19 KIDS AND COUNTING Michelle Duggar flees to Israel amid family drama

The Duggar family is up to their covered-ankles in drama and matriarch Michelle has been seemingly off the radar.

A Reddit user has spotted her in the Holy Land – is she fleeing the country or repenting her sins?

Duggars in distress

There has been so much Duggar drama recently it’s hard to keep track of it all.

Currently the eldest son of 19 Kids and Counting star’s Michelle and Jim-Bob Duggar is serving a 12.5 year prison sentence for possessing some unsavory materials focusing on underage girls. Josh is currrently appealing the conviction, but it’s just another issue on his list of many.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo recently spilled the tea on Josh and the other members of her large Counting On family… essentially throwing her parents under the bus for their ‘cult like’ approach to religion and parenting.

Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar are supporters of the Institute of Basic Life Principles, a religious organization under fire for sexual abuse and promoting a false profit.

If that wasn’t enough, Jessa Duggar Seewald is making waves in the press for her recent D&C procedure, which has some convinced that the conservative Christian actually had an abortion.

With all of this crazy news swirling, it is pretty understandable that The Parents Duggar would completely remove themselves from updating social media.

A Reddit user has used their investigation skills to locate the couple overseas… and it looks like they’re looking for answers in the Holy Land.

Michelle Duggar is in Israel

That’s right, Michelle Duggar has been spotted… and it turns out she’s in Israel. What the Duggars are doing there we aren’t sure, but the fact that it wasn’t publicized means that they are trying to dodge any questions.

There have been rumors that the parents of the 19 Kids and Counting clan have been mortified by recent allegations outlined in Vuolo’s memoir… but they could just be trying to sneak in a vacation away from their gigantic brood.

My best friend’s MIL is in Israel too and look who she found!
by u/bakedbaker1989 in DuggarsSnark

Whatever their reasoning, it appears that Michelle Duggar is pretty set on keeping her own whereabouts a mystery. Thank goodness for Reddit spies!

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