16 & Pregnant’s Felicia Cooke’s pregnant with second child

Felicia Cooke Second Baby

16 & Pregnant‘s Felicia Cooke revealed this week she’s expecting a second child.

“Really hoping for a boy this time,” she tweeted with a picture of her ultrasound.

16 & Pregnant Felicia Cooke Pregnant

The soon-to-be 21-year-old appeared on season 2b of 16 & Pregnant in 2010. During the show, she welcomed baby Genesis with her boyfriend Mauricio “Alex” Gutierrez. There was palpable tension between Felicia, Alex and Felicia’s mother on the show, but viewers didn’t learn the cause of it until Felicia explained on a 2011 “Where Are They Now?” episode that she cheated on Alex.

Felicia and Alex broke up shortly after the show, but remained in touch as Alex went to work at a barber’s shop in Dallas and Felicia worked at a children’s learning center in her nearby hometown.

Felicia Cooke Prenant Again
^ Alex and 3-year-old Genesis last summer.

They even stayed on good terms when Alex welcomed a son in 2012. (Felicia explained on Ask that she has a good relationship with the baby boy’s mother.)

Based on Felicia’s social media timeline, the teenage sweethearts were able to work through some of their trust issues within the past few months: She revealed the new baby’s father is none other than her “first love,” Alex.

Although it doesn’t seem like the second pregnancy was planned, Felicia indicated a few years back that she aimed for another pregnancy in 2013.

“yes i do plan to have more and well im on bith control right now for 3 years and after thats done i plan on having nother one,” she said on Formspring in 2010 when asked whether she planned to have more children.

The new baby is due on May 21.

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