Florida woman does pantless yoga beside running truck in middle of road


Don’t do heroin. Don’t do heroin and then try to do yoga by your truck. Don’t remove your pants and leave your truck running in the middle of the road after doing heroin and attempting to do yoga. This Florida PSA is brought to you by 51-year-old Michele Cernak of Ocala, Florida.

Cernak was arrested on a bevy of drug related charges after cops got a 911 call that some intoxicated lady was removing her clothes in the middle of a street (what the po-po down thataways call a “Thursday”).

When the police confronted Michele her pants were down around her ankles and witnesses on the scene said that she had been doing various yoga poses.

She was getting her exercise on about 10 feet away from her truck that still had its driver’s side door open. When authorities searched her ride they discovered heroin and drug paraphernalia. When asked what was up, Cernak (according to records obtained by TSG) was said to have admitted to shooting up heroin. She was also described as having a bleeding wound on one of her ankles.

Cernak is currently rocking her downward dog at the Marion County Jail in lieu of $5000 bond.

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