Amber Portwood and Simon Saran feud after he calls Matt Baier a pedophile!?

Simon Saran Amber Portwood feud

Last night’s new episode of Teen Mom OG had quite a bit of on-screen drama, and after it ended, there was lots of off-screen drama as well. Farrah Abraham’s significant other Simon Saran has been building up quite an audience for his live Teen Mom OG commentary on Snapchat, and this time around he drew to the ire of Farrah’s co-star Amber Portwood after suggesting her fiance Matthew Baier is a pedophile!

The whole things started on Snapchat where Simon commented on a scene where Amber’s daughter Leah is standing in front of Matt while steering a pontoon boat. “I would be nervous too sweetheart,” Simon says, “you don’t want to sit on that man’s lap.”

Later, as Matt is walking his dog on the sidewalk, Simon jokes that “he’s a red dot in the community.” (I assume this is in reference to looking at a sex offender registry map.)

One person on Twitter pointed out Simon’s negativity towards Amber by tweeting to her: “Why ever week @SimonSaran always got something bad to say about y’all?” Amber replied: “He’ll get his don’t worry.”

That set off a Twitter conversation between Simon and Amber that was anything but cordial:

SIMON: I’m not worried.

SIMON: Lmfao ??? I’m shaking

AMBER: Simon your a little bitch who lets a girl talk mad sh!t to you. Your weak and irrelevant. Your a little boy toy puppet

SIMON: @AmberLPortwood you let a pedophile into your house congratulations

AMBER: how is he a pedophile lol.. Where does that even come from? Stfu and be the little boy toy weak ass person you are

SIMON: lol you win!! ???

AMBER: awe thanks honey..sending love?

well that escalated quickly Ron Burgundy meme

In Matt’s defense, in the laundry list of terrible allegations against him, I have yet to see anything to suggest he is a pedophile.

On a more positive note, Simon says that his Teen Mom OG Snapchat videos brought in over 100,000 views and as a result he will be donating $10,000 to the Ronald McDonald House charity tomorrow. Hmmm… Drama for a cause? Not a bad idea!

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