15-year-old girl shot in head stopped Texas gunman from killing more people


In the aftermath of another shooting that left 6 people dead in Texas, a 15-year-old girl who was critically injured during the tragedy is being credited for saving lives after being shot execution style in the head.

The teen dialed 911 after playing dead following her shooting, and waiting for the shooter to leave, and was able to tell police the gunman’s identity as well as his intent on killing her grandparents – providing invaluable information as to his whereabouts during the chaos.

Prosecutors today said that the victims, including the 15-year-old, were tied up, placed face down and each shot in the head execution style.

The 15-year-old is the lone survivor of those shot during the rampage that happened yesterday at a home in Spring, Texas. As of late Wednesday night she was said to be in “very critical condition” at the Houston area hospital she was airlifted to.

Constable Ron Hickman said during a press conference, “She was able to provide us the name of the person who shot them, where he was going next.”

The murderer, whose name we’re not going to share here, came to the home disguised as a Fed-Ex delivery man.  Hickman said:

“He came to this residence, gathered up the children that were here and awaited the arrival of the parents. Sometime later the victims were shot in this residence, and we now learned that he was married to a relative of the residents of this home.”

Thanks to the girl’s information, police were able to beat the gunman to the home of the grandparents. A standoff ensued for over 3 hours until the gunman eventually surrendered.

Authorities have identified the dead as two boys, ages 4 and 14; two girls, ages 7 and 9; a 39-year-old man; and a 33-year-old woman.

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