Jennifer del Rio and Josh Smith discuss custody

Jennifer del Rio at the '16 & Pregnant' reunion special

16 & Pregnant star Jennifer del Rio reportedly filed for sole custody last month because her twins’ father, Josh Smith, was a “huge threat to her family’s safety,” according to TMZ. While she did file for sole custody, the single mom is clearing up a few lingering rumors — and so is Josh.

After claiming TMZ didn’t get the story right, Jennifer took to her Facebook page to confirm that she had in fact filed for sole custody, but it wasn’t out of fear.

“For those of you who keep up with TMZ…they wrote a story about me filing for sole custody. First off, I’m not a fan of any media and don’t like it but since TMZ wants to try to read in between the lines of my documents… I asked for sole custody of my children because I do take care of them 24/7. I supply everything they need I’m the only who spend[s] every second of my day with my children,” Jennifer wrote.

“[What] I did say [was that] I couldn’t co-parent with Josh because every time we try it doesn’t work and as much as my children and Josh love each other I’m not letting anyone walk in and out of their life,” she clarified.

Jennifer del Rio and Joshua Smith fight

Jennifer and Josh have been involved in a number of domestic disputes and even arrests in the past, including one that was seen on her episode of 16 & Pregnant. At one point, Jennifer accused Josh of kidnapping her children, a favor returned by Josh when Jennifer “disappeared” with their children and fled to Chicago without telling anyone outside of her immediate family where she was. (Click here to read our interview with Josh in the midst of all the drama.)

Jennifer has since returned to Florida and was awarded sole custody of the twins on July 24. She also has a new man in her life.

Joshua Smith in '16 & Pregnant'

Josh also spoke out about TMZ’s report and told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, “Regardless of what people have seen and what people will make me out to be, I trust in God and will follow him. God can change any situation and any circumstance.”

“I love my two sons with all of my heart,” he added. “My love for them is out of this world. Sometimes we will learn that we have to slow down in order to move further. My plans, dreams and goals for my children are huge. I know they are in safe hands right now and I will continue to let God be in control.”

Josh said that he is still allowed to see his boys and him and Jennifer are on good terms.

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