PHOTOS Amy Poehler looking rough at Hoodwinked Too! premiere

Amy poehler looked rough at the premiere of Hoodwinked Too

I love me some Amy Poehler and I love me some Parks and Recreation but the SNL alum was more on the side of Parks and Car-Wreckreation at the premiere for Hoodwinked Too! that went down during the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday.  Poehler does the voice work for Gretel in the film which also features Glenn Close, John Cusack, Hayden Panettiere, Martin Short and Cheech Marin among many others.

Sometimes my responsibilities as celebrity blogger force my hand to do some pretty uncomfortable things but out of fairness I couldn’t let these Poehler pics go unposted.  Amy has a great sense of humor and is probably laughing about them already (or maybe not).  I would have been less apt to run with these if they weren’t from a pre-planned major red carpet Tribeca premiere type of situation.  She knew the cameras would be clicking and click they did.

Here’s a side-by-side of Amy, on the left is her recent appearance back in September for Paleyfest and the right is, of course, Hoodwinked Too! from over the weekend:

Amy Poehler arrived at the Hoodwinked Too premiere at Tribeca looking pretty rough
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While many of my compatriots consider themselves Tina Fey men I’ve always been partial to Amy’s look so please don’t hate on me too much.  As a show of respect to Amy here is a great preview for Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil which is set for wide release this Friday:

One more parting shot of Poehler’s Hoodwinked Too! premiere photo situation:

Amy Poehler at the Hoodwinked Too premiere during The Tribeca Film Festival

Top and bottom photo: Dan Jackman/