Stevie J remains upbeat as the threat of a prison sentence looms

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The latest news from the Stevie J child support trial is in…and things aren’t looking especially bright for the reality TV star. Because he confessed to ducking child support payments and has a history of other legal lapses, Stevie is facing serious jail time for the first time in his high-profile career.

As we reported previously, Stevie’s legal perils came to a head this past autumn when he confessed to skipping child support payments for two of his kids. The payments, which span the sixteen years from 1999 to 2015, total approximately $1.3 million.

And compounding Stevie’s problems is the fact that he also recently confessed to drug use while on parole. U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara noted Stevie’s transgressions in his final statement with the New York District Court where the Stevie J child support trial is ongoing; Bharara’s request, per TMZ, is that Steven Jordan serve no fewer than six months in federal prison. According to the site’s take, Bharara contends that Stevie has “gotten plenty of second chances, but repeatedly screws up,” and so the government wants “to make an example of him.”

Despite the news, Stevie continues to be his usual upbeat self. It seems like he’s always looking forward to tomorrow–and remaining far more optimistic than most people in his position would likely be:

Another day, a new Stevie J. #leaveittostevie

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Her energy is so positive @iamcardib

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The judge in Stevie’s case is expected to issue a sentence in the next few weeks.

Leave it To Stevie, the man’s latest reality TV effort, continues its first season Monday nights at 9 on VH1.

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