Farrah Abraham’s mom releasing book about getting catfished

Farrah Abraham's mom Debra Danielsen

Farrah Abraham’s mom, Debra Danielsen, has revealed that she will soon be releasing a book based on her own personal experience with being the victim of an internet scammer.

She posted the following today via her Official Facebook Fan Page:

My new book will be announced soon! Stay tuned! It is a true story about what happened to me last year. There will be a limited quantity of Tee-Shirts available to purchase as gifts for the holidays. Makes a great gift and valuable reading with expert advice from Dr. Robin Gandhi on how to protect yourself from internet and other scammers.

Earlier this month she stated that the title of the book would be “Vapor” as well as identifying the person, or better said the alias of the person, who had scammed her – “James Richardson.”

Images used online to catfish and scam Debra Danielsen

In December, Danielsen tweeted a link to a blog she created called relationshipscams in which she provides further details about what happened to her. In a post dated December 14, 2013 Debra wrote:

“The level of sophistication of these criminals is impressive. Instead of using their talent and time to help make the world a better place, they use it to prey on unsuspecting people like you and me. Like the State Attorney General of Iowa told me, ‘These criminals would sell their own mothers to accomplish their purpose. They are experts on identifying a persons’ soft spots.’”

She added on January 20, 2014, “The relationship/international business scam I fell victim to was through a legitimate business dating site. Match.com / Chemistry.com.”

In a previous post we highlighted an internet exclusive video from Farrah’s appearance on Couples Therapy in which she talked about her mom getting scammed out of what she claimed was “250-something thousand dollars.”

Here’s that clip again:

Farrah said:

“My mom was telling me, ‘A person I’m dating and who I was also a business partner with ended up dying in Malaysia…’ She was under the impression yeah that they were like going to be engaged and married when he got back from Asia. Then she signs a partnership agreement for like an oil development deal. So she like sends him 250-something thousand dollars… Did you ever meet him mom? ‘No.’ Never f**king met him!”

It should be interesting to find out exactly what happened to Danielsen.

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