90 DAY FIANCE David Toborowsky political scandal, prior reality show & more background info

90 Day Fiance David Toborowsky Fantasy Thailand reality show

The new season of 90 Day Fiance kicked off last week with one of the couples featured on the premiere episode being 48-year-old David Toborowsky from Louisville, Kentucky and his 24-year-old fiancée Annie from Thailand.

David’s backstory is quite compelling. He essentially turned his life around by relocating to Thailand after divorcing, suffering a stroke, and going broke less than five years ago. But, I did some research into David’s past, and his amazing “rebirth” story only scratches the surface.

First things first, we will tackle the 90 Day Fiance spoiler question on the top of everyone’s list:

Are Annie and David still together?

Judging from their social media pages, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Both David and Annie have recently posted photos together with lovey dovey captions, including a montage posted by Annie that apparently features them both in Hawaii! (She captioned it with “Hawaii” in Taiwanese.)

Here is the photo:

90 Day Fiance David and Annie spoiler - still together in Hawaii

That collage was posted last month, but Annie posted another photo with David this past week. Although you can’t see one in the photos above, Annie was still wearing a ring on her ring finger in a photo posted on August 23.

When did David and Annie start dating?

David lamented that he was “single again” in late August, and his first photo with Annie was posted on October 4. Here’s the photo, in which Annie looks even younger than her 24 years, and David strikes the same smiling semi-profile pose that he does in 90% of all his pictures:

90 Day Fiance David and Annie first photo together

David Toborowsky was involved in a political scandal(s).

Back in 2010, David Toborowsky ran for a seat on the Jefferson County Board of Education in his home state of Kentucky. His campaign was controversial almost before it started. It was reported that the president of the Jefferson County Teachers Association (a liberal) recruited David (a staunch conservative) as a means to “produce a school board majority favorable to renewing [Superintendant] Dr. Sheldon Berman’s contract.”

From Insider Louisville:

Multiple sources confirmed to Insider Louisville that liberal labor union leader [Brent] McKim has recruited conservative activist David Toborowsky to run against Third District incumbent Debbie Wesslund, who represents eastern Jefferson County. Toborowsky is close to far-right political figures including anti-gay rights crusader Dr. Frank Simon, a Louisville allergist.

90 Day Fiance 90 Day Fiance David running for political office

In something right out of a toned-down episode of House of Cards, there were accusations that the political maneuvering included a potentially illegal meeting between David and teachers’ union leader McKim. From the Courier-Journal [via Education Voodoo]:

David Toborowsky, who is challenging Wesslund, met with JCPS Superintendent Sheldon Berman and Brent McKim, president of the Jefferson County Teachers Association, on Oct. 12, according to the complaint.

Wesslund said the meeting may have been illegal because Toborowsky has been endorsed by the teacher’s union and is supported by a political action committee associated with JCTA called Better Schools Kentucky.

Because that group is conducting an independent campaign for Toborowsky, Wesslund said it is prohibited from coordinating any activities with the candidate during the election.

‘This is something (JCTA officials) typically have not done when they are running independent campaigns,’ Wesslund said. ‘Independent campaigns are not supposed to be done in coordination with the candidate at all.’

David’s campaign ran into yet another controversial stumbling block early on over his eligibility due to residency. The address Toborowsky submitted to the Board of Elections turned out to be a property owned by his good friend Chris Thieneman, who viewers will recognize as David’s pal on 90 Day Fiance. After questions were raised about whether or not David actually lived at the address, local news agency WAVE-3 sent an undercover reporter to the house in question to find out who actually lived there. The answer?

Toborowsky listed the address on Alia Circle in his election filing and his voter registration card to qualify to run for the school board’s 3rd district seat, but a teen, whom we can’t identify, told us Toborowsky didn’t live there.

The teen told us former mayoral candidate and real estate developer Chris Thienamen did.

When Thienamen showed up, he told us Toborowsky asked to move in shortly before the election’s filing deadline.

‘He asked me. He said: “Listen, you know I want to run for this thing and I need a place to stay. Would you care if I lived with you?” I said: “Absolutely not. You’re my best friend,”‘ said Thienamen.

Ultimately, it was the question surrounding his residency that led to The Jefferson County Teachers Association political action committee, Better School Kentucky, withdrawing their endorsement for David. Here is the statement from McKim (remember him?):

On August 25, 2010, the Jefferson County Teachers Association’s political action committee, Better School Kentucky, endorsed David Toborowsky in the 3rd district JCPS School Board race because he cares about the students and teachers in our community. Over the last several days, Better Schools Kentucky learned of some new information that raises questions about Mr. Toborowsky’s candidacy. After looking into this matter further, Better Schools Kentucky has decided, at this time, to withdraw the endorsement of David Toborowsky and to discontinue its independent expenditures backing his endorsement, effective immediately. Our endorsements are used as recommendations by voters. Therefore, we encourage voters to seek more information on this particular race.

There were some other issues with David Toborowski’s campaign as well, but I think I covered most of the big ones. Here is a brief overview from Education Voodoo, which does not appear to be a pro-Toborowsky site:

We now have (1) rumors of McKim recruiting Toborowsky to run against Wesslund, (2) Toborowsky “moving” to 3rd District the day before the filing deadline to run for the Board of Education, (3) proof that Toborowsky’s personal finances are a mess even though he wants to oversee a billion dollar budget, (4) the allegation that Tobo met with JCTA/Better Schools Kentucky when elections laws prohibit it and (5) the possibility that Tobo is using the address of his friend’s house as his own.

Here’s a photo of David with New Jersey Governor (and 2016 Presidential candidate) Chris Christie:

90 Day Fiance David Toborowsky with New Jersey governor Chris Christie

In addition to his School Board campaign controversies, David also had an issue a few years earlier when he was investigated for a “possible violation of the Ethics Code by failing to file a 2007 Statement of Financial Disclosure with the [Commonwealth of Kentucky Executive Branch Ethics] Commission” during his time serving in the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. You can click here for a PDF file of the Initiating Order. (I do not know what came of the investigation.)

When did David relocate to Thailand?

David posted a selfie taken in the Maldives back in August of 2013, and he was asked by a commenter about his “extended vacation.” “A couple friends of mine cashed in points and miles,” David explained. “We traveled around Asia for a month and I decided to stay a bit longer. I would retire here later in life if I could. Thailand is amazing.”

Who is David’s ex-wife?

I did manage to find David Toborowsky’s ex-wife online, but I will not reveal her name. She appears to be the mother of all three of his children, and she is still living in the Louisville area. However, that may all soon change as she is engaged to a handsome Texas feller with a wedding planned for early 2018!

90 Day Fiance David Toborowsky on the Fantasy Thailand reality show as TOBO

Was David Toborowsky on a reality show before 90 Day Fiancé?

The answer to this one is yes and no. David is part of his BFF Chris Thienamen’s “Fantasy Thailand” business, which is essentially a play on Fantasy Island, only set in Thailand. Here is their own description from their Facebook page:

Welcome to the home of Fantasy Thailand. Where we help you make YOUR dreams come true. No Matter what you may desire or want to change Fantasy Thailand can help guide you to your desired goals. Whether it is to loose weight, change careers, find a soul mate, find yourself, or just enjoy an exotic destination with great food, beaches, night life, adventures, massages and Temples Fantasy Thailand will be there every step of the way. No matter what your budget or goals Fantasy Thailand has something for everyone.

In 2015, Chris Thienamen’s “Fantasy Thailand” was described by The Rusty Satellite Show as “a reality show/travel business based on visits to Thailand,” and there are Facebook photos taken in 2015 that include a camera crew (and David). It’s unknown if the reality show was ever released or pitched to networks.

What is David’s job in Thailand?

Both David and Annie work for Fantasy Thailand. The two are described as “Thailand Love Birds” on the website, and they are described this way:

The Beautiful Thai Singer Anne and David an “Expert Ex-Pat” are living the Dream together in Thailand!

David has been to over 63 countries and specialize in international travel and business. He has degrees in Health Administration, Aviation, and is certified to Teach English as a 2nd language.

Here is the Fantasy Thailand promotional video, which features David as “Tobo the Best Friend:”

Does David really want to move back to the US?

I don’t know the answer to this one. He sure seems to have a great gig working for his bestie Chris, and being on 90 Day Fiancé is only going to help business (once the connection to Fantasy Thailand is made), so I kind of doubt it. But that is pure speculation on my part.

Are there any bikini photos of Annie?

Yes, this question is just a lame reason to include a great photo of Annie, who really is quite stunning no matter what she is wearing.

90 Day Fiance Annie bikini photo

What is the story on David’s best friend Chris Thieneman?

As interesting as David Toborowsky’s life has been, it is NOTHING compared to that of his bromance partner Chris! (Both good and bad.) Here is the intro from Chris’ Wikipedia entry:

Christopher Allen Thieneman (born June 6, 1965) is a former American college football player who was a defensive lineman in the World League of American Football (WLAF) and the Canadian Football League (CFL) during the early 1990s. He played for the San Antonio Riders of the WLAF, and the Sacramento Gold Miners of the CFL. Thieneman played collegiately at the University of Louisville, where he was an honorable mention All-American.

Later, he returned to Kentucky and took over the family business which included development and real estate.

As a Republican he also ran for the Mayor of Louisville, the Kentucky State House of Representatives and the Kentucky State Senate, losing all three times. He has also been accused of bribery, perjury and assault.

Chris Thieneman arrests mug shot photos

The assault charge and arrests stem from two separate incidents with an ex-girlfriend named April. The first incident occurred in September of 2013. Here is a brief summary from The Courier Journal before April’s identity had been revealed:

The woman, who was not identified, and Thieneman got into an argument while she was driving, according to an arrest report from that incident. She allegedly stopped at an intersection and started walking down the street.

The woman walked to her business, which was not identified, to call police. Thieneman followed her and pushed his way into the building, the report said. Thieneman pushed her and when he tried to take her phone “he put his arm around her neck and tried to strangle her,” the report said.

The following year, Chris was arrested again after being charged with violating April’s emergency protective order. From The Courier Journal:

Louisville businessman and former mayoral candidate Chris Thieneman is accused of violating an emergency protective order after police say he had his employees remove the doors at a gym once owned by his former girlfriend.

Thieneman, 48, ordered his employees on April 30 to remove doors from a former Snap Fitness located on property he owns in the 10100 block of Dixie Highway, according to an arrest warrant. His employees placed old equipment that did not belong to the woman in the gym the next day.

…Police say that because the woman has a vested interest in the closed gym, Thieneman violated the order.

Chris Thieneman was later found “not guilty of the most serious charge against him brought by an ex-girlfriend” in 2016.

A blogger for LouisvilleKY.com, who admits that he is a friend of Chris’, reported on the not guilty verdict and shared Chris’ version of what happened:

At the time of the incident, [Chris] was attempting to end their relationship. She would have none of it. Unfortunately, the breakup couldn’t be simple, because Chris had set her up as the owner of a Snap Fitness franchise (in a property he owned) and a massage business (where the accusation of assault took place).

While Chris had moved on from the relationship, her connections to him emotionally and financially wouldn’t allow a clean break. On the day of the incident, it was Smith who left the car she was driving running in the middle of a busy street, and it was she who caused the confrontation in the office. She pressed charges, and a sympathetic police officer believed the story she made up at the scene without even speaking to Chris.

Chris was reportedly found guilty of wanton endangerment. He has appealed the fine.

Earlier this year, Chris Thieneman filed a lawsuit “against the City of Louisville, LMPD Officers, and County Attorney Ingrid Geiser for malicious prosecution among other things,” according to Louisville Blogs. The writer, who is also a friend of Chris’, makes a pretty strong argument for his pal, including a police interview with April that disappeared, plus the fact that is was Chris who made the 911 call. (You can’t just make that up!)

90 Day Fiance Chris and wife Nikki wedding photo

Who is Chris Thieneman’s wife?

One of the best things about the 90 Day Fiance franchise are the “woke” friends and relatives of the main cast members who seem to have the same perception on everything going on as the majority of the internet. When it comes to David’s story, that person is DEFINITELY Chris’ wife Nikki! Her no BS take on David’s relationship with Annie and likelihood of asking for money was “You tell ’em girl!” awesome! (Although I’m starting to think all of that was kinda made up given that David works for Chris, etc.) Even so, for those of you (like me) who wanted to know a little more about Nikki, here is her and Chris’ story from their own mouths via her Youtube channel:

Ummm… This post was waaaaaaaaay longer than I expected! When I started I just thought it was going to be a few before-and-after weight loss photos of David. LOL!

Be sure to watch David, Annie, Chris, and Nikki on new episodes of 90 Day Fiance airing Sunday nights at 9/8c on TLC!

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