PHOTO Wet Paris Hilton slips-n-slides on Easter

Great photo of Paris Hilton over Easter weekend on a slip-n-slide

Beverly Hills Housewife Kyle Richards tweeted the above photo of her niece, you know Paris Hilton, that shows the celebrity getting her slip-n-slide on for Easter.

It appears as if everyone was having a good time but I’m calling bull-shizzy!  I’ve done my share of slip-n-sliding (though not with Paris regrettably) and rarely if ever does one achieve a perfect finish.  Now I may have secretly played dress up as a kid when mom and dad were gone but I also never attempted a perfect slide in a dress.  Add into that the knee factor and the sunglasses and I say that the above photo was staged {gasp}!

That’s right, this could be the conspiracy theory of at least the last ten years minutes!  If I’m wrong then I bow down to Paris’ ability to get wet, slip-n-slide on her knees, and still provide a happy ending (that sounded dirty).

So what do you think?  Is this photo staged and should I have confessed to wearing dresses?  Either way I hope you had a happy Easter weekend like our girl Paris did!