the same plastic, has the same crystal blue eyes and synthetic bleached blonde hair, but everything from her body proportions to her face looks like a real woman, a beautiful woman. Nickolay Lamm used a 3D printer to create this doll who is based on the CDC’s average proportions of a 19-year-old girl.

Check out htat booty!


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