90 DAY FIANCE Danielle Jbali answers fan questions about Mohamed and more

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90 Day Fiance‘s most controversial couple Danielle and Mohamed return to TLC on September 11 as part of the network’s new spin-off series After the 90 Days. But, to tide fans over until then, Danielle hosted a Facebook Q&A with fans earlier today, answering questions about her relationship with Mohamed, his current residency status, and more.

Here is Danielle’s announcement–and pretty much every question and answer!

DANIELLE: Good afternoon Friends. Hope you are having a lovely Sunday. I will be doing a question and answer from 2:00 to 3:00. If there is anything you want to talk about I’ll be here! Thank you!

DANIELLE: I am ready for questions, I can not answer questions about the up coming show.

Q: Hi Danielle, do you think you will ever want to marry again? or are you just not even considering it? I know some who have a very difficult marriage/divorce and vow to never marry again. So, I know you cannot talk about the show, what’s in store for the future?

DANIELLE: I am currently in school. Working on improving my job situation so i can earn more to support my family. I am moving forward with my life. I am alot more happier now than I have been in a long time. My daughters are all doing great and I love spending time with my grandson and family. I go out with my girlfriends and friends and do fun thing. I am trying to find balance between, work, family and “me” time.

Q: What lessons have you learned? If any

DANIELLE: Don’t trust no one on the internet , limit fans on my personal page.

Q: After observing your story play out so publicly, there has been lots of friendship betrayal. I do not blame you for being cautious. You must also know that you should be careful to whom you disclose information to.

DANIELLE: Yes, I am finding that out and have learned the past few months who was not friends and was telling my business.

DANIELLE: [adding to a previous answer about what lessons she has learned] I have learned a lot from this experience. Not easy to list all the lessons. The cyber-bullying and the friendship betrayals have been very hard for me to endure. I sometimes wonder about loyalty and what it means to some people. One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is that my family, my children, mean the world to me and no matter what we will always be there for each other. I do hope to help others who have been victims of a scam and cyber-bullying in the future.

Danielle Jbali quote scam awareness

Q: Hi Danielle, thank you for having this. Question – If you had to do it again would you have gone on 90DF knowing what you know now and experienced?

DANIELLE: That is a hard question to answer. To be honest, I go back and forth with my answer. Sometimes I think it was not wise, other times, I am okay with the decision. So I cannot give you a clear YES or NO if that is what you are looking for. I certainly underestimated the interest in our story. From the moment the 1st episode aired things did change for me. I underestimated the lack of privacy, people digging into my past and my family’s and every piece of my life would was on display. I am still surprised at the interest.

Q: Is he allowed to stay if you are seperated? Or divorced? Thought the visa would require him to go back with in a certain time period if it didn’t work out

DANIELLE: He will have to prove our marriage was bona fida on his part when he goes to remove his conditions next year.

Q: I hope they see his motives based on his behavior and deport him

DANIELLE: I hope so too.

Q: Will they also interview you in the process of him having to try to prove he had the right intentions?

DANIELLE: I can submit evidence to immigration and affidavits from family and friends.

Q: Any advice for women considering bringing over a much younger foreigner?

DANIELLE: I would not rush into bringing anyone over , make several trips to see them and meet their family.

Q: Would you consider entering such a relationship again?

DANIELLE: If I did i would take longer and make several trips .

Q: Danielle, did you ever meet any of Mohamed’s family members? If so, how did they interact with you?

DANIELLE: I met his younger brother in Doha and I have talked to other siblings and they were very nice , well mannered.

Q: Danielle, why are people saying so bad things about you? maybe because you took a muslim? could it be that people hate muslims so much that they got blind? thanks for answer

DANIELLE: I think it is cause alot of people are judgemental and that it is a show and is edited . People forget we are human.

90 Day Fiance Danielle and_Mohamed with the scary truth looming over their shoulders

Q: I know it still has to be a daily struggle everyday with the whole Mohamed situation, but I’m also sure it has gotten a little easier for you as the days pass maybe some days better then others. I’m also sure it’s hard seeing all the things Mohamed is doing and how he is particularly living a better life then you with no worries no cares just enjoying an American Dream that would not have happen if it had not been for you. My question is does he feel any remorse at all for what he done to you? Has he ever truly apologized to you, I mean not just by saying I’m sorry Danielle I mean truly apologized? Does he even try to stay in contact with you, at least to see how your doing I mean anything? Or did he just leave you behind in the dust and never looked back?

Q: I understand if you don’t feel comfortable answering these question I was just curious if he even felt remorse even had a soul within him!

DANIELLE: Mohamed has never truly apologized, he does not contact me. He left me and don’t care about me or the cosponsor being reliable for him if he gets government assistance.

Q: Danielle, are you dating anyone new these days?

DANIELLE: No , I am not but if I was that person would not be brought into the spot light .

Q: R u and Mohamed still happy and married

DANIELLE: We are separated

Q: What state does he live?


Q: When does the new season start of 90 day fiance


Q: Are you going to divorce him?

DANIELLE: you will have to watch the new season for that answer

Q: If he called you tomorrow and said he was coming home, would you take him back?

DANIELLE: no I would not.

Q: Does he have a job or is he still free loading?

DANIELLE: I am not sure what he is doing, but his luck will run out and will have to work like everyone else in the US .

Q: Does he have his own apartment or is he staying with someone?

DANIELLE: I do not know anything about who or what his living arrangements are.

* Here are a few recent photos of Mohamed in Florida, including one inside his apartment and several of his “pretty car.”

90 Day Fiance Mohamed Jbali Florida Apartment

90 Day Fiance Mohamed Jbali new car in Florida

Q: Hi Danielle. How did you actually meet him?

DANIELLE: I met Mohamed on a site called meetme

Q: Enough about Mohamed, I think we are all sick of him. How is that grandbaby of yours doing? I bet you are thrilled to be a grandma! 🙂

DANIELLE: My grandbaby is growing, he has 2 teeth .

Q: Sorry to hear that you got hurt. I didn’t think he was that good looking any how xx

DANIELLE: There are lots of women on his fan page that do.

Q: Those woman need a reality check xx

DANIELLE: Yes they do

Q: Looking back, do you think there were very early signs he was scamming you and you should’ve filed for divorce long ago?

DANIELLE: Yes , I do think there was some signs and I have always told him his actions speak loud , not no one telling me.

Q: Who is his co-sponsor? Is it someone in your family? Not wanting a name for co-sponsor just wondered if it was family. Also can you all get off the hook for him?

DANIELLE: It is not a family member.

As an addendum to Danielle’s Q&A session, here is a wonderfully positive update she shared last month, about some of the great things going on in her family:

Dear Friends,

I want to share with you some happy times that have happened recently in our lives. My beautiful daughter graduated from school earning high marks. I am so proud of them and all that they have achieved. We celebrated with a great graduation party, with lots of food, music and laughter. The girls had many of their friends to celebrate with. My girls have never disappointed me. I am fortunate to have such lovely children who don’t do drugs or alcohol, aren’t boy crazy (as yet), are responsible, still listens to me, and are respectful. We may not have much, but, our house is rich with love. Between working and the busyness of our lives, I have always been mindful to me spend quality times with my kids. We just came back from a mini road trip (2 days) this week. It was a lot of fun. I must say those girls keeps me young from listening to their music and the stories of their lives. I read this saying on Pinterest and I like it – “I may not be perfect, but when I look at my children, I know I got something, in my life, perfectly right.”

We can’t wait for the return of 90 Day Fiance, as well as the premiere of the spin-off After the 90 Days, which Danielle says will be September 11 on TLC!

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