90 DAY FIANCE Larissa moves back to Las Vegas, Debbie invites her to lunch

90 Day Fiance Colt's ex-wife Larissa dos Santos Lima moves back to Las Vegas

Former 90 Day Fiance and Happily Ever After star Larissa dos Santos Lima has moved back to Las Vegas! Colt Johnson’s ex made the announcement on Wednesday, revealing that she left Colorado Springs behind after a little more than a year.

Larissa teased the big announcement on Halloween. “I’m going to bring to your guys a very important update about my life in few days, can someone guess?” Larissa wrote in the caption to a VERY risque Instagram photo of her surgically altered new body in a bikini top Vilma (from Scooby Doo) costume.

Fast forward a few days and Larissa spilled the big news with another Instagram post. “I have officially moved back to Las Vegas today!” Larissa goes on to say a lot of nice things about Colorado Springs and her time there, but it seems very clear that she didn’t like it. She even attempts to put a positive spin on the fact that her nickname for Colorado Springs is “The Pet Cemetery.”

Here is Larissa’s gallery post followed by her full statement:

I have officially moved back to Las Vegas today!
I’ve been laying low the last couple of weeks, because I was back in Colorado packing my things.
It was several weeks of healing from my surgery in Vegas before I could get everything done.

After living in Vegas for a couple of years, I moved to Colorado Springs on September 19 2020. It was a change and experience I wanted to have.

Really, you only know me from a few minutes of edited television, but it was always “my American Dream” to move to a quiet, small city in the mountains. It was a fantasy to live anonymously, drink hot chocolate, and watch the large beautiful snowflakes fall against the window. As they say, be careful what you wish for.

I jokingly came to refer to my new home The Pet Cemetery, which is my favourite favorite novel and movie. It is so different from Vegas.
However, I became a stronger person, more independent both financially and emotionally in Colorado Springs. The cold winter was necessary for me to grow and flourish in the Spring.
I’m grateful for the year I spent in Colorado Springs.

This beautiful small city, that I truly lovingly call the Pet Cemetery, is filled with the kindest, most genuine, and hardworking people I have ever met.

It was a pleasure to meet everyone that came up to me to say “hi”. I will never forget you or your beautiful town.

Now, I’m ready for a new beginning, without the winter blues.
I did in fact get very blue in the cold of winter. Winter sports and hiking are not my niche. No regrets…onto new things in my former city. VIVA LAS VEGAS
* * * END STATEMENT * * *

Larissa’s announcement was met with lots of supportive comments, including one from a seemingly unlikely source. “Welcome back lady,” wrote Debbie Johnson, the mother of Larissa’s ex-husband, Colt Johnson. “We will have to do lunch [with Colt’s wife] @vanessaj_702 and I. 🤗😻”

The lunch invitation from Larissa’s former arch nemesis inspired one commenter to ask, “how did you guys become ‘friends’????” Larissa offered up an answer: “When I apologize for my craziness?”

Is Larissa returning to TLC?

Larissa’s move back to Las Vegas will almost certainly result in rumors swirling about her return to TLC and one of the numerous 90 Day Fiance spin-offs. Despite being arrested for domestic violence on three separate occasions, and being fired from TLC a little more than a year ago, I think it is very likely that we will be seeing Larissa on the network again soon.

Colt has continued to film, and Larissa’s apparent BFF Debbie is on the current season of The Single Life. I would think a Larissa pop-in on either of those would make a lot of sense. Another scenario that I’m sure would be appealing to 90 Day producers is having Larissa hang with Debbie and Colt on Pillow Talk.

However, I believe that Larissa landing her own spot on a show like The Single Life is very likely. Although it might have been pretty entertaining to see her on the dating scene in Colorado Springs, the production company behind 90 Day Fiance basically films year-round in Las Vegas because of all the cast members that live there from their various shows. (Sharp Entertainment also produces Love After Lockup and Marrying Millions, which have several cast members living in Las Vegas.)

Of course, Larissa could also land her very own spin-off — and it wouldn’t have to be based on looking for love. It’s very easy to imagine TLC announcing Larissa Lima: Working Girl or Larissa: Living Las Vegas documenting Larissa’s struggle to make ends meet via OnlyFans and maybe working at a Vegas strip club. A show like that might make even more sense on discovery+, which would allow for an R rating.

Of course, it could be that Larissa has completely burned the bridge with Sharp Entertainment. Just like most all of Larissa’s relationships, it didn’t end too well. One year after Larissa was fired, she reflected with a post on Instagram. Here’s the photo, posted on September 19, followed by Larissa’s one-year anniversary reflection:

It’s been One Year
One year ago, I was fired.
One year ago, a person I trusted as my friend was sharing my photos from my onlyfans and spreading them to isolate me from other friends.
I wasn’t ready yet to speak about what I was doing, I even knew I was doing at time that right was stole from me but made me stronger.

People will do anything to hide their own misery point others “failures”.

“Never judge someone’s character based on the words of another. Instead, study the motives behind the words of the person casting the bad judgment”

I had to rebuild myself and make new friends from scratch.
It was already one year ago, that I was arrested by ICE and detained several hours, only to have the frightening experience called a “publicity stunt” by so many.
One year now of having my Onlyfans, and it’s still going strong and I’m making good money.
It was a year ago that people told me they wanted 20%, 30% of my gross profit, and I said, “No”.

It took a whole year, but Eric and I finally understand one another and are great at co-parenting our fur babies.

It was One year ago today, that my life broke into a million pieces, but I put myself back together again, one piece at a time.

Thank you @jooolyagooolya @samara.saminha @savagedebbiej @vanessaj_702 @juju.beesh @coca.live86 @johnyates327tv to care about me when I most needed.
E tambem ao pessoal do Grupo da Maria @derikchristian @warlesz que me fizeram sorrir nos meus piores momentos.
* * * END STATEMENT * * *

To wrap things up, let me say congratulations to Larissa. Las Vegas definitely seems like a better fit for her than Colorado Springs.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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