Are Teen Mom’s Kailyn and Javi headed to couples’ counseling?


On the Teen Mom 2 season premiere on July 16, Kailyn and Javi were going through some tough times following the birth of their new baby Lincoln. They were also experiencing some added stress after having recently moved and gotten married.

“I think in the beginning with Javi adjusting to having a newborn and me having two kids was really rough on us and we didn’t really know what to expect,” Lowry told OK Magazine. “It did strain our relationship a little bit, but things are good now. I felt that maybe we weren’t happy, but in retrospect I think that it ended up just being the stress of a new baby and trying to balance things out. I don’t regret saying it (I’m not happy) but things are better now and I’m happy that I don’t feel that way anymore.”

She told Life & Style that divorce isn’t an option for the two of them, and they’re willing to seek couples’ counseling in the future if they experience more rough patches in their relationship. Kailyn told Hollywood Life that they’re also willing to let cameras in to see their therapy sessions to help “other young people going through the same thing.” Is VH1’s Couples’ Therapy next?

“I think, for me, when I made my vows to Javi, it was for better or for worse and I think that I would want to show that to the viewers who were going through the same thing,” Kailyn said. “So yeah, I think that I would show that on camera.”

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