PHOTOS Nicole Curtis baby pictures and family shots from throughout her life, including Nicole Curtis’ son’s father

Nicole Curtis' son's father 2

Nicole Curtis is a frequent and loving updater of social media: the Rehab Addict star has been loyal to her fans for years, since well before her show became the flagship for the DIY network, and often drops behind-the-scenes and family photos, up to and including Nicole Curtis baby pictures, for their viewing pleasure. In fact, Nicole’s Facebook page is a veritable treasure trove of information about Rehab Addict as it films; each season’s project (or projects) is documented thoroughly while the renovation is underway, which means that by the time you watch the show itself you’re ready for a pleasant burst of nostalgia.

So, now that Rehab Addict Season 7 is coming to an end, and the future of the show is up in the air, we thought it might be nice to gather some of those pics for a Nicole Curtis photo-stravaganza! Read on to see throwback images of Nicole as a baby, her son Ethan as he’s grown up before the cameras, and even a few shots of Nicole Curtis’ son’s father!

Since all of these are Facebook updates, we’ve added Nicole’s original caption to each, which  should tell you everything you need to know about the image. We’ve put these shots together in a rough chronological order, starting with a few photo scans (remember those?) before switching over to digital sometime earlier in this century 😉 Enjoy!

Nicole Curtis' son's father 1

“Me and my Gramps…always the stylish one 🙂 He said yesterday, ‘You’re doing good work.'”


Nicole Curtis' son's father 2

“I think I was waiting for Superman…which I got–I still have him too 🙂 ”


Nicole Curtis' son's father 3

“The single most important moment of my life…Ethan’s birthday–this is my favorite pic of us…Happy 15th Bday!!”

(Nicole shared the above photo on December 23rd of 2012, meaning Ethan was born in 1997.)


Nicole Curtis' son's father 4

“My favorite Valentine 🙂 🙂 ”


Nicole Curtis' son's father 5

“Every step of the way, I have had a beautiful boy by my side. This is E helping me demo at our Oakright home–Spiderman work gloves, Home Depot apron, and mommy’s sunglasses.”


Nicole Curtis' son's father 6

“E and his dad–we are so blessed to have such a great child 🙂 ”

This last shot does require a quick explanation–it’s one of the whole Curtis family! From left to right, here’s Nicole’s father Rodney, Nicole, her brother Ryan, and her mother Joanie:

Nicole Curtis' son's father 7


As for the present day, you can catch new episodes of Rehab Addict Wednesday nights at 9 PM EST on DIY–but only for a few more weeks! The season finale is coming up fast; after that, you’ll have to make do with reruns, until we find out when (and where) to expect Nicole’s next adventure.

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(Photo credits: Nicole Curtis baby pictures via Facebook, Instagram)

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