Former NFL cheerleader Molly Shattuck, 48, pleads guilty to sex with a 15-year-old

Molly Shattuck Mug Shot



Former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck, 48, pleaded guilty to one count of rape in the fourth degree today. The charge stemmed from her relationship with a 15-year-old classmate of her son.

The Delaware mother of three was arrested in November 2014 on the charges of two counts of third-degree rape, four counts of unlawful sexual contact, and three counts of providing alcohol to minors. In an affidavit, the unidentified victim said Molly began flirting with him on Instagram in May 2014.

Then, during a trip to the beach during Labor Day weekend, he said she provided him and her teenage children with alcohol before she performed oral sex on him two different times. He claimed she offered to have intercourse with him, but he decided to leave the room. After that weekend, he said he had no further contact with her.

Administrators from the high school contacted police after they heard rumors of a relationship between the student and parent.

Before her arrest, Molly was best-known as the oldest cheerleader in the history of the NFL. She was also well-known in her community as a lifestyle guru and the author of “Living Vibrant,” a 21-day plan to “live your life with purpose.”

Details of the plea agreement she struck are not available.

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