Nikocado Avocado got bit by his pet sloth

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Life has been incredibly dramatic lately for popular YouTube mukbanger Nikocado Avocado. About two months ago he and partner Orlin introduced a baby sloth from Florida into their home menagerie in Colombia. They then went on a six-week honeymoon to Thailand. After they returned home Nikocado uploaded a crying meltdown over hate comments. This breakdown was soon overshadowed by a new crisis: the next day his pet sloth Kiwi bit his finger really hard while he was feeding her a flower. The bite pierced deep into his skin and even fracturing his nail.

Here’s Nikocado’s crying video over the massive amount of hate comments he receives:

Nikocado and Kiwi in happier times:

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Nikocado’s vlog about his hurt finger (warning, this is pretty graphic)

The video opens up with Orlin filming Nikocado on the floor with bloody tissues all around him. “So Nick was feeding Kiwi some hibiscus flowers and Kiwi bit him. I think she thought his finger was a flower,” Orlin says. “There as a lot of blood, and he passed out on the floor.”

The vlog follows Nikocado during his visit to the hospital for shots, wound care, and antibiotics. He was planning to get a rabies shot, but later says that they wouldn’t give him one.

Pretty soon before the finger incident, Orlin uploaded a short video of Kiwi munching on a flower. The video seemed adorable at the time, but in hindsight it’s a bit creepy.

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