Amber Tamblyn wrote a book of poetry about dead actresses, and included Lindsay Lohan

Actress Amber Tamblyn is also a poet, and her latest work Dark Sparkler includes tributes to dead actress. She also included an entry for living actress Lindsay Lohan.

The poem itself is rather nonexistent. It’s just her name on a page, which seems a bit ominous in the context of the book.

“It is so different for every single person that I have talked to, which is kind of the point I was trying to make about treating people like objects and how we, as a society and a culture, project our feelings onto other people,” Amber explained to Vulture about her decision to include Lindsay in the book. “This is certainly the case with celebrities. We feel we have every right to do that.”

Tamblyn said she didn’t expect the entry to be viewed as a joke, and was shocked when she “read” her Lindsay Lohan poem along with a few other entries out loud and got a laugh. After that experience, she vowed to never include the Lindsay poem in her readings again.

“For me, I did not put that in there to say, ‘You’re next,'” she says. “I put that in there to say, ‘I am not going to do you what everyone else does,’ which is write a poem about your life — which is not my life.”


Lindsay, who has yet to comment on the poem, seems to be rebuilding her life in London. In an interview and photo spread for Homme Style Magazine Lindsay said that London, “feels like home, I miss it every time I have to leave for work and can’t wait to get back. I go back to NYC and LA for family and work.”

She seems to have a particular disdain for LA. “I don’t need to see it all over again,” she says of Hollywood. “The last time I went to LA it was my friend’s birthday and we went to this karaoke place. It was the same people, the same faces, nothing had changed. It felt very un-evolved.”

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