VIDEO – Camille Grammer slams Faye Resnick on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Tonight on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we’re re-introduced to a reality-star-before-there-were-reality stars: Faye Resnick of O.J. Simpson trial fame.

Resnick made headlines when her friend Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered in 1994. She testified against O.J., claiming that he told her that he was going to kill Nicole. She later wrote several books about her experience with the O.J. trial.

Resnick posed nude for Playboy for the March 1995 issue, something Camille Grammer took a moral issue with on tonight’s episode (even though Camille has appeared in Playboy 15 times, she takes issue with the fact that Resnick used her friend’s death to gain fame.)

Resnick attended a dinner party with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a guest of Kyle Richards, who describes Resnick as “like a sister.” She’s currently a Hollywood interior designer, and on her websites her clients are listed as Kyle and Maurico Umansky, Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Nick Lachay, and Kevin Connolly.

Playboy cover:

And the inside:

The other dinner guest, Allison Dubois.

  • Toni

    Wow! For Camille to say that while hosting a party, a dinner party because she wanted everyone to come together and get along… Yeah, right! Camille is not a good person, she seems to care about what others thinks of her and on top of that she is a trouble maker. Quickly, the part where in Las Vegas Kyle and Camille had a few words then it was to be all over and done with and back to being friends, so I thought. Camille is the one to bring it up, and make a federal case of it and knowing that it wasn’t what Kyle said, but if Camille can just sit and listen and I mean really LISTEN, then she knows that Kyle didn’t say that, either way Camille like to start trouble. The way she came out at the woman Ms. Resnick was just awful and it shows that Camille has no class, who does that who would put a guest in a uncomfortable position, who? Then I started to think, maybe it’s a rich thing to do to someone, that is why most of them don’t have real true friends, I don’t trust Camille I really don’t she is very sneaky and thinks she is above everyone else, and I guess it’s because she really doesn’t have any talents and feels that she has to bring others down so she doesn’t have to feel alone in this, I guess maybe that is why Kelsey Grammer is with someone else, he realized how fake Camille is, don’t get me wrong she is kinda cute with all the sun spots, but she only cares about herself and no one else, she talks bad to her guests she is no friend to any of these ladies and I hope they realize what a phony Camille really is. The one I feel is more real and down to earth is Kyle and Adrienne, they are strong women and speak their mind and don’t let anyone sway them.

  • Camille is a sick, pathetic, tragic human being who is jealous of every woman who comes into her little pea size space. Get over your self woman, your the jealous one not the other way around as you like to try and convince yourself.

  • Bravo – Toni!

  • VIvian

    Wow…Camille is so manipulative. She started the fights in such a seemingly innocent way. But make no mistake that she wanted the fights to happen and then sit there looking naive and innocent. Her friend Allison, the medium, is a crazy woman. As Adrian says, she must be if she is talking to dead people. But Allison Dubow just made herself the villain of the show by her drunk efforts to protect her friend Camille.

    Most frustrating episode ever, because most of the women on Camille’s side are pretty evil.

  • eli

    Wondering why Camille’s buddy Allison (the wacky psychic) didn’t let her know that her hubby was boinking a youingin’ in NY while “working”????
    Feel bad for Camille because of that but Karma has a strange way of working itself out.

  • tay

    camille is such a bitch and a f&*ckin hipocrite she also posed for playboy numerous times and also apeared nude an films its messed up how she tryed to put that woman down when she also did tha same thing;;

    Camille Donatacci was born September 2, 1968 in California. She started out as a sexy model and appeared in several editions of Playboy during the early nineties. Camille… was also a talented performer as she was a former dancer of”Club MTV,” which was a popular cable show. Her film credits include “The Naked Detective” and “Private Parts.” As a Playboy model, she has appeared in several Playboy Special Editions such as”Playboy’s Book of Lingerie vol. 34″ in November of 1993,”Playboy’s Nudes” in December of 1993, “Playboy’s Great Playmate Search” in January of 1994, and”Playboy’s College Girls” in April of 1996. Camille met husband Grammer through a blind date and after their marriage, she retired from making adult movies and magazines. She now has two kids with Grammer, who were both born through a surrogate mother.
    See More

    • tay

      camille is not a good person and shes a evil b&8ch rigt along with that fake azz so called medium lady that was totally uncalled for what they did an messed up soo glad kelsy left that woman alone karma is gona get camille and that evil witch..

  • Jane

    Camile is such a sick person!!!!!!!!! No wonder Kelsey run away from her. Kama is b***!

  • Gina


    You are very ugly person inside and out!!!!

  • Narcissist Camille

    Camille, Camille, Camille…Honey, have you no idea that your psychic “friend” was projecting YOUR future onto Kyle ? (I guess alcohol can even skew a psychic’s abilities, too.) Sweetie, you are about as transparent as they come. The poor, innocent victim act is so yesterday. Really. The public doesn’t even come close to buying your poorly-played act. Your pathetic attempt to garner us “peons” attention (by getting bad press) is only making you look like the very shallow, foolish and “immoral” person that you truly are. You are seriously so not anything close to being beautiful. Your mirror is lying to you because it seems to reflect only what you have paid for; that being lot’s of someone else’s professional work, and all the “stuff” you surround yourself with. It’s quite pittiful that your warped mirror enables you to believe that you are better than everyone else. The reflection that is clear and true, to those whom you (not-so-secretly) deem less than deserving, is a sad little image devoid of qualities that you could never comprehend. It’s a pitiful sight. Pitiful, but not in a good way, and really not the type of pity you seem to want for yourself. So, please Camille, do yourself a favor and stop projecting all your insecurities and personality defects on Kyle. Your jealousy of her and her happy, little life is unbecomming of you. Your money can only do so much. It will never buy happiness.

  • Aaliee

    im glad kelsey left her. shes so sadisitic and insecure. shes a sad shell of a human being with no soul. She had no good intentions that night and Im commending the other ladies (not including her sucking up sidekicks) for their play at the dinner. If i were there then that electronic cigerette would be in allisons uterus. I cant believe how karma worked her powers but way to go!! Im laughing inside because the whole time allison was reading kyle she was really giving a reading to her spineless friend. camille had tha whol thing planned out. The seating arrangements, the strong drinks, the selected friends, and the electronic cigerete that qued the ladies that allison were to start the drama! ugh.. ladies your blessd with money!!! what else could make u so sad and lonely. i guess its true money doesnt make u truely happy

  • yves

    I like Camille. She makes the show interesting. Kyle is mean.

    • Pam

      No Kyle is not mean, she’s not going to take any crap of that wanna-be fake rich Camille! Get a life!

  • JJ

    Camille has allot of nerve calling anyone’s kettle black. She even has tried to blackmail Kelsie claiming she has sex tapes of the two them together.

    She is a criminal who needs and will get caught.

    The other ladies need to have her removed from the show.

  • Pam

    Camille, you start your introduction with “I don’t want to be known as Kelsey Grammer’s wife, yet you throw his name around like it’s suppose to mean something. You are a very insecure person or why else would you seem so sure that Kyle made that comment about Kelsey. Needless to say, you were the one who kept making it into more than what it was. All you have done to Kyle was dig and dig at her, just looking and instigating trouble. Your fake medium friend and you planned to try and humiliate Kyle. Just another one of your manipulative tactics to hurt someone. Just like the way you have talked down towards those nice people that you think are your so-called friends in the hot tub? You really think your better than everyone else, but your not. You were a looser before you met Kelsey..let’s not forget with all those cheesy low budget rock videos and a few photos of you in playboy. Seriously, we didn’t know who you were until Kelsey and the HOBH. You need a reality check! Your fake lips,fake boobs and Kelsey’s money don’t make who you are. I’m sure Kelsey knew you were messing around with that dude Nick. Seriously, did anyone see the look on Nicks wife’s face at Camille’s tennis gathering? Kiss my husband on the lips, be prepared to have the shit beat out of you! Exactly what is the deal with that dude anyway? Maybe Kelsey knows Camille has her side buck-fuddys and he decided to move on long before the show aired. Living in NY was his only opportunity to get away from her. I know if my husband moved in another state, I’d be right there with him. KYLE girlfriend! You rock! We love you! Camille darling, you’re a worthless piece of shit! Go DONK yourself! You are as transparent, fake as they come. I’m so glad you won’t be coming back to the show. You’re an ungrateful and poor excuse for a human being.

  • Sam

    The morally corrupt comment HAD NOTHING to do with playboy. All those hollywood women LOVE GETTING A PLAYBOY SPREAD!

    Faye’s book was a disgusting tell all about her murdered so called best friend, it was filled with sordid details of Nicole’s sexual escapades, drug use and partying as well as her insight into her relationship with OJ. People in LA thought she was scum.

    She did it only to make $$$$$ as she was broke and had been living with Nicole and she had to move to another friend’s spare room.

    For all her faults Camille became more humble and Kyle couldn’t even be gracious at the reunion.

    FAYE is far more morally corrupt then Camille, EVERYONE in LA thought her book about Nicole and subsequent Playboy spreads were capitalizing on her murdered friend.

    The book, which came out BEFORE THE TRIAL, just dishes on Nicole’s (and OJ’s) sexual escaped. WHAT friend would betray a real friends memory to an INTERNATIONAL AUDIENCE, things I’ m certain Nicole thought would be kept in confidence.

    Faye is garbage and the fact that Kyle likes her company so much is telling IMO.

  • Wayne

    on a totally different note, Allison Duboui is such a fake. Patricia Arquette did a poor job portraying someone so phoney and offensive. There wouldnt be anyone in this world who could portray Allison better than herself.

    In all honesty, she was there for Camille’s moral support. She went in full knowing the story, filling Camille’s holes with her delusional excuse of a job of psychic reading. What a load of bullshit!

    Also, DD is nothing but a suckass. DD is to Camille as Jiggy is to Lisa.

    The sad thing is, these Beverly HIlls housewives will never know what it is to have real friends. They cloud their judgement with endless amounts of decadence, buying people’s affection. Do you think Cedric will care to stay in a house if Lisa and Ken werent Lisa and Ken? Or do you think DD will kiss the butt of Camille, if it werent for the fortune Kelsey Grammer has brought for her? I think NOT!