Angry Grandpa is in the hospital, has cirrhosis

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All the stress from the Charlie Chill situation has landed Angry Grandpa in the hospital. Earlier this year the family vlogged AG as he underwent treatment for malignant skin cancer, something he’s still going through. This recent family drama may have triggered further health complications. He’s currently in the hospital receiving treatment for fluid retention in his abdomen, which sounds like ascites.

When Michael and the family visited AG on July 5th for a KidBehindTheCamera vlog titled “THE HEALING PROCESS,” he tentatively brought up the idea that maybe AG shouldn’t do his “angry” videos anymore, suggesting that perhaps they weren’t good for him. Angry Grandpa wasn’t having it, saying that making these videos saved his life and he wasn’t ever gonna stop. He mentioned that anger was part of his nature, and he was going to be destroying property anyway, so why not do it on camera.

Before Angry Grandpa and Michael started making videos about 10 years ago, AG was in very poor health. He says that he once weighed over 800 lbs. and Michael pointed out that building their YouTube empire has given them both meaning and purpose in life.

As for the Charlie drama, Michael’s vowed to stop talking about it for Angry Grandpa’s sake and says his brother is talking about going to rehab.

“We’re not gonna be bringing the drama up to Grandpa anymore because,” Michael said in the outdo from the July 5th vlog. “He’s in the hospital over it. I’m tired of stirring the pot, inadvertently stirring the pot, making people say more things doesn’t need to happen. he doesn’t need this. Just let everyone move on with their lives the best we can. My brother says he’s going to rehab, so hopefully he does.”

On the vlog from July 6th called IT KEEPS GETTING WORSE Michael and the family snuck in fast food to Angry Grandpa. He defended getting his dad Checkers because he claimed the doctors were concerned about AG’s low appetite. “That’s something that happens when he gets depressed. He just shuts down and he doesn’t have anything in his system so I’m gettin’ my dad some Checkers.”

At the end of the vlog they had to cut short their plans for Michael’s sister Kim’s birthday because Angry Grandpa’s girlfriend Lauren called to say that tests came back that say AG has cirrhosis of the liver. Michael says he doesn’t drink anymore, but Angry Grandpa battled alcoholism for most of his life. Both Michael and his girlfriend Bridgette burst into tears on camera as he said, “stuff like puts all the stupid drama in perspective. Who cares? So, I don’t know what it means, but he wanted you guys to know, so this is me telling you.”

In the vlog uploaded today, which was recorded yesterday after the previous vlog ended, Michael revealed that they went to see Angry Grandpa after his cirrhosis diagnosis and didn’t take the camera, which he was not happy with. Angry Grandpa was also upset that they were gonna cancel plans to go to an Escape Room for Kim’s birthday.

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