Ben Affleck suddenly too busy to be in film requiring steamy scenes with Kristen Stewart


According to Variety Ben Affleck has fallen out of Focus, or perhaps gained a little marital focus depending on how you look at it.

Hollywood has been buzzing about the fact that Affleck was signed on to co-star alongside Kristen Stewart in the comedy Focus from the directors of Crazy, Stupid, Love. In a recent article with The Daily Beast Kristen Stewart described the plot of the film this way, “a pair of con artists who continually screw each other over—in love and in work.”

Some who had seen the script were commenting on how it would require some rather racy scenes between Stewart and Affleck. Given that whole, K-Stew making out with her married director indiscretion you may have heard about, folks were wondering how Ben’s famous wife, Jennifer Garner, might feel about all of that. I think we might have an answer, even if it’s not a direct one.

Affleck’s reps have confirmed that he has removed himself from the project and are citing a much too busy schedule as the culprit. Focus is set to begin filming in April and Affleck the successful director will be posturing for his critically acclaimed Argo. He also has two other directing projects upcoming, the thriller Tell No One and an adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s Live By Night.

Oh yeah, dude is also being rumored for a Senate run and he was busy yesterday in D.C. testifying before the House Armed Services Committee to provide an “update on the evolving security situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo and implications for U.S. national security.”

So there you have it. Stewart keeps her anticipated role, Affleck keeps things open for his busy schedule and Congress gets the 411 on national security. The only thing up in the air now is who will take Affleck’s place? Any bets on the guy being single this time around?

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