RHOM Alexia responds to Adriana comparing ankle injury to Frankie’s car accident

Real Housewives of Miami Alexia responds to Adriana's comment comparing her ankle injury to Frankie's car accident

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Miami, the ladies are still in the Bahamas as they charter a small boat to take them to a private island. The short boat trip is made a bit more complicated thanks to Adriana de Moura being in a wheel chair as a result of an ankle injury.

Most of the other ladies believe Adriana is overplaying her injury, and her use of a wheelchair is more humorous to them than deserving of sympathy.

The ladies remain rather dismissive and unconcerned towards Adriana — right up until she draws a comparison between her bruised ankle and the car accident that resulted in Alexia Nepola’s son Frankie being in a coma for months and suffering life-long injuries.

“Did anybody care that my foot almost got broken in 1,000 pieces?” a frustrated Adriana asks the other housewives.

“Almost? It didn’t happen,” Larsa replies.

“That wasn’t right,” Adriana responds.

Alexia then offers up her response. “Why are you always a victim, Adriana? Like, why do you have to play the victim thing? Don’t do that.”

“I’m not a victim,” Adriana argues. “I can’t even enjoy myself.”

“But it was an accident,” Alexia counters. “It could have happened to any of us.”

“I know, but accidents, you know, have consequences,” Adriana points out. “As you know with Frankie,” she adds, gesturing toward Alexia.

The other ladies’ jaws drop and Alexia instantly explodes. “Don’t bring up Frankie! Do NOT f***ing bring up Frankie!”

Adriana tries to continue, but a very emotional Alexia cuts her off. “F***ing stop it!”

Larsa expresses her shock in a confessional interview. “Who would compare her little nothing to Frankie’s accident,” she asks. “The level of craziness in this is insane.”

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Alexia responds to Adriana’s Frankie comment on Instagram

Earlier today, Alexia took to Instagram to respond at length to what Adriana said in the episode about her son Frankie.

“For anyone to use Frankie’s accident to compare or ‘connect’ their level of pain and suffering to what Frankie has endured is wrong,” Alexia wrote. “ESPECIALLY when referring to a FAKE INJURY.”

Alexia acknowledged that she and Adriana are on a reality show about drama, but she added that there are boundaries. “We can fight on camera about nonsense like me not scrolling down or the men of our past until we’re blue in the face, but I draw the line at Frankie when intentionally you want to hurt me,” she said.

At the time of this post, Adriana has not addressed the scene or her comments publicly.

Here is Alexia’s Instagram post, followed by a transcript of what she wrote in case you have issues with the embed:

“From the moment I laid eyes on Frankie I fell in love. How can I not? He was a baby angel with white blond hair, perky lips , pink cheeks and a sweetness in his eyes. I remember all the nurses in Baptist Hospital wanting to carry him all the time. Watching him grow from infant to child I had dreams like every parent does for his future. I dreamed of his life and all his experiences, all our experiences as a family. As a child and young teenager he was ahead of his times… he played sports since the age of 3, remember him running instead of walking, musically inclined, always laughing, friendly, a leader, popular, smart, all the girls loved him. I dreamed so big and so did he, but God had other , plans. On August 14, 2011 my life and my entire family’s life was changed when he was involved in a near fatal car accident.

“Three months in a coma – having a doctor tell me “there is no hope for a recovery” the only thing on my mind was how can I save him. I created him and I will damn sure save him. I devoted my life to getting him well. Six months in a hospital / rehabilitation center not leaving his sight. I do believe now what the doctors would tell me that my LOVE saved him. I am one of the lucky ones, the blessed ones, for I did get my Frankie back, he did come out of the coma and off the ventilator (trachea) and he did survive and have another chance at life unlike so many who are met with a different fate.

“What I learned over these past 11 years is that the accident was not just Frankies pain, but everyone’s and we still carry this pain in our every day life. My entire family has lived with this pain, and it has altered the course of our lives. My older son Peter is helpless and desperate to this day to have his baby brother back to the way he was before that day. Frankies father Pedro has been so strong for all of us and truly tries to keep us all moving forward. From close family to friends and strangers I have never known before, everyone feels for the situation and always tries to help, offer their sorrow. I recognize the blessing this is to my family and I Thank you.

“I am doing this post today because a topic on our show addresses Frankie and I want the truth to be told from my voice. In doing so, you’ve all witnessed some of my most vulnerable moments – and while I’m in a much better place, a huge part of my heart continues to ache. Frankie’s accident changed my life. I’ve shared my journey with Frankie on RHOM for years as much as I can emotionally, in hopes of inspiring others going through similar situations to remain positive and optimistic. For anyone to use Frankie’s accident to compare or “connect” their level of pain and suffering to what Frankie has endured is wrong ESPECIALLY when referring to a FAKE INJURY. We can fight on camera about nonsense like me not scrolling down or the men of our past until we’re blue in the face, but I draw the line at Frankie when intentionally you want to hurt me.

“I will never recover from Frankie’s accident. It’s only my wish that he can continue to improve in time, and he can be as “normal and productive” as his limitations allow. I will never accept the loss of my dreams for him, and I will never give up on him or Peter. Our pain is so deep. I am learning each day how to do more for Frankie. I wish I could end this post and tell you I am doing so great, and the progress is remarkable, but I am not doing great. Yesterday I spent time with Lily who is the founder of The De Moya Foundation and she is helping me so much. She is an angel who is much stronger than I, please see her organization and read her story.

“I am committed to get help and get better every day for both of my sons. I know many people judge me on many things, I chose that when I agreed to be a public figure. I hope that by doing this show and this post you can see my vulnerability. I hope that by being honest and admitting I have a long way to go on this journey, I pray God gives me that strength. I thank everyone for always being so kind and loving to our Frankie. I thank God everyday for allowing me to still have my Frankie. I have survived heartaches of all kinds… I hope to inspire all people to believe that remaining positive will eventually lead to a happy and healthy future.”

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