VIDEO PHOTOS Tamra Barney and Fernanda Rocha pose topless for “No H8” campaign

Tamra Barney poses topless with lesbian Fernanda Rocha for NO H8 campaign

For the second week in a row Tamra Barney fans got a sizzling treat as the The Real Housewife Divorcee of Orange County took her clothes off yet again for a racy NO H8 photoshoot with her sexy lesbian friend and trainer, Fernanda Rocha!

The conclusion of the episode last week featured Tamra Barney and her new man Eddie Judge in a steamy tub scene in which the two beautiful peeps got “nake” and shared a PG-13 bubble bath worthy of a romance novel cover. This time around Tamra was using her intimidating bod for a good cause (Not that Eddie Judge isn’t a good cause, mind you!) as she and Brazilian Booty Workout queen Fernanda Rocha took the “bra” out of Bravo by posing topless for renowned photographer Adam Bouska!

Real Housewives of Orange County's Tamra Barney and Fernanda Rocha topless photo

Here’s the video clip:

I am the first to concede that Eddie Judge is a handsome man and a fine human specimen, but being a red-blooded heterosexual male I have to say that last week’s hot tub scene was more like a cold shower when compared to this chocolate-and-vanilla-haired pairing with sprinkles of a Brazilian accent thrown in for color and……

I’ll be quiet now.

RHOC's Tamra Barney and Fernanda Rocha pose for NO H8 photos by Adam Bouska

***SIGH*** Is there any wonder even Bravosexual Andy Cohen couldn’t resist getting his smooch on with Tamra Bamra Thank You Mamra?!? And speaking of Andy Cohen I just know he did a face palm when Tamra said, “So have I dabbled in the vagina pool? Let’s just say I’m an equal opportunist.” Tamra, Tamra, Tamra… It’s “lady pond” not vagina pool!

I think this next picture sums up the whole thing perfectly:

Topless Tamra Barney and Fernanda Rocha check out their NO H8 photos by Adam Bouska

Here’s another finished photo from the NO H8 photo shoot with just Tamra prior to her letting the girls out:

Real Housewives of Orange County's Tamra Barney poses for the NO H8 campaign

Be sure to check our Tamra and Eddie Judge photo post to see Tamra and Eddie in their NO H8 pic from the same shoot!

Oh, one last parting shot to remind all of us Tamra not only has it coming, but she’s got it going too!

Tamra Barney shows off her firm butt cheeks

Fernanda Rocha’s Brazilian Booty Workout works y’all! Tamradonkadonk!

Photos: Bravo/Adam Bouska

  • kims

    My goodness Tamra, why don’t you just do the Brazilian and get it over with? I am happy to see you left Simple Simon and all of his BS and have put the past behind you. You may want to slow down a bit
    because you do have children. I am sure they have access to the internet as do their friends. Be careful. Make sure you don’t embarrass your children because sometimes you have to think of them first.

  • Wendy

    Completely and utterly disgusting.

  • Georgie Pooh

    Every child needs a photo like this of their MOTHER!!

    Stupid move, Tamra, really stupid move!

  • Lisa

    I watched the episode of The Housewives of Orange County in which this particular photoshoot took place. I distinctly remember seeing a scar from Tamar’s numerous breast jobs. The scar starts below her nipple and goes beneath her breast. However, in the photos it has been magically removed. I am so tired of every single picture that a celebrity takes being altered. How can one strive to look like you, when you don’t even look like the REAL you. Its all just so sad and pathetic. Tamara also needs to back away from the scalpel and stay away from Plastic Surgeons. They are messing up her face and I do NOT mean that in a good way.