AWKWARD PHOTO Justin Bieber grabbing a fan’s boob

Justin Bieber grabs a fan's breast at an event
“Boobay, Boobay, Boobay, oh…”

Most Beliebers go to Justin Bieber’s concerts and events just hoping to get a glimpse of the heartthrob, but last week in Miami, a girl named Jocelyn got waaaay more! She practically got to second base with The Biebs y’all! Well, that’s what it looks like in a photo taken of the two from that night.

Jocelyn had snuck in to a meet and greet in which fans were able to meet Justin face-to-face and get one photo with him. When it was Jocelyn’s turn to meet the star, she spilled the beans about sneaking in, telling Justin that it was actually her second time sneaking in to a meet and greet, and he thought it was hilarious. In return, he awarded her bravery with a kiss on the cheek and the meet and greet appeared to quickly transform into a meet and grope!

Since the photo hit the web, it quickly went viral and girls’ hearts everywhere were broken and/or filled with jealousy. Some claim the photo is doctored, and others claim that Jocelyn told him to do it. Either way, Jocelyn is the envy of girls everywhere.

Shortly after the photo hit the web, Jocelyn tweeted, “I’m dying hahahhahaha it looks like Justin’s touching my boob in the picture ahahahahha I can’t.” And as for how she managed to sneak in to the event, she explains, “For everyone asking how I snuck in, I made a fake wristband again haha.”

Justin sure is lettin’ lose after his split with Selena! First comes the boob grab, who knows what’s next?

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