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If you were stunned by our previous update on My 600 Lb Life‘s Angel Parrish, you’ll be speechless when you see Angel Parrish now! The Season 3 participant recently shared an update including a new head-to-toe weight loss picture that had fans in awe. Angel also gave a family update, and explained why we shouldn’t hold our breath for her next Where Are They Now? episode.

As we wrote earlier this year, Angel’s transformation has continued unabated since her most recent My 600 Lb Life episode aired back in 2016. For comparison’s sake, consider that the photo at the top of the article features Angel in her debut episode on the left, near her peak weight of 570 pounds. And on the right is the second-most-recent photo Angel has made public, from this past spring.

Her weight loss journey has been an especially difficult one. In her debut, Angel revealed that when she became pregnant at 14, her mother forced her to either leave home and keep her unborn child or stay and give it up for adoption. After choosing the latter option, Angel “became lost,” and her eating began spiraling out of control. She weighed 405 pounds upon meeting her current boyfriend Don, and gained almost 200 more pounds after giving birth to she and Don’s son Andrew — and suffering post-partum depression.

Making matters worse for Angel was a near-catastrophic misstep in her first My 600 Lb Life episode. Already down 165 pounds and having undergone gastric bypass surgery, Angel began feeling extreme nausea. When Don took her to the hospital, the surgeons who examined Angel believed her to be malnourished, and inserted a feeding tube before Angel could contact Dr. Nowzaradan.

Despite Dr. Now’s admonishments — or maybe because of them — Angel was able to get herself back on track. By the end of her first episode, Angel was down to 261 pounds, meaning she’d lost a total of 309 — or 54.2% of her peak weight. And at the end of her Where Are They Now? follow-up a year later, Angel weighed just 248 pounds.

But how is Angel Parrish now? Unfortunately for fans, she doesn’t update her social media pages much. When she does, though, the results are pretty spectacular! For example, here’s the most recent picture Angel has made public, from this past summer:

Angel Parrish now 1

As you no doubt expected with a pic like that, Angel’s friends and followers flooded the comments with congratulations and well-wishes. In thanking them, Angel revealed a few more tidbits about herself, her family — and her future with My 600 Lb Life.

For starters, Angel confirmed that she is still together with Don, and that the two of them are very happy raising their son together. She also revealed that she hasn’t been filming a second Angel Parrish Where Are They Now? episode, nor is she likely to do so. But that isn’t necessarily her choice.

“I don’t have one,” Angela said, adding “Like someone said i don’t have enough drama in my life.” Elsewhere, Angela further added that “the show only picks the [cast members] they want on the show.” So, while there may be a third Angel Parrish My 600 Lb Life episode at some distant date, there aren’t currently plans for one.

Finally, Angel remarked on her ongoing weight loss success, and offered words of comfort for anyone struggling along the same path.

“It wasn’t easy but I did it,” Angel said. “”All of us girls and guys from My 600 Pound Life are working really hard to get our life back. I will continue working hard so others can see that it works. Thanks everyone for your uplifting comments.”

You can stream Angel’s first My 600 Lb Life episode here. Her Where Are They Now? follow-up is available here.

(Photo credits: Angel Parrish now via Facebook, TLC)

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