Kandi Burruss wins Throwback Thursday with Mama Joyce Kmart shopping cart photos

Kandi Burruss Mama Joyce throwback photo Kmart shopping cart

Thursdays are always a lot of fun for those surfing the pop culture social mediasphere thanks to the phenomenon of Throwback Thursday, and few celebs are more consistent at doling out throwbacktacular golden oldie images that The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kandi Burruss! Whether it be cringe-worthy fashion statements from her time as a member of Xscape in the 1990s, adorable childhood pics, or old family photos of Mama Joyce, Kandi always manages to put a smile on my face whenever I see a post from her with the #TBT hashtag.

This week was no exception as Kandi shared the photo above of herself as a child taking a ride in a Kmart roller coaster (otherwise known as a shopping cart) while Mama Joyce checked out the bluelight specials. “#TBT remember when your mom would put you in the cart & you would be mad cuz you wanted to get out & run around…” Kandi captioned the snap. “It looks like I just finished crying. Lol! Shout out to my mom & shout out to @Kmart! 🙂 ”

Not long after, Kandi shared another Kmart kart photo, this time showing an excited little Kandi just as she was getting in the shopping cart — I guess before she realized she was soon going to want to get back out:

Kandi Burruss throwback shopping cart photo

Here are some more Kandi Burruss childhood photos she has been kind enough to share over the last couple years in which it appears as though Kandi was quite the happy child — which seems exactly right!

(Kandi’s original captions are under each photo.)

Kandi Burruss baby picture
#TBT of me when I was a baby! I smiled big even when I had no teeth…. Lol!

Kandi Burruss toddler throwback photo
#tbt of me when I was a baby!

Kandi Burruss throwback third grade class school photo
#tbt of my 3rd grade pic! #backwhenlifewaseasy #mymompickedmyclothes #ihadtogrowintomyteeth

Kandi Burruss throwback Christmas photo with Santa Claus as a child
Merry Christmas everyone! I know today is not Thursday but here’s a throwback of me with Santa when I was little.

Kandi Burruss throwback photo 11 years old
#tbt of me when I was 11….

Kandi Burrus throwback photo holding Michael Jackson's Thriller album
#tbt I loved Michael Jackson as a kid! I was too excited to have his Thriller album.

Photos: instagram

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