PHOTOS Teen Mom Leah Messer moves out of her and Corey’s house

Leah Messer moves out from her home share with husband Corey Simms

In what may be the straw that breaks the backs of Teen Mom 2 hopeless romantics, Leah Messer was photographed earlier today moving her belongings out of the home she shared with Corey Simms in Clay, West Virginia.

As you might expect, the scene was an emotional one as Leah and Corey reportedly got into another heated argument during which Leah cried uncontrollably, causing her mascara to run down her cheeks. Add in the fact that it was raining (Murphy’s Law) and poor Leah was left looking like Britney Spears from one of her bad years:

Teen Mom 2 moves out of her house in the rain

After all her items were packed into a moving truck, Corey handed over the twins to Leah, who held back the tears and smiled for her little girls. (I’m sorry we don’t have those images – we were only able to get the two photos above.) It should be noted that Leah appears to still be wearing her ring and Corey is not. (His left hand is clear in the other pictures)

This stuff is depressing. And until the next season airs (the MTV crew was there filming yesterday) we’re left to speculate what is going on based on tabloid stories and paparazzi photos. Adding insult to injury, Corey was sporting his song-inspiring weathered camo West Virginia ball cap.

At this point, Corey and Leah deserve a serious country song. As a matter of fact, let me offer up one of the greatest (and most heart-breaking) songs ever written performed by Leah Tammy Wynette and Corey George Jones titled “Golden Ring:”

Photos: Splash News

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  • Amanda Jones

    then where are the pictures of the moving truck? or them moving all of her stuff out? for all we know this was taken on easter or something and all they are doing is waiting for people or just arriving somewhere….these pictures dont say a damn thing! Get something with real evidence to talk about.

  • amanda

    Uh, Amanda did you miss the info from the court that Leah asked for a divorce? Not to say they couldnt have fixed it, but it seems unlikely, sadly :(

  • amanda

    Also even ABC is reporting it, they usually dont unless they know for sure, but I guess MTV claims they have no idea if its true or not

  • Jessica

    I think mtv plays alot of mind games with the girls and guys on this show I would not be suprised to find out that mtv was the one that tip Leah off about Corey talking to another girl on facebook. Just to get them to fight and for the teen mom 2 series rating to be even higher than the original the sad thing is that. Leah is too dumb to realize that maybe this could of been setup by this girl to get her 15 mins of fame and to get pay. I really feel like Leah just wanted out of the marriage because talking to another girl on facebook is not a real reason to ended a marriage . They both immature I just feel sorry for the kids because they didn’t ask to be born

  • Not u

    Well if I was getting a divorce I wouldn’t still wear my wedding ring…. If you say Leah filed the papers then she would be the one who wants out of the marriage, why would she still be wearing her wedding rings.

    • glue

      because women have an emotional attachment to their jewelry, whether it continues to symbolize a relationship or not.

      • nunya

        i highly doubt she has such a deep emotional attachment to a ring that was from a short engagement and short marriage. And if this insane theory is true, why wear it on the same finger.. she could put it on a necklace or different finger.
        There’s definitely something MORE to the story.

  • Hannah

    Opps I mean to say Jenelle opened her mouth on stickam last night and confirmed Leah and Corey ARE divorcing

    • dot

      Yep! I heard her say that too. Jenelle is f****** IDIOT.

  • Kaylee

    She’s still wearing her ring… or at the very least is wearing a ring on her finger.

    I still have hope for these two since on the most part they seem relatively normal

    • http://yahoo Wanda

      uh yeah i agree but i disagree with amanda u wrong JUST KIDDING

  • ruth

    i think that they didnt wanted to get married in the first place.maybe they just did it for tv.common honestly divorce because facebook???marriage is serious is not a game !!

  • Erin

    I think that there’s probably more to it then just facebook, facebook is all we have heard, she may have more proof that something else beyond facebook was happening, and we’re just not hearing about it…

  • Blue State

    How much do stupid hillbillies like these and their kids cost the US taxpayers? These idiots are part and parcel of the red states. They don’t deserve a song, they deserve a kick in the pants. Get a GED before foisting your kids and fake marriages for profit on the public.

    • wv girl

      I beg your pardon, I know for a fact that they do not take one single dime from the state/fed government, and both of them graduated from high school! Get your facts straight before you ost something!

  • nunya

    I’m too lazy to do the research, but getting divorce is one THOUSAND times harder than getting married!!!! I know in Florida you BOTH need lawyers simply JUST for the fact that children are both theirs… and nevermind the money they’ve gotten from MTV which will totally make things even more complicated. I really don’t think they got married for TV… now, if you tell me everything was RUSHED for TV then I might side with you. MTV probably offered more money if they got married while filming… I think they both wanted to get married because they both looked soo happy when getting married… both crying, it was beautiful. I think the marriage was rushed for MTV, but no doubt they wanted to marry either way. Everything being rushed definitely played a role in feeling (in)secure about things.

    • nunya

      If these two are smart and don’t get wrapped p in dumb drama I feel like they will end back together for GOOD. They just need to work through some things.

  • http://x beth

    wow who cares about these trashy losers

  • Mia

    What is on her face?

    • kristen

      Her mascara seems to have run & smeared onto her already make up caked face.

  • Julia

    Obviously they filed for divorce, but since there are no moving truck photos.. how do you know they weren’t having an emotional moment together inside? No one will know but them.. but just because she had mascara running down her face does not mean they were having a huge arguement.

  • cheesesticks

    This perfect don’t even look like Leah? Does anyone else think that?

  • Sara

    Some of you guys are heartless…no matter what they have done, going through a divorce isn’t funny! You can see how Leah looks hurt. How can you be so mean when you see another human being suffering?! I guess it’s so much easier to bully people on the internet when you don’t even know them….

    • team leah

      i agree, sara & @blue state, hillbillies?? really, u must be a yankee! figures!nobody should judge others for the decisions they make nor should they open their ignorant mouths to talk bs about ppl in general. only God can judge, which clearly u r not! as many issues & problems they have had with their little girl on top of raising twins can cause strain on any relationship. he might have strayed to get away from his problems, no excuse, but she def. did not deserve to be cheated on! also, blue state, if u dont like them & think so low of them, then wtf r u doing on here?!

  • amanda

    heres another good song to go with the one above

  • =^..^=

    This is the best that I have ever seen Leah look!

  • mada

    look at her toes!!! disguisting

  • moriah

    leah did recently have someone pass in her family that could be the reason for the tears, but also she wrote on her fanpage she was at her house warming party soo seem to be true