New spin-off 90 Day Fiance: College Edition now casting!

90 Day Fiance: College Edition now casting

After the HUGE success of their latest 90 Day Fiance franchise installment The Other Way, show producers have just announced they are casting for a potential new spin-off tentatively titled 90 Day Fiance: College Edition!

The official announcement states that Sharp Entertainment is currently “casting couples for a new documentary series with a major cable network. Specifically, we are casting students (college/university/graduate students) who are in a relationship, in which one partner in the relationship is an international student (studying in the U.S. on a student visa).”


Producers are looking for students who will be graduating soon, but there is some flexibility. “We are ideally looking for international students who are graduating by the end of this year.” The timing seems a bit off since most college and university students graduate in the spring.

A requirements for potential couples is that one of the partners in the relationship must be a United States citizen. The other partner “must be an international student graduating around December 2019, or a former international student whose OPT is expiring.”

***POTENTIAL BIG SECRET OR FRAUD ALERT*** The casting call specifically leaves the door open for couples that are already married. “If married: One spouse must be a U.S. citizen. One spouse must be a former International student.”

The casting call is open nationwide with production starting at a date to be determined.

Here are a few links where you can apply:

90 Day Fiance: College Edition casting on Backstage

90 Day Fiance: College Edition casting via Glass Entertainment Group

90 Day Fiance: College Edition casting on Casting Depot

So what do you think about 90 Day Fiance: College Edition as a concept? My initial reaction was a bit meh, simply because it doesn’t seem like a very distinct concept from the regular show. But, the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of limiting the cast in this way.

With the entire cast being college students, or recently graduated college students, it should make for a noticeably different viewing experience. In a way, the college student requirement seems like a bit of a self-imposed obstacle for producers, who are usually looking for fun-to-watch train wrecks whose lives are a complete mess. That isn’t to say college students’ lives aren’t often a complete mess, but international students studying in the United States would probably be less likely be a complete mess?

Regardless, Sharp Entertainment and TLC are batting 1,000 on these shows, so I would tune in for 90 Day Fiance: Canine Edition if they aired it! WOOF!

*NOTE: That is not an official casting image at the top of this post. Danielle Jbali was taking college classes though, so who knows?

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