Adorable! – Ryan Gosling does Ellen in a onesie, on an exercise bike

Sometimes the world of celebrities hands you beautiful gift, and it’s everything you didn’t know you wanted.

Like when Ryan Gosling went on the Ellen show Friday, the day she was working out the entire show. So we start off with Ryan talking about living with his co-star Michelle Williams while filming Blue Valentine (and pedaling fast to duck the question of whether the two are an item now,which I take as a “probably”), and we somehow end up with Ryan AND Ellen conducting the interview while wearing onesies!

Not only that, but Ryan brought onesies for the whole studio audience (courtesy of Jumpin’ Jammer’z.) Forget Oprah’s Favorite Things™, I wish I was on this show! Ryan was trying to start a onesie fashion-craze to justify his desire to wear onesies 24/7, including out-and-about. I am 100% signing up for that movement. His plan may be working a little too well, because now the Jumpin’ Jammer’z site is down!

Ryan rounded out the interview an adorable anecdote about his mom’s love of SWAG rooms at awards shows.

Ellen’s next guest was Camille Grammer, which, for Real Housewives fans, was a different kind of wonderful treat.