MUG SHOT PHOTO Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans arrested for pot possession

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans mugshot broke the story that Jenelle Evans from 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 admitted to smoking marijuana while pregnant with her son Jace, and it looks like Jenelle might have continued with her marijuana use (at least she’s no longer pregnant!) The MTV reality star was arrested October 15, 2010 for alleged breaking and entering and marijuana possession (via Hollywood Life.)

She was released on $2000 bail, and is due in court for a hearing about the incident January 10, 2011. (The next day, January 11, Teen Mom 2 premieres!)

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans and a friend enjoy what appears to be marijuana
Jenelle Evans and a friend enjoy a funny looking cigarette in a Youtube video

Jenelle definitely has a wild and crazy life. She’s gotten in several domestic disputes with her 57-year-old mother Barbara Evans, and is caught by MTV’s cameras pushing her mother. Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood was also captured committing domestic violence on camera, which landed her in legal hot water. Her daughter Leah is currently a ward of the state, but she is now back living with Amber.

Jenelle’s mother Barbara has instigated a custody battle for Jace in the past, and Jenelle was involuntarily committed to a hospital Nov. 21, but was released because it was decided that she was no longer a threat to herself or others.

Jenelle is currently studying film at a community college.

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  • Megan

    This is f**kin fake?!

    • Brianna

      She shouldnt never open her damn legs and had the baby .. then she could do whatever she wants but she is now a mother she cant enjoy her teenage life now. she wrong for being rude to her mother like that. i dont care how mad she got she souldnt be all in her mother face like that. if i was her mother i wouldnt of pulled the damn cord out and whoop her ass!

      • tmac

        nice red neck perspective Brianna… easy to spout off the arm chair critique isn’t it? Set a better example next time by at least attempting to craft your spelling and grammer and maybe even infuse a bit more compassion… please!

        • Melba Toast

          It’s spelled “grammar”, Einstein.

          • Nikki

            The comma is supposed to be placed INSIDE the quotations…ex. “grammar,” Einstein. Thought you’d like to know…Einstein II.

  • Tiffany

    haha, I’m glad they should’ve let her stay there longer she’s a freaking psycho. She’s a sh**ty excuse for a mother and she has the picture to prove it and a reality show. I feel so sorry for jace.

  • Goldie

    Okay seriously she is so not HOllYWOOD. Just because she’s on television we make her a star? She’s ignorant and doesn’t deserve all the hoopla. What happen to society we give people fame and they don’t even have talent. Yeah I like 16 and Preggers, and Teen Mom but I like the Respectable moms not the ignorant insane moms like this one. Ugh it just disgusting I wish I could personally give her a piece of my mind!

    • dee


  • AustinMathouser

    Oh gosh it’s another Amber! Seriously I did not like this girl on 16 And Pregnant. She didn’t take being a mother seriously. How selfish do you have to be to do drugs when you have a child. Let alone when you are pregnant! She is stupid. I hope her mom does get custody of the baby but at the same time I feel bad for her that she has to deal with all the extra stress. She should be relaxing not having to raise her daughters child.

  • Heather

    Haha i bet it is real because she looks like the dumb type that would do that…way to be a mother:) And im so sick and tired of these stupid girls complaining all the time like omg im so young i still have to go out ummm no you dont because i got pregnant at 16 and had her at 17 then got pregnant again (by he same person) at 19 and just had my son no to long ago yea i understand its hard and all but never once did i act like immature selfish bitches

    • http://starcasm yada yada

      i totally agree..i was never like that..

    • Gracie

      I totally agree with you. I had my son at 16 and now my daughter at 20. I was a teen mom and not once did I put parties,friends,drugs,guys anything before my kids. I didn’t have all the money in the world and my husband and I struggled no lie..but We made it in the end without complaining.Life is tough but if your gonna lay down and choose to have kids then you got to own up to the responsiblity. Jenelle..Must be nice living at home,probleby paying no bills,even had Jace his own room and all..must be real nice to still party and go out & do drugs..WTF?? Grow up you stupid little bitch! Your a hobbible mother,you should’ve just gave him up for adoption,like she said theres people out there that actually want a baby and deserve one! I loved the first show but now all they really show are stuck up bitches tryna play house,without doing it on their n dad and grama doing it all for them..Where are the real teen parents at? thats what i wanna know!

  • http://starcasm yada yada

    REALLY!!! this gurlll needs to grow up…i really disliked her in 16 &&& prego…like right after she had her son …she wasted no time in partinqq and goinqq out…did she not relized she just became a mother…she needs a reality check….hummmmm…i wonder whos gnna get the him…her mom? or she she gnna keep him? i think that her mom should keep him …it well be better for him in the long run!!!!……

  • Kkitty-katt

    Dis gurl needz 2 be knocked off her high horse, get off her lazy partin, pothead a** n take kare of her baby. i rly dont lyke dis gurl. i wish i kud meet her n give her a piece of mi mind n dare her to say sumtin smarta** 2 mi face. shez nt a kid nemore shez a mother. she needz 2 start actin lyke 1. i saw a Q and A dat she did, sayin shez a gud mother n dat she getz her son a toy every month. big dell, if she didnt spend her money on weed al the tyme she kud get him toyz way more den once a month, wat a shame. she needz 2 grow up n start karin 4 her kid. i feel so bad for her mom.

  • mariah


    • jessica

      You sound soo stupid…Apparently you have no idea what it means to be a MOTHER either.I wish people like you couldn`t reproduce.There is soo many good people who deserve a beautiful baby and can`t have them,then people like you and Jenelle have them and act like it`s no big deal.Neither one of you can see the blessings before you.My heart breaks for these babies.

      • tinamay

        ur dumb if u think what she’s doing is right. A mother has a responsibility to her

        child regardless of her age. If u didn’t want to give up ur teen years then use a fing condom or don’t have sex. U make it sound like its ur childs fault that u didn’t get to have any fun cuz u got pregnant. People like u should be banned from having children because u don’t appreciate what God has given u. My advice to u is give ur child up cux he/she deserves better than a mother like u who’d rather complain about loosing ur teens than taking care of ur child. U lost some of the best years of ur life the moment u spread ur legs!!!

    • Cindy

      There is no excuse for this little girl to be acting the way she does. Even before she became pregnant her mom claims she had trouble with her. I’m glad her mom put her foot down and took her precious grand baby in. I do not know the girl personally but from what I seen and read she clearly doesn’t deserve to be around her son. It isn’t healthy. The truth is for teen moms is that once your pregnant….fun time is over. I was a teen mom and I accepted everything coming my way! So ladies please use protection because don’t want to hear anymore stories like Janelle Evans or Amber Portwood.

    • courtney

      15 WHEN I HAD MY SON.

    • bbaby

      Yes Jenelle is awesome.She does not know that yet. But I can tell you this, Once a child is taken from a mom it is very very very did I say very hard to get the child back. I don’t care if it is temp custody. When the epi aired last night, What judge on the planet earth is going to give the child back the damage is done. The only thing that can help her is a very high priced lawyer.Only then she may have a 10percent chance of getting him back. I do blame the grandmotherbecause, she let Jenelle spin out of control.There is no way I would have let her go out andnot take care of her child. There is no way I would let her disrepect me like that. Let along her raising her voice or puther hands on me.I would have been in jail. And I don’t want to hear that violence don’t work.When it comes to raising a child it do work.That’sGod’s Law.You can’t sugar coat that. This problem can be fixed with jen and mom. But since the state is involved jen could face jail time from last night epi and she could lose her son still if she recon with her mom. She should have never agreed to do the show now everything is on tape and makes it that much worse.

    • Hannah

      People like you need a seriouis reality check. If you were ready to spread your legs and have sex at such a young age then you were obviously ready enough to become a mom and lose your teenage years. Thats what happens when you become a teen mom. You lose those years! You don’t get them back, and it’s not the same. So get over it.

    • KEESHA

      she probably won’t get him back!!!! people see how horrible of a mom she is… a real mom doesn’t choose a “boy” over her kid… This girl wants to be with that low life so bad that she doesn’t care bout her kid. When she goes to her moms “to see Jace” shes only there to start crap I’m not falling for her crying stunts… She does it for attention.. If she cared about her son she would drop the guy and not take her moms credit cards w/o asking and be a mom!!! when you decide to keep a child then you know its your responsibility to GROW UP and CARE FOR THAT CHILD… not oh well i can be a “mom” when I want it’s a full time job not a job that you can do sometimes… She’s stupid and doesn’t deserve her kid…

    • cassie

      First off she gets paid good money for being on the show so she can get jace back if she really wanted to but she chooses not to

  • http://yahoo Ann


    • bbaby

      Ilike the show only because I like to see some of the girls overcome their struggles. However, the show to me is saying that it is okay to be a teen mom.But it is not. Of course after baby no need of crying over spilled milk but it is still wrong.Why is these girls still out looking for men after the birth? As if they have not had enough.Jenelle is a joke. And she will regret what she did to her mom one day

  • SHennessy

    That is not a joint in Jenelle’s hand that is a cigar! What kind of moron would roll a joint with a filter on it???

    • DeeDee

      No that is a blunt. lol and it doesn’t have a filter on it. Cigars usually don’t.

  • Jamie

    I am 18 hrs old. I had my son in sept. I gave him up for adoption so he could have a better life. I am going to schol now and I still see him. He is happy as all get up. So when I see situations like jenellez, my heart goes out for the child. I know everyone is angry and trust me, i am tempted to give her a piece of my mind too, but all anyone should do now is keep praying for her so. Jace’s safety and well being and that jenelle changes her ways and friends and finds the lord so she can be a gOod mother.

  • reha

    i mean.. im preganant and smoke pot.. so what.! i think most people do. if she wasnt on tv it wouldnt even be a big deal

  • Amanda

    I honestly cannot believe that they allowed her to be on the Teen Mom series. I mean, really?!? What do they think she is going to use the money on the show for, drugs DUH! Her mom had every right to take her child away – if you don’t use the pill or condoms and you get pregnant at 16, consider your options. There are millions of women who cannot have kids that would be a better mom than a 16 year old.

    I know some people make it work and the moms on the show, for the most part, have jobs and go to school. But if all you care about is partying and smoking pot then let your mom raise your child and one day you’ll wake up and realize what you did wrong.

    • Melissa

      I really think they put her on the show just for the ratings. Without some kind of twist they won’t have people tuning in next week. However I agree that it’s a disgrace that they put this stuff on TV and make it seem like her behavior is acceptable.

      I don’t know about other people, but I like the show because I like to see problems like Leah and Corey’s and watch them overcome them. Also Caitlyn and Macy last season were the real stars, I believe. I think Farrah started to come around though. But situations like Amber and Jenelle’s should not be shown as alright

  • Harley

    Okk, you guys need to shut up and leave Jenelle alone!
    You have NO right to judge her, okk? So what! WOWW! she smokes pot, awesome.. i do too.
    Sure, she shouldn’t go out and party as much but i understand that.
    You ALL need to stop being so judgmental about her! and SHUT THE F**K UP UNLESS YOU KNOW HER PERSONALLY!
    You people make me sick, wanting to judge her for what she does in HER LIFE.. it’s HER LIFE NOT YOURS! just like its HER son, NOT YOURS.
    Yeah, my babygirl is 22 months old & i love her to death but sometimes, you need a break. & i’m 15! SO GET THE HELL OVER IT & MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

    • Jeffreyjimmink

      Are you kidding me? She put herself on tv and she is being the worded mother and daughter she has no job and her mom takes care of that baby. You will probably be another mom like jenelle if you condone her behavior. How dare you defend someone like this when you are going to be a mother her self!!! Imagine what happens off camera if this is what happens on camera. Don’t talk about how people shouldn’t judge her when she is asking to be judged. And don’t go on sites like this that are made for judging people if you are going to be the poster girl for shxxty mothers!

    • nike

      sweetie, why are you defending her? she is a sorry excuse for a mother. she claims she loves her son, but she SMOKED while she was pregnant, now that has to be one of the most selfish things someone can do. don’t come here if you don’t want to see people judging others. you are going to meet judgemental people throughout your whole life so start getting use to it.

      and what are you talking about you need a break from your child?! you shouldn’t even have a child in the first place!!

      • Shuurreea

        Sad thing is all my girlfriends right now are having babies and although were of age (im 27), I still don’t think that many of them are even mommy material yet, or at least haven’t progressed enough w their significant others…like everyones in a hurry…I know I’m not and the reason that I don’t have kids yet… At first I thought jenelle would be an alright mom… Now I would get that baby anywhere but her arms without a doubt….she scares the shit out of me…

    • Hannah

      You are crazy. And very immature, mainly because you are 15 and trying to defend her. Yes, we ALL know it’s her life and her decisions, but she makes irresponsible decisions that everyone knows is wrong. I am 18, yes I smoke pot, but I am not pregnant. So there is nothing wrong with that. She, on the other hand, smoked while PREGNANT. Which is VERY wrong. Maybe you should do some research, and grow up a little.

  • Tiffany

    It is a gift to be a mother and Jenelle doesn’t DESERVE to be a mother! She says Im a mom and a teen. Well hunny there are alot of teen moms out there. I was 18 when I had my daughter and I rather raise her and watch her grow than go out every Freaking night to party. Being a mother is more rewarding than any of the dumb shit she does. She deserves to be thrown in jail for a good 6 months. And I feel bad for her poor mother. What is she going to do when one day her mohter passes away and Jenelle looks back and watches the show and sees how she was to her mom. I know I use to disrespect my mom (NEVER put my hands on her) and now my mother is not here. I lost her when I was 14 yrs old and I regret everything I have ever said or done to my mom. But I will be praying for Jenelle and her family.

    RIP Mommy

  • Jenn

    She will one day have LOTS AND LOTS of regrets!

  • Lexi

    Uhmm, is this girl CRAZY?! Smoking pot while you pregnant is seriously so selfish, if you loved that child you would not have done that. He could have suffered diseases from that. I’m not going to sit here and call her a bitch and all that but honestly please grow up, for your son. I admitt that your mom was kinda harsh and at some points you were trying but try harder. Obviously you were way to immature to have a child at this age.

  • DeeDee

    I love how she says it was recommended by a doctor that she smoke pot while pregnant. Now, i would believe a doctor would recommend a puff or 2 a day but there is NO WAY IN HELL they would recommend it to a 16 year old. She must be out of her mind. What a terrible mother. I’m watching her episode right now and I could never imagine talking to my mother like that. I hope when that little boy grows up he is a big of a terror as she is so then she’ll know what her mother went through with her.

  • Cassandra

    she smokes so what! get over it, yes the only thing that bothers me is she smoked when she was preg, buht overall STFU already! get a life and go criticize someone else..

    • Jon

      Why the hell would we criticize someone else? They are on TV for a reason.

  • ryantang04

    wow lol i love how some of you talk about smoking weed like its ok to do when your pregnant do you know what kind of damage you can do to a child while your pregnant wow you are all really retarded and believe me i know what im talking about im a med student i know the affects so dont even try to say theres not.

  • Melissa

    I would like to just say that many people were defending her as a good mother after the season premiere. She just stated during the second episode that she would give up pot for her child if she was caring for him. Obviously that isn’t true. Smoking pot isn’t the real issue here. The issue is that she is irresponsible and not fit to be a mom. Smoking during pregnancy is just plain risky. She claims to be a good mother and only leaves at night when the baby is asleep. Well I don’t have any kids but I can tell you that baby probably wasn’t asleep the whole time she was out. It was her mother that had to wake up for 2 a.m. feedings and take Jace to day care. IF you have been doing that for a child for months, you are going to become attached to the baby, especially if you are the grandmother. I don’t blame Barbara for not wanting to let Jenelle to do anything. Barbara has to do it everything at all times except when it’s convenient for Jenelle and that’s not how parenting works. If she wants to go out once in awhile, she needs to ask her mom respectfully to babysit or find her own babysitter and it should not be every weekend just because “It’s Saturday night.”

    I do think Barbara should have made Jenelle take the baby to daycare or make bottles instead of letting her sleep in. However, I think she was overwhelmed and upset by everything so maybe she wasn’t thinking clearly. I think Jenelle needs to get her act together if she ever wants any one to give her the respect that all decent mothers deserve.

  • Nicole

    ok, well she says her doctor told her to smoke during her pregnancy, and i dont see why people are making it a big deal. MY OBGYN told me to smoke while i was pregnant as well because i was so nauseous i lost almost 40 pounds when i was pregnant(very unhealthy) so she said to smoke a bowl and eat a few crackers when i woke up to beat morning sickness so i could gain weight and actually eat without being sick. Marijuana does NOTHING to the baby i know this because i myself questioned my doctors recommendation and she provided me with all the information i needed to be comfortable doing so. and seeing as my mother is a nurse and i lived with her if it was THAT bad she wouldn’t have allowed it. shes not a bad parent, she was dealt a bad set of cards

    • katie

      this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. first of all your doctor is apparently an idiot. what doctor would tell a patient to use an illegal (in most states) substance during pregnancy? If your doctor told you to do it and provided you with “information” you should have checked the source. There is a reason it is illegal, because it kills brain cells imagine what it did or could do to your unborn fetus. why not drink while preg to? get some fetal alcohol syndrome going on to? she was dealt a set of cards that clearly she can’t handle, her own mother is battling for custody! she is an unfit mother. period. People need to keep their legs closed and stop draining the system with their medicaid, food stamps, and welfare

      • katie

        and by the way this information is brought to you by the HOSPITAL, and every single doctor on this floor, which happens to be an OB floor says no where in medical school did they learn weed during preg is ok.

        • smartass

          of course a doctor is not going to admit telling anyone to smoke weed durning pregnancy. If youu have ever been pregnant before it is hard to eat at times or to keep anything down. Marijuana helps with nausea and eating and with your gag reflexes so the baby can get enough nutrients that it needs..IT FOR MEDICAL USE, doctor not just going to tell someone that so they can blaze and be stoned all are pills suppose to help with all that when you can’t even keep anything down..I think you need to look at weed in another way instead of it just bein an illegal substance..why do you thinkdoctors perscribe it to cancer paitents, cause they can’t eat and have nausea and are in pain. I’m not saying its good to smoke all day but when you feel like that and you can’t keep anything down it does help.

      • Jennifer M.

        Why don’t you check YOUR information? It is used as MEDICINE, doctors and scientists have PROVEN that it is not only safe to use in moderation and if taken correctly, but it can drastically improve the health of cancer, glaucoma, and AIDS patients. Just because there are a bunch of druggy punks out there that sit around getting high all day and don’t do anything with their lives DOES NOT mean that marijuana should not be used as an all natural herbal medicine that can help sick people, and make them better. And yes, there are doctors who will tell their patients when and how to use it properly even if it is illegal. If it were up to most doctors (as it should be) it would be legal for medicinal purposes. But instead it is up to jackass politicians, who don’t know a thing about medicine or science. Get your facts straight before you run your mouth!!!

        • Jennifer M.

          Sorry these comments were for Katie and all the other ignorant people that don’t know what they are talking about!!!

  • Carole

    Knew this would happen, just a matter of time!!

  • Jenna

    What a bunch of f**king morons, who in the hell allowed these idiots to actually breed. LMAO my doctor said I could smoke pot while pregnant? yeah and mine said to smoke meth because I was tired during mine you dumb ass!! When your nausiated that bad during your preg, they prescribe a lil medication called phenergan or another one called zofran. Either that they will just tell u to suck it up and eat some tums and some crackers or dry toast and f**king get over it!! MORONS, no wonder your dumb ass got knocked up, let me remind u I’m married and 30 with a college education and a career. Grow up lil girls and try real hard to figure this out, life isn’t all about getting f**ked up and getting laid. Have some respect for yourself and let’s not be wh**es. One day you may actually want a real man and no one will have u because your an idiot!!!

    • Jennifer M.

      HEY JENNA, Have you ever even been pregnant? When I was pregnant with my son, i could not keep ANYTHING down, not even water, I lost 14 pounds in the first 2 months and then another 17 pounds in the third and fourth months, I was prescribed both of the medications you listed, and tried toast, crackers and anything else, and NOTHING worked, not even suppositories! Finally my Doctor prescribed me medical marijuana, that I HAD to smoke, or I would have lost my son, because I was withering away, and so was he. I have NEVER even smoked a cigarette in my life, and I hated the way the pot made me feel, but I was able to keep food down, and I had a beautiful perfectly healthy 7’12oz baby boy who is now 7 years old and is perfect. I had to be on he medical marijuana all the way up untill the 8th month of my pregnancy, and as soon as he was born I never touched it again. But it greatly offends me and I’m sure other woman, when you say, “suck it up” and talk like you are holier than thou and have never made a mistake in your life. YOU are the that is pathetic!!!

      • Elaine

        Medical marijuana for pregnancy? Do you live in the UK? (That means United Kingdom, by the way.) Because medical marijuana is not allowed to be prescribed for pregnant women in the US. So, unless you’re a citizen in the UK, you are a LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE.

        • Jennifer M.

          Elaine, Obviously you know more about the UK than you know about the US (That stands for United States in case you didn’t know) or about medical marijuana or anything else for that matter, and “Liar, liar, pants on fire!”??????? Are you kidding me, how old are you, 5? Pathetic…

    • Stephanie

      This is for Jenna.For someone who has a college education and is 30 and married your surley talk as though you are still only a teen and sound very uneducated. If you want people to believe what your saying try coming across as though you are not a liar. There is more and more research comin forth about marijuana and pregnancy and health in general. It’s kinda like they don’t drink at all during pregnancy and then just about a week ago all over the news new research shows that having a drink (in moderation) is actually not bad for the baby as long the pregnancy is not high risk. So before you decide to sound ignorant and act like you know do your research.

  • Sharon

    Things happen in life and no matter what It is not everyone business I was young when I had my son and went through a lot of up and downs I use to do meth and am now almost 5 years clean so it is possible for someone to change there life around and Jenelle when I watch your story it reminds me so much of the relationship I had with my mom before I grew up and got out then I took care of my son and myself and left everyone else on the back burner. I feel really strong for young moms that are struggling and would love to do what i can to help out!!! I promise that you can change things around and the main focus is your child and you. men are A$$es they will be there one day and not the next. I know that it is hard but as long as you look at your lil one nothing else should matter!

  • Cara

    No, Janelle is f**king rediculous. She is a dead beat mother and has no buisness having custody of Jace again. She spends more time partying then taking care of her son, she spends more money on herself than on her son and she does not know when to shut her mouth. She drinks and smokes weed and she doesn’t care how it is affecting her son. She is a worthless piece of garbage. Obviously being with this new guy, she is going to be out more and probably sleeping with him on a regular basis. She will end up pregnant again and you know what she is going to say?: “Nothing else worse can happen mom”. She makes me sick. You’d think if she really wanted her son back she would be at home with him all hours of the day and not go out, and not be in a relationship with another guy. I agree, she is doing well with the job and college but the job and college aren’t anything if she still doesn’t know how to raise a child. She needs to grow the hell up and realize what she is doing to all of the people around her. And @Jenna, I fully agree, my doctor told me to smoke meth as well while I was pregnant. GET OVER YOURSELFS, your obviously a low life just like Janelle and have nothing better to do than sit around and smoke weed. Your brain is obviously already fried or you would have not posted on the internet that your doctor told you it was alright to smoke while you were pregnant. I’m sure we would all LOVE to know your doctor’s name sweetheart.

  • Stephanie

    Really you people are arguing over pot? Ok well I haven’t smoked it in like 12 years since I was a teen and I can honestly say that if your arguing about a substance that has no where near the effects of other drugs including the famous Alcohol your dumb. AND for you katie how can dis people who smoke for medicinal or non medicinal uses? How often do you drink? I bet your up there in with the rest of todays society of drunks. Nobody is ever that angry about pot.

    • http://facebook amanda

      I don’t no but i was only 17 when i had my first had my child and you would think you were smarter thin that and straighten up for your baby at least that’s what a real mother would do if she cared and a baby should have a choice being young isn’t no excuse to ruin your child’s life at all and if you were a mother that cares you wouldn’t be as stupid as that and leaving your child all the time rather thin spend time with them…..and as far as medicine goes its for ppl that need not ppl that wanna act stupid and your the stupid one jennifer because first of all do you not know the problems that a baby can have if a mom smokes with there child or are you to stupid to understand…RIGHT ON KATIE YOU SAID THAT WRIGHT!!!!


    ID F**K HER

  • jenny

    okay seriously you guys, they say weed is better during a pregnancy then cigs are.. weed is better in every day life then alchol is.. obviously not many people know anything.and s for janelle, glad shes trying to get her shit together, shes looking for house and she just got a job on the last episode, and as for everyone saying the only thing she does is go and party ?? none of us know her life.. we only see fourty five minutes of it a week. we dont know what the camera edits out, we dont know what shes doing with the rest of her time.. and as for money no one absolutely no one knows what she spends her money on. so before everyone wants to jump to conclusions, why dont we let the season finish playing then discuss how her mothering is and her life. remember this was taped months and months ago. thanks

  • Nice

    mix from dankcash isnt trust worth

  • amber

    whatever, i love janelle. you can say whatever u want about her. weed isnt that bad for you, its not drug, its a plant. she is not a bad kid, her mom just makes her look like one, shes looking for a job so she can pay for a house, shes only 18 or 19 give her a break!

  • tinamay

    I can’t believe some of these comments on here. First of weed is illegal!!!!!! So for those of u that think its ok did u not read the story that jennells was arrested for it…hello! As for doctors telling pregnant moms its ok to smoke is a lie…maybe u should research the affects of this drug a little better. Medical weed is only given to certain patients in certain states if it was ok for pregnant mothers more hospitals would be dolling it out. Whoever said their doctor told them it was ok needs to sue. Ur child may be healthy now but if u smoked a lot ur child may end up with developmental delays and even become autistic. Jeabelle needs to get her life in order cuz she’s headed down a dark road with no support. If she wants to prove she’s a fit mother she needs to begin with her own life first!

  • nicki

    From what I see on tv..the chic is more concerned with boys and weed..her priority should be to fix her self, not find a place for her and her boyfriend. She made all of these choices and I don’t feel bad for her at all.

  • Tracy kington

    Having a baby is the most inportant thing a woman can ever do. I had my son at 23 and was a single mother it was the most difficult thing I have ever done. When your a mother it is a full time job yes I wanted to go out with friends but it was my responseability to take care of this child. I personally think that 15 and 16 is much to young to have children your still a child yourself. How are you even able to take care of a child when your still in highschool and probably don’t even have a job. And it is so unfair to put this on your parents when they are still are probably raising you. But everyone blaimes the girl for spreading her legs it is just as much a mans fault also it takes two to tango. And pot I don’t believe should ever be smoked while pregnant and the pot today is not your grandfathers pot it is so much stronger.

  • Gems

    I’m not saying what jennelle does is right or ok by any stretch of the imagination, especially the way she treats her mother ( I have not or will not ever treat my mother or father or ne elder in fact anyone like that in a million years ) but getting pregnant at 16 your still a kid you have not lived and u don’t know anything about life really, as much as u would like to think u do! So adding a baby to life u haven’t lived is a shock to the system. I know I had my 8 year old son when I was 16. When your that young u don’t think early nites just in case your baby wakes up with a temp is a must when ur mum is home and staying In and not going anywhere and all your friends r going to a club of whatever, and that’s because a child’s brain dosnt think like that because a child is ment to be having fun not responsibilities of bottles late nights early mornings bills nights up the hospital ect but u lose ur right to have fun when u don’t use contraception! Basically it’s kids having kids and until your mature enough to understand that nights out don’t really mean anything and a night in with your kids cwtched up watching a DVD is sooo much better and rewarding then any night out could ever your just not ready to have a baby!!! I hope jenelle grows up and realises all this sooner rather then later cause she is going to have a lot of guilt and regrets when she does! But I don’t think she’s a bad person I think she’s just a imature kid or was no where near ready for the responsibility of having a kid! I hope when she does get her priorities right she makes up for all the precious time she has missed with jace <3

    Also my thoughts are with Leah and Corey with there lil girl Ali. My second son who is now 3 was very poorly as a baby and nearly died numerous times and he had alot of tests alot of weeks spent in hospital alot of opperations and they didn't know what was wrong, and that's the worst not having a name for it not knowing what your dealing with. I send them all the love and strength in world and I'm sure all four of them will get through it :) my son is now very healthy and well and hope Ali is also healthy and well very soon xx

  • heather cheyenne

    just leave her alone everbody.
    i bet when she gets older she will be a better mother.

  • april

    well everyone of you people are quick to judge when its not happing to you. you all should keep you’re negative comments to yourself. i like jenelle. & she may be a party girl but that her choice. she done the right thing when she signed her baby to her mother. we dont see the whole truth, & for you people to judge her so quicky & say some of the things you’ve said is wrong. some of you guys should be ashamed of yourself. forrreal. pathetic!

  • sakara

    trashy teen mom mug shots are sooo hot!

    hubba hubba.

  • Jordan

    Ok. Really you guys. Stop making negative comments about her. I totally understand Jenelle. Although she has made poor decisions in her past, who are we to judge her? There’s a lot more that goes on in her life than what we see on T.V. and what the media says. And as far as the marijuana goes, I can honestly say I’m happy it’s WEED and not cigarettes or alcohol. Because between the three studies show marijuana is healthier. Now, I’m not saying it’s ok to do drugs. I’m saying everyone needs to stop focusing on her bad and see the good in her. Shit happens. Everyone has been through hard times. Some people aren’t as strong as others. She’s not a bad mom. She’s a TEEN mom. Still trying to live the teen life. And as far as her pushing her mom goes, her mother continues to raise her voice and tell Jenelle how much of a piece of shit she is. That’d break my heart. Give the girl the respect she deserves!

  • brianna

    well jenelle has more thnks in life besies pot that all she does every day in her life so if keeps on doing it she is going to die it is just going to hurt her son jace face it her mother has caught her sometimes with her ex boyfriend right on her frontpourch she is a carppy mother but i dont blame her i would do the same thing the stress she has to go though look it she has been aressted plety of times for smoking pot face it not like i would do

  • bb

    Why is this skank not behind bars?
    she’s nasty and a complete piece of trash. Her mother ought to whip her a$$. Just punch her in the throat. Then stomp her nasty face. Fake as tan. Glasses that are not really glasses but just wears them to look cool. Fake , nasty implants and still wears a belly button piercing.
    Hey jenelle ur a piece of $hit and I pray u end up in jail where end up being some giant dikes bitch.