16 & Pregnant Danielle Cunningham mug shot photo

16 and Pregnant Danielle Cunningham mug shot photo for July 2012 domestic violence arrest

As we reported earlier, 16 and Pregnant Season 3 alum Danielle Cunningham was arrested on Saturday after reportedly getting into a heated argument with her grandmother. The 18-year-old single mom was charged with domestic violence after the argument escalated and police were called.

At the time of our previous post we were unable to round up a mugshot, but thanks to Busted Mug Shots and Danielle herself, we now have the newest addition to the 16 and Pregnant Alumni Association mug shot collection!

Danielle tweeted the off-center booking photo above just after sharing this commentary on Sulia:

16&PREGNANT MUGSHOT!! Yep its mine. thought i might as well post about it and laugh at how beautiful i looked going into jail . Hahahaha i looked like the grudges twin. by the way im gonna post my FULL story of why i was in jail. theres been ALOT of lies said. Well it wont let me post the pic so go look at the pic on twitter. 🙂 love you guyss!

Thanks Danielle! We look forward to hearing what really happened.