After backlash to her smiling selfie from Auschwitz, teen makes matters way worse

Princess Breanna Auscuwitz Selfie

An American teen trying to honor her late father by visiting Auschwitz initially earned criticism for posting the top picture and writing, “Selfie in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp” with a blushing smiley emoji… But it’s what Breanna Mitchell has done since that is really angering others.

After posting the picture, a Twitter follower asked Breanna for an explanation about how she could smile in a place where thousands of people were murdered during the Holocaust. She explained with a slightly defensive tone that she and her dad studied the history and planned to visit the site together, but he passed away before they made the trip. When others said that didn’t excuse the tasteless selfie, Breanna got a bit less kind.

“My relatives died at Auschwitz,” one person said. “Can I smile at your dad’s death? A selfie whilst in it?”

Breanna fired back, “Smile at my dad’s death and I swear to god if you didn’t live in f**king London or wherever I would come f**king kill you.”

When others were even more cruel — i.e. telling her she should have stuck her head in a cremator — Breanna requested they quit retweeting, tweeting to, quoting and favoriting the selfie. But, after Business Insider picked up the debacle, she changed her mind.

Breanna Mitchell Holocaust Selfie

Since she celebrated her “fame,” the backlash to Breanna and her actions has strengthened… And there’s still no sign that the teen feels any remorse: She tweeted this yesterday in response to the continued criticism.

Princess BMM

She also bragged when the message earned more than 150 retweets.

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