Teen Mom salaries revealed!

Teen Mom salaries revealed!

There is little about the lives of MTV’s Teen Moms that we don’t know by now as Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell have taken over the reality tabloid reigns from Jon and Kate Gosselin. But, there was still the closely guarded secret of how much they were getting paid that everyone was keeping 100% hush-hush about… Until now!

The mystery appears to have been solved if we can trust Gary Shirley’s best friend, Jordan Sanchez, who let the cat out of the bag to Life & Style:

“The Teen Mom stars earn $60,000 to $65,000 per season,” a series insider tells Life & Style. It’s enough to provide on-again, off-again couple Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley with comfortable lives–but neither one seems to be a good saver. “Gary says he’s broke,” Gary’s best friend, Jordan Sanchez, tells Life & Style. “The money is the only reason he’s willing to do the show. You can’t walk away from money like that.”

That may not seem a lot to some folks (The Real Housewives of New Jersey reportedly earn $250k each per season) , but for broke teenagers trying to raise a kid $60k-$65k is a lot of bread (UPDATE, Amber revealed in court that she made $140,000 every six months from Teen Mom!)! Watching the show you would never know that they were getting that kind of money, which makes me wonder if it’s not somehow tied into a college fund or something similar.

MTV knows that giving these girls a lot of cash would instantly ruin the “reality” aspect of documenting their struggles as teen mothers trying to get by, so there has to be some sort of catch right? Plus, I’m not sure how the money is broken up between parents. I know Ryan (Maci’s baby daddy) has mentioned on numerous occasions he only does the show for the money so the guys are obviously getting some of the pie. Is the $60,000 figure for each “family?” And what about Catelynn and Tyler, who gave their daughter up for adoption? Is it fair that they would get paid the same?

GRRRRRR!! I think this article raised more questions than it answered – and that’s assuming it’s accurate!

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  • noname

    Catelynn and tyler are mooching and have no reason to be reciving this money because they gave their baby away! They shouldn’t even be on the show because they took the “easy road out”..

    • nunya

      How are they mooching? Doesn’t appear that either of their families have much money. And they don’t have any reason to be receiving this money?? They’re letting the entire world into their lives and allowing them to witness one of the most emotional experiences a person could have in their life. They didn’t take the easy way out, if you ever watch the show you might see that. They CLEARLY struggle with the decision they have made and have had a lot of issues with it. They were smart and made the right decision to give their daughter a better life and at least they were smart enough to realize that. You shouldn’t be so harsh or so quick to judge. You haven’t been in their shoes.

      • Jamie

        Catelynn and Tyler did take the ‘easy way out’. They say they gave up their daughter because of their parents, and how they act. But guess what? 60k per season is plenty to move out and take care of a baby. My boyfriend makes 16k a year, and I go to school. We can still afford rent, food, etc to take care of our son. So YES, it is a bunch of BULLCRAP that Catelynn & Tyler are so looked up to, because they DID take the easy way out.

        • Rhonda

          So you think placing a child up for adoption is the easy way out. I did it and 20 plus years later was reunited with my son. There are struggles daily of wondering if I did the right thing. Is the child going to be resentful and many other things you dont know anything about. I think god for the choice Caitlynn and Tyler made it was unselfish and very loveing. They did what was in Carlys best intrest and maybe some other teen moms should have looked at the choice. I am sorry but you are way off on your comment. Until you walk a day in thier shoes dont judge!!

        • clover

          Jamie that young couple had to make that horrible decision at the very beginning of the season, maybe you should search before commenting. The money that these couples get is withheld, so that we may see the actual struggles that come with having a baby at a young age. I don’t comdenm them for what they did, especially with a grandmother that calls her own daughter a bitch. But some parents would rather have their kids under a bridge with them than having their kids in a warm safe home wihtout them. That is called selfish. Can you imagine giving up your son, how hard that would be. But would you do it if you had nothing, nothing other than love to offer him, sleeping under a bridge, no mother or father, no support. What would you do? Keep him with you under a bridge with you or give him to someone who would give a warm soft bed without you. Not all of us moms have their husbands around to help us, love us, support us, your fortunate.It would break my heart in two, my son is four. Think about it and open your mind.

          • Holly

            Jamie, it is great that you are taking care of your child but is much easier to judge someone for their actions. I had my daughter as a teen, I could not have given her up, but catelyn and tyler’s decision was the best for the baby, and was not the easy way out, so you must not understand yet as you are still a child but when grow into an adult you will see how mature they are

          • Robin

            sorry but i was a teen mom and it really frustrates me when i hear some people r selfish for keeping their child even if “under a bridge”. my HUSBAND and yes he is the father of my child works 15 hours a day 7 days a week for us to barely get by and my daughter has a “warm home” and clean clothes and plenty of food to eat. i live in the south and it 105-108 degrees outside in the summer here and my husband works outside for the full 14 hours and that is SACRAFICE for the well being of your child!!!!!!! however i do think that it must have been awful to give their child up and i do not condeem them for doing so. if that was the right choice for them than awesome! the made a couple who couldnt have a child very happy. BUT i do not think that they should still be on the show i absolutly love both tyler and catelynn but im sorry the show is called “teen mom” showing the hardships and work it takes to raise a child at a young age. it really kills me as much as i like cate and ty that they r being paid so much for doing something im sure was awful but not being a mom and when i look at my life where im worrying about potty training and teaching my daughter ans my husband being paid near nothing for HARD work and their biggest concern of the week is tyler clubbing. when you are a mother “clubbing” is the furthest thing from your mind. do i believe it was the easy was out yes only because after feeling that baby kick and knowing its there for 9 months and in their situation knowing you will have some kind of income and still saying nope i dont wanna raise it let some1 else do it. i dont believe it is selfish at all but easier than parenting oh yea. as soon as my husband and i saw that heartbeat for the 1st time we would have never dreamed of not being her mommy and daddy! no matter what it took no matter how hard we had to work and no matter if we had dreams of our own we made a choice to have sex and were offered the best gift of life and were not going to turn away from it for our own plans… so SELFISH?????? think again while they r busy hanging with frinds and going clubbing and taking romantic trips, ill be busy being the best mother i can be and not having another thought in my mind than my child so tell me who is selfish ughhh i could just throw up when i hear the your gross and distrubed who ever u are that said that!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            amber and gary should be kicked off to for their behavior and niether should have the baby because i think niether could care less about that angle baby
            MACY I LOVE YOU!!! YOU GO GIRL! great mother now that is a TRUE mother

            • Jeana

              Catelyn and Tyler have drug addict parents, they were smart at 16 to be willing to give there child a life thats in a nice house with loving parents instead of a baby witnessing all of the arguing fighting and drugs involved. None of you can say SH*T about what they did it was THEIR baby THEIR decision. Sorry we don’t all have husbands working 16 hour shifts so we can sit on our ass with our kids. Yeah they aren’t acting like parents, but they ARE acting like teenagers which is what they are.! While there daughter is being raised by adults

            • Trish

              No disrespect to you but I think you’re wrong, and we’re all entitled to our opinions, but I think what Cate and Ty done was the best thing for Carly! They gave her what they couldn’t! It wasn’t selfish on their parts because they wanted better for her and they knew they couldn’t give her that at 15 and 16 years old! Half those kids would’ve been better off if they had been given to someone more responsible w/ a stable “career”, not a “job”! I know u make your career your job but it makes raising, providing, caring, and loving a child a whole lot easier! They don’t have the easy way out because u see on every episode, wheather they’re being normal teenagers or not, where they struggle w/ not having Carly! U can C that they love her very much.. with still choosing to send gifts, take long trips to visit on her b-day and everything else they do! I think of all the teen moms they are the most mature no matter what they find themselves doing while being filmed! No matter where Carly is they still are her biological parents which classifies them as a “teen mom and teen dad”! I am adopted and I know the reasons y I was.. it was the love that someone else had and still has for me! I was given to someone who provided a better life for me and made a way to put me through school and taught me morals and values, which she wouldn’t have gotten from Cate and Ty’s parents! I’m sorry u feel the way you do and u probably still won’t agree w/ me or anyone else who sees this in my prespective but u can still have your opinion.. u know, your opinions say a lil bit about who u are as a person! I’m a mom and couldn’t imagine have giving my babies away but I also was ready to take care of them with being stable and having a good support system! However, if I had been in a place to where I couldn’t have taken care of myself then I most definitely would’ve given them to someone who could’ve gave them a better way.. not a struggling one! Love doesn’t put food on the table and clothes on your back.. not where I live it doesn’t! Some do take the easy way out and not take responsibility when they could have but I don’t think this was the case w/ Cate and Ty! Kudos to you Catelyn and Tyler.. and as for Maci.. she’s a spoiled brat! I like her and I think she’s a good mom but she’s also a spoiled brat along with Farah!

        • britany

          Seriously! Where do you live? 16k will not get you shit where I live. I live in california and you are lucky if you can find a one bedroom thats not in the ghetto for less then 1200 a month! you are obviously an ignorant young person. So sorry for you.

          • Robin

            umm wow ur rude! not every1 shops for housing in 90210!!! i OWN my 4bedroom 3bath HOUSE on 10 acres my house is around 2500 sq ft and we dont pay anywhere near 1200 a month! so would you like to call me ignorant or should i call you that for not knowing common sense let me help you…
            property value is different in EVERY state! if youd like to ask anymore questions about it or if your still confused id love to give you my REAL ESTATE lis number….
            that means i sell houses. i wasnt sure if you would catch that or not…. ugh rude rude rude

          • mom_shelly

            You obviously are the ignorant one… If they are living on 16,000 a year, then it is obviously possible. It is not only obviously possible, but there are many many people doing it on that or less.

            However, they generally are not toting I phones, driving new cars, living in luxury or going out clubbing or even probably going out much. Minimum wage is tough to eke a living out of, but I know a lot of people who do it. My son makes under 18,000 a year and pays about 250 a month child support and 500 a month rent, that takes 1/2 of his income… it leaves him 570 a month for his utilities, phone, gas, insurance and groceries, plus personal money…Phone and utilities cost about 175 a month. He keeps about 25 a week for pocket money. He drives a motorcycle so he spends less on gas and insurance, but suffers for it when it rains or gets cold. When his bike was in the shop he walked to both his jobs, which are 2 and 2.5 miles from his home… He works 7 days a week. He manages to buy gifts for his daughter and make the 1200 mile one way trip to see her at least once a year for a week, her mother will not allow her to travel to see him. He is saving money to hire a lawyer to fight her on that. He recently ended up in ER for Kidney Stones and is now also paying a big hospital bill off as he has no insurance through either job. He still manages to have an occasional night out, though it is usually at friends homes vs going to a club. He manages to buy an occasional video game or other items for his home and he gets by. His life is not easy, but he and many like him do it every day.

            Good for you if you make enough that you can afford to live in CA and pay 1200 plus for rent, but I have to wonder, is it worth it, when you can buy a home all over the country for way less money? My house, which was 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, had a huge shop/garage and a 3/4 acre yard, with a hot tub and enclosed back patio and an attached garage as well was bought for 59,000 9 years ago. It was valued at 81,000, taxes were 1800 a year. I do not have the house anymore, I sold it and I bought a commercial building for my business (with the cash from selling) and have a small one bedroom apartment in it now…all my kids grew up and moved so no reason to keep the house or yard… but even with insurance and taxes, my payment was under 600 a month, which is average where we live, which is about an hour outside of Houston, which means we are close enough to enjoy the benefits of a large city, without the traffic, pollution or costs of the city. Be careful who you call an idiot, some of them idiots are doing pretty well for themselves and it is generally those who live in outrageous priced real estate and look down on the “poor folks” who have the most to lose when the economy is bad. If you live on minimum wage income, you are unlikely to lose anything when the economy takes a fall… you have no stocks, no payments on cars and furniture, minimum wage employees are less likely to lose their jobs since they are not a drain on the business and even when they do, since they know how to survive on so little, they can afford to take jobs those who live large can not. They do not have to give up anything… In many ways, they are much better off… they may not have much, but what they have is their own, not the bank’s!

          • Tommy The Truth Teller

            Wow! You are a bitch!

        • dimegirl

          Catelynn and Tyler did the most mature thing out of all the teens. They put the child 1st before all wants and needs. because of them- there daughter will have a great up-bringing she would of never received being raised how they were raised(with crazy parents and all).
          You can see how much want to be with her everyday.I think they are a good example for teens to look up to-doing the right thing in a bad situation…

        • Jules

          In reality, Catelynn and Tyler were the smartest ones on the show. They knew they weren’t ready and it was the best gift they could give to their daughter. When I see how some of these kids are raised, it’s sickening. No way someone like Amber Portwood should be anywhere near a child.

          • big MEECH

            Actually the most mature thing is to abstain or use protection. I have 2 kids but I waited until I was 22. I am not with one mom anymore and I pay 50% of ym income to child support. Git er dun!

      • I don’t see how anyone could set there and say a couple that young took the easy way out. Firstly there is nothing easy about a mother letting a child go and in most cases mothers who are giving their babies up for adoption nearly always have a change of heart when the baby is delivered. Second you can’t say that Kate and Tyler are any different from the other Teen mom’s because they made the best deceision possible for there child. Although keeping their kid wasn’t in the cards, it just goes to show how much more of a difficult deceision they had. You say “Why?” The simple answer is they foresaw a life for the child that was horrible and the acted accordingly. I mean any fool can compare and contrast Tyler and Catelynn’s family life to any of the other teen mom’s and know there is a major difference in every aspect. The easy way out would be someone giving there child up for adoption over selfish personal reason’s. As you can clearly see the financial situation between the families is significantly different. Macy’s and Ryan’s family are both upper middle class families who are able to fully support their kids as well as give them several different options, the biggest one being college. Farrah’s family is the same way, actually being above middle class falling in the lower white collar section. This is all of course based on the fact that both parents obtained a MA level degree and are both working. Although in some cases I would agree with you, I just don’t think this is one of them. Age clearly overrules them making the wrong deceision here.. Age and lack of support.

      • Amber

        Jamie, like stated before, great job on raising your little one on your own. I am sure you can understand how hard it is on low income raising a little one and i’m sure you see on a daily bases how your child may have to do without some things. Lets rewind a couple years back when Kaitlyn was pregnant, do you remember the household she was living in? Her and Tyler made a very selfless decision. They looked outside the box unlike many young people do, and deceided not to play “house” in their heads and face reality. The reality was that the child would be brought into a VERY unstable household, Kaitlyn had to take care of herself on NOTHING, let alone bring a baby in the world? Sure getting pregnant wasn’t smart, but she really didn’t have anyone there being her parent or parenting her. Have you seen this child’s new parents? I wish I was their child for heaven sakes! They are providing a life that we all hope to provide for our children one day! They wanted a child sooo bad and couldn’t have one, Kaitlyn and Tyler made the hardest decision and gave the most beautiful gift anyone could give someone. If it were taking the easy way out, they would of done a closed adoption, in other words handed the baby over to never have to deal with it or the emotion again, they didn’t do that, and they to this day have an semi open adoption with Carly and it seems to work. You are young and i’m sure years from now you will see what they did as a good selfless thing. If it weren’t for mother’s who new they couldn’t give the life that they want for their child, I wouldn’t have child right now.

      • Jamie R.

        I totally agree it is very hard to make the decision to give a child up for adoption and they will struggle with it forever but the easy way out if it was that they would not be doing alot better to better their lives and future keeping it real as a teen mother if I knew what I know now from them I may have done the same thing

      • dawn

        Well I say Catelynn and Tyler need to be off the show ,they made the decision to give up their baby and not be a mom and dad . The show is called TEEN MOM,this is a show about TEEN MOM’S raising their kid ,not teens who gave up their kid ,and they are not struggleing at all they do not have any kids.Who cares about the saddness they are going thur over giving blood away,I do not feel for them at all.I am a 46year old mother of 3 kids and one grandbaby,I have been a single mom ,when you get that gift from god ,an baby you do not get rid of it or give it away.

        • Lyssa

          Okay. How should caitlynn and Tyler be off the show when their actually helping future teens and teaching them? Giving up that baby wass probably one of the hardest decisions theyve had to make. But yes let’s kick them off and leave amber on even though she’s been arrested and c.p.s has had to get involved. Carly is in a stable home while leah is not in a stable home environment.

          • Cubbie van der Logan

            Amber is one nasty piece of work. Whatever Gary does to try to please her, it is never enough. He should move on, find someone who appreciates him and get full custody of his babygirl. Amber is allfor herself; check out the boyfriends she brought around her baby! Let’s see: one was on work release and the other one has a baby of his own and a little retarded, to boot.
            She thinks she’s quite the catch when she still looks like Miss Piggy and feigns emotion because that’s how she gets attention.She should not have a baby in her custody; she puts her cooch over baby.

        • REALLY!?

          Dear Dawn,

          Lets look at the Facts:

          “The children of teenage mothers are more likely to have lower school achievement and drop out of high school, have more health problems, be incarcerated at some time during adolescence, give birth as a teenager, and face unemployment as a young adult”

          How can you say Caitlyn’s not a mother? She’s the BEST type of mother. One who made a smart decision to give her child a better life and break the cycle. People seem to think just giving kids food, clothing and shelter makes them a good mother! Its way more than that! Her daughter will more than likely go to college now and will never know the physical and emotional abuse that her birth parents had to endure. If anyone shouldn’t be on the show it’s the Mothers who’ve shown over and over that their needs come before the health and well being of their kids. They deserve not a damn dime when their parents are clearly taking care of kids and not them. I’m so happy that Caitlyn and Tyler are on the show so other young mother can see that maybe the best choice is them not being in the child’s life.

          For those of you who are/were teen Mothers and stuck it out: Good for you. I’m sure you’re great Mothers. I know for a fact that it can be done. But dont tear others down because they gave their child a better life than they could provide. That behavior is ignorant and proves the quote above to be the likely outcome.

          -Btw, those of you who’ve noticed that the parents on the show have i-pads and Mac Computers… Did you ever think “hmmm… They all have products by the same company. Wonder if that has anything to do with the show?” Notice that MTV has Apple commercials? That is called subliminal marketing. I bet you their salary that those items were most likely given to the cast. Esp. since apple is the choice system for many educational institutions and this is an “educational show” and they are supposed to be going to school.” It’s all marketing. Apple’s not going to pay millions in advertising on a channel and allow that channels #1 show to be on a PC.

      • Jessalyn

        Wow you are truly an ignorant JERK !!! Adoption is NOT an easy way out. How totally rude you ignorant little twits are. So, if your boyfriend is only making 16K a year, then you should have considered adoption. It is by far NOT an easy way out. Shame on you judgmental little morons 🙁

        • Robin

          talk about rude. you are jessalyn. just because someone isnt making a million dollars a year doesnt mean they cant raise their child with just as much if not more love than an adoptive parent could. and NO ONE can love a feel for a child the way a parent the had the 9 months of preg and feeling and connection does. your calling her judgemental yet you say she should have considered handing her child off because they arent rich!!!! HOW DARE YOU! how could you say that to someone that they should have given their child up. you have no clue if they are amazing parents or not so zip it!if anyone ever said that to me about my child it would be world war III how ignorant you are to question someones parenting to the point of saying they should have considered giving their child away!!!!!

          • Kb

            Robin, you are very rude. You obviously have never seem teen mom. If you think they should’ve kept their baby around abusive, drug addicted parents, then you my friend, are not very smart.

      • amanda

        Caitlynn and Tyler made the most mature decision with or without money. They have their whole future ahead of them and so does carly and her family. They can cancel the show any given day and then what would they have done to keep a roof over there head. They made a hard but great decision and gave a selfless gift all at the same time.

    • mother of 3

      Are yo serious have you seen those kids family’s. The show is to teach the teenagers about the reality maybe keeping or giving their babies up. Which neither are easy!!!!!!

    • kray

      Easy way out, you mean the right way out, they gave their child to a good home look at all these teens fighting in front of their kids or abuse around them, they shouldn’t get a paid a dime, they are just another person being dumb and getting paid for it…. Universal BC should be administered to people until they obtain a license to conceive!

    • u sayN dey shouldNt b on d show but wen dey were castD, dey had a baby to talk about n show how much dey were struGGleN n bCus dey wer struGGleN, dey chose to have the baby adoptD. haveN sum1 else other than u take uR baby IS a hard decision so u sayN dey tOOk an easy way out is not the coRRect JUDGEment 2 b giveN them

    • Lisa

      Wow you’re clearly a scumbag loser for writing that comment!

    • Marisa

      They are being paid for sharing their experiences, not their troubles and hardships. Not every teen mom/dad keeps their child(ren) so it is actually more realistic to have at least one couple that gave their baby up for adoption. Part of the show is to let teens know some of the difficulties and challenges that come with being a teen parent, regardless of decisions made (along with being for entertainment…which I think is sick but that’s another story). It’s only fair that everyone be compensated for sharing their story.

    • Alexis

      This show is out there for young parents to see the struggles that comes with being a teenager and a parent. That means showing both sides. Many kids see this show and rethink their actions because they don’t have parents that will help them or they know the guy won’t stick around. If they had taken the easy way out Carly wouldn’t have even been born. Atleast they were smart enough to think through all their options and do what was best for not only them and their parents but for Carly and for the families out there that just can’t have a baby. So many people physically are unable to have children and for those like Catelynn and Tyler who felt it was better to give the child a chance at a better life than they could provide, it hurts but it also gives them a sense of pride in themselves for doing what they deemed right while at the same time helping out another family. Just because people don’t think the same way you do doesn’t make them wrong. Don’t hate and don’t judge.

  • Shygurl

    Well if they ARE receiving that kind of cash that is more than my husband makes in ONE YEAR and he is in the MILITARY defending our country! That blows my mind seriously I was a teen mom and all and KNOW the struggles BUT if I received that kind of cash I would of been living NICE back than. SO if they are receiving this money HOW are they able to receive state and government assistance???? If they are collecting TANF or Food stamps are they reporting this??? if not than maybe they should be b/c I am sure they arent. Macy is the ONLY decent mom on the whole show she has put her child first. Maybe Amber needs to take a look at her and try to follow in her footsteps b/c I really dont think that beating your boyfriend on national TV is being a good mom. and her loosing all this weight (yeah drugs do that AMBER!!!!) Way to go AMBER!!! your a winner! Gary needs to stop being lazy too (they both need to get off their asses and get a job and take care of that baby. I personally cannot stand watching Catlynn she just annoys me for some reason BUT it shows the side of what parents go thru when they choose to put their child up for adoption. Anyways that is just my opinion its just a shame that our miltary families are struggling and that these moms are cashing in and still able to get assistance that WE are paying for!

    • clover

      You should take your complaints to MTV and not the teen moms. Your right it is a shame that they are earning more than military families, but it’s not their fault. The blame goes to MTV and others who create shows like this. They are also getting exploited severly. These teens are still just kids, not old enough to drink, with a new baby, cameras in their faces, and people like you jugding them, plus whos going to say no to that kind of money especially at that age. Take your problem to the networks, maybe if they would offer up a reality show to military families you wouldn’t be so bitter.

      • i like how uR thinkN clover

    • dnt compare wat uR husband’s makeN @ his job 2 wat a tv show chose 2 give their cast. dats their decision & money which has nun 2 do with another oCCupation’s spendN. dey can cash out aLL dey wnt cus it’s money giveN 2 them 4 wateva reason. also, dis reality tv is not a carEEr; its not like u can rely on it 2 b aCCurateLy gOOd 4 u so heLL yea the gov should stiLL help dem out cus anything could haPPen. wat if d produceRs decide on d next season 2 have other castN members? dey stiLL wont b geTTn d money wiLL dey?

    • Jessalyn

      where do you people get your information? I’ve never heard of any of them getting tanf or otherwise. Wow, you people have boring lives to sit in judgment of others….. get a life

      • Robin

        says the girl that has left several comments!!! and they get their info from the show…. amber has been filmed at the foodstamp office. omg how old r u 15

  • Kim

    I think this show is so fake. They pretend to be struggling but they are making good money. I am really tired of this show because it use to seem real but lately it seems staged. I think it is setting a bad example for teen mothers. I wish people would wake up and stop letting children think it is okay to have babies. Now it lets kids see that well maybe i can get on tv or in magazines if i am a teen mom. They have been putting these kids on tv and magazines and kids will just watch it and follow what they see. Nothing i have seen on this show would make a teen say Man I don’t want a baby now. Kids at that age dont understand their mistakes so it makes being a teen mom a good thing. I dont believe that Dr. Drew stood up and told Amber the truth about her behavior. Or anyone else at that matter. If he is going to comment on the show then he should be strong enough to hurt someones feelings. But i believe the producers tell these kids what to talk about, and how to act on the show. Oh yeah, I want to know if Macy even knows who her baby’s daddy is. The baby looks like Kyle and she was sleeping with them both when she wass pregnant. So that’s a good question.? Get a DNA test Ryan!!! Be smart.

    • personaly, tEEnageRs should b smart enough 2 NOT foLLow evryThing dey sEE on tv. cMon now.. wat 16 year old doesNt have a mind of themselves. @ dat age u should b half way out of high schOOl & bEEn startD 2 mature.

    • outraged

      I absolutly cannot believe you just questioned the Ryan’s fatherhood to Bently. Lets see Bently has Blonde hair, oh wait so does Macy, Bently has blue eyes, oh wait so does Macy, Bently is very fair skinned, oh wait so is Macy!! Yes, children are genetically composed of two parents but its not the first or last time a son looks identical to the mom and nothing like the dad, yet that does not mean he is not the biological father. And if you believe that your are just plain ignorant

      • YouPeopleAreStupid

        Im almost positive in Macy’s 16 and pregnant episode she talked about how her and ryan had sex ONCE and she got pregnant.

  • Mandy

    I do not know how anyone on here can judge people they have never met. I do not think Catlynn & Tyler took the easy way as they seem to struggle with their decision every day. I think they did put their child first. I can’t imagine Carly having to grow up around some of the grown ups. Also $60,000 is more than I & my husband make combined in one year, but I do not begrudge them from getting this money. Its not coming out on my pocket & they have opened up their lives for everyone to see. I do not think that teens are getting pregnant trying to get on this show. Teens have been getting pregnant for years & its not going to stop anytime soon.

  • Yes Also,if their making that much money.. How the F!@k is Farrah “out 3 grand”

    • Cubbie van der Logan

      Farrah spends her money on Farrah (who is actually pretty ugly unless you live in Dearborn, Michigan).She is really so completely unlikeable and constantly pissing and moaning about something someone didn’t do for her. Why does she call her father “Michael?”
      Are her parents not married?
      I think it’s great that her parents are taking Sophia while she sets the world on fire in Florida. She’s a bit dim, to say the least, and the idea of her being in charge for anything larger than a row of pencils ought to be fun to watch.
      Better stay in the pizza joint honey.


    they dont get any of the money until the season is over…thats why they have no money and 15% of all the money is put into an account for the baby and it cant be open until they either graduate from highschool or turn 18.

    • RIGHT! dats wat im talkN bout y evryBody complainN bout sum f**kN money thats not theirs 2 woRRy

  • eli

    I find it hard that you would ever suggest that adoption is the easy way out. Seems to me keeping your kid and living off government assistance is pretty easy too. They think about Carly with every decision. That was no home to bring a baby into. I’m surprised her brother hasn’t been removed by the courts. Giving their baby up for adoption was the hardest decision they could have ever made. It would have been much easier to try and half-ass raise it like Amber and so many other teens. Grow up.

  • cantbelieveimposting

    Uhm- was I the ONLY person in the world who thought it was obvious how much they were getting paid? What kind of mom runs around dressed like they are? What kind of teenager can afford an apartment, (a NICE one at that) a vehicle and a baby? Are all of you so wrapped in your safe cocoon of mommy and daddy’s money that you don’t realize they’re getting paid for a show, which may only go on for a few seasons. I so wouldn’t be running around with a new wardrobe if I were them. (And $60,000 goes pretty quick, kid- whether you have a baby or not, I don’t know anybody with enough money to throw a few grand away.) I’m only a few years older than these girls but with a husband and college education and my apartment is STILL sh!ttier than all of theirs. Also, to whoever posed the question should catelynn and tyler still be paid the same- what kind of stupid question is that? they’re getting paid to work. that work is on a tv show. I’d be pretty pissed if I went to my job and someone doing the SAME EXACT JOB got paid more because they had a kid.

    …just sayin

    • Brittany

      good on u

    • TRUE! i like wer uR goN wit dis. i mean reality tv is just sum f**kN entertainment. duh u gne pay me 2 eitha show how baDD im doN or 2 act like im doN so baDD. dnt reaLLy maTTer

      • Finaltable1

        You need to learn how to speak and type. This is not a text message you are sending you’r homeboys. I can see you are a teen mom who didnt finish High School…

        • Thiggy

          Uncalled for.

        • Robin

          wow that was way uncalled for!!! you dont know that for 1 and secondly im very well spoken and have a career of my own and i didnt finish high school anything you would like to say in my direction??????

          • DUMBCOMMENTS

            Hey retard. they weren’t talking to you. they were talking to that idiot lawanda. trying to read her posts are painful.

        • Monica

          Wow that is so rude. Maybe she didn’t finish high-school but obviously no one has taught you manners.

  • Brittany

    I am 23 years old, and I became pregnant with my daughter when I was 21 and had her on my 22nd birthday, she is now 15months. Being older then these teen moms I was still consider a young mom. My daughter means everything to me! She was born with positional bi-lateral club feet. Her case was so severe I was told by the doctors that I should just have her feet removed and to give up on the idea that she would be a normal child but being the stubborn woman that I am, I refused to consider the options I was given. At the time my boyfriend and I had very low paying jobs with no medical. So finding out through ultrasounds that our baby was going to need medical treatment and that we had no means to pay for it was the most hellish endearment that I have ever gone through. Our struggles were never ending our daughter was casted from hips to toes then given a series of surgeries (which she had to be awake through, pinned down to a bed by nurses, with no pain medicine but a numbing cream) but that wasn’t the end of it. She was also given a pair of shoes with a connecting bar between them that continually stretched and hurt her feet for 23hours a day plus physiotherapy 3 times a day. The pain that my daughter went through was unbearable for her and us. The doctors were amazed that she was responding to the treatment so well but reminded me that she would never walk on her own feet but by prosthetics. On April 9th 2011 my daughter took her first step on her own two feet. The challenges that we all went through were like climbing Mount Everest three times over. We were lucky in the fact that my now husband did find a higher paying job with medical benefits and that we were able to provide for our child, but do you know where every penny we make goes to? Our child and that is the way that these teen moms should be saving and spending their money and these fathers who can’t even man the f**k up and be a real dad to their children sickens me. My husband has never left my side, we have fought tooth and nail but we have never given up and I hope these mothers and fathers get this message and make the right decision for their child not these selfish and pathetic life styles that they live. What are they going to do when the money runs out, and their series end? How are they going to support their child? I hope they consider that!

  • I think its hard on being a teen mom and i think noone plans to be one i such an early age especially as a teenager i dont regret getting pregnant what i do regret is bieng on this situation (you must get to knw me so youll understand and yes im embaressed but hey i dint care i will love my kid over everything!) i speak for all teen moms who struggle and will strugge some are so “inlove” they will do anything to raise the baby with both parents present when actually one dosent want to be “chained up” after a while you get bored tired whatever i just look up to those who dont they put up with anything and everything for the sake of their child i wish i my baby would grow up to have his/her dad in her/his life i knw what it is not to have a parent to be around

  • Googoogaagaa

    I wanna kid so I can get on this tv show I wanna be a teen mom and have a baby so I can make it and make Money then I’m Gunna try and be a model and host clubs like Kim kardashian all teens should do this to become a star. Thanks MTV!

    • now u just talkN shiTT.lmpao!

      • Finaltable1

        You can be a teen mom with out the Tv show and still get paid . Its called Public assistance. Just ask Lawanda she is on public assistance and loving life. LOL I have a great job . I make good money . More than the teen moms make a season and I get to be a tax whore for people on the welfare system.

        • Thiggy

          Uncalled for. Wtf is your problem?

  • I have been watching the marathon all day and I am so frustrated about a few things. they act like they are struggling because they have to play it up for tv. if you notice, they all have nice cars, have not seen one beater yet. none of them are on food stamps nothing. Amber is the one i hate the most. she is the worst mother ever. she clearly hates being a mom and taking care of her own child. she totally ignores her daughter, is physically and emotionally vilant to gary. if i were gary, i would have taken his daughter and left her. but not before beating the crap out of her

  • Red

    Sorry, but the “easy way out” is to keep the baby because you think of the baby as “your possession” or because you don’t want to be judged by others. The hard thing to do in their situation was exactly what they did do, which is give the baby up for adoption because they knew the baby would have a MUCH BETTER LIFE. That is the self-less thing to do, especially knowing other idiots will judge you for it, when they are truly the selfish ones who would keep the baby evening knowing they weren’t prepared to give the baby the best home possible.

  • Candice

    It makes me sad to see so many people upset her because these girls are getting paid. They get paid because people watch the show and it brings in a lot of money. I don’t know how much they get paid, and I honestly don’t care, but for those of you saying how your stuff is shittier than theirs or whatever, I just want to say that I am 26, my son is almost 3, I receive NO child support and haven’t in a long time, had to fork out 2500 to get a lawyer to set custody agreements for a guy who shows up 6 times a year, and I am still ok. I own my own house, and a decent car, and have nice clothes and my son has everything he needs and I am a TEACHER. These girls found something that works for them, just like we all found something that works for us. I think there is a lot of jealousy on here bc things worked out differently for them than it did for you. Maybe if you had a better personality, or applied, or something, mtv would pay you to be on one of their shows. Until then be happy with what you have, and happy for them that their children will end up with a better life because of the money.

    • @ Candice. TRUE! n 2 b honest, if i eva haDD d oPPortunity 2 b on dis tv show… I MOST DEFINATELY WOULD!

  • Erica

    @candice sweetheart no one is jealous of them,ok. Also, their is plenty of struggling mothers out there! People are just stating their opinion. They feel just like I do, that its stupid to be paying these girls for all these seasons just for having a baby at 16. How does this prevent teen pregnancy? If anything it promotes it, because other kids get this idea that becoming a teen mom you can be famous and earn money! Farrah, oh gosh she is a bitch in my opinion she is always complaining about everything. Her parents kiss her ass way to much instead of putting their foot down sometimes. I understand that her baby dad died, but she is not the only person in this freaken world that has been through it. On top of that, why did she even go get a boob job in the first place, if she claims she wasn’t able to afford it? Catlynn shouldn’t be on the show. its about teen moms going through struggles, not a girl who gave her baby up, nd is now trying to shack up with her bf! I’m not going to watch this shit, no more, it just makes no sense and is a waste of time talking loser kids! MTV you guys r f**cking briliant!

    • y d F**K r yaLL doN research n d 1st place if yaLL r only goN 2 complain cus d point of dis show IS 2 show how tEEn mothers could b a struGGle. wer d f**k did findN out how much money dey make come from seriously. yaLL bN noisy, makeN uRself maDD

    • I can’t believe that so many people are SO MAD about the show in general, the money, and Catelynn being on the show. Do you critize every reality show on air? If so, get a life. There are plenty of reality shows on TV that are stupid, don’t watch them if you don’t like them. And you guys are mad they get paid 60 G a show? Do you have any idea how low that is compared to other reality shows? Not to mention the money is NOT given to them all at once. A large portion of the money is put in trusts and college funds OBVIOUSLY or they wouldn’t be struggling. I had two kids before 21, and now I’m 24. Of course there are struggles, but I’m a senior in college and I’m doing pretty darn well. If I could get paid, (LATER IN LIFE OR NOT) to be on TV, I would. Just like all of you. Personally, I do like to watch the show. Although the specific events may not be the same, the struggles are universal for all teen parents, and even older parents. Everyone, every family, every community has problems. This is just the story of 4. No one is saying your problems are not as bad, or not as important or even not as interesting. But it just so happens, they were in the right place, at the right time, and got on the show. OF COURSE not every person is going to like the show. But guess what?! That’s why theres 300 other things to watch on TV at the same time! The fact is, millions of people like the show and watch it faithfully, thats why there are already planning 4 seasons. All of you complaining are very informed on your Teen Mom facts, so you watch the show right? I would never WASTE my TIME watching a show I didnt like, but I guess thats just me. Those people who complain about other people, especially people they don’t even know, must be miserable. Those kind of people are the kind who get pleasure and happiness from putting others down, and criticizing them. I would guess these people are shallow and unhappy, or maybe just jealous. I think that Housewives of New Jersy,or whatever, is not an entertaining show, (who make $250 K per season, how does that make you feel) but I would NEVER be criticizing them on some article online. I wouldn’t even know what their names/situations were!!

      And those who say Catelynn took the easy way out- you are ignorant as hell. If you were Blaming people who have abortions of “taking the easy way out” you would have a better argument, but really THERE IS NO EASY DECISIONS WITH AN UNPLANNED PREGNANCY.And letting the world watch doesnt make it easier regardless of the incentives. I cant believe I’m even wasting my time writing this, I usually dont even look at stuff like this online, but it caught my attention and I am just amazed by the things people say. Get over yourselves!!! The world is much bigger and larger then this! Why don’t we talk about things that matter and can make a difference! I have had more problems and misfortunes in my life then all 4 of those girls combined. All negative people do is pollute our comminuties with their ugly attitudes and put restrains on our communities raising and becoming stronger. Go help your neighbor or volunteer at your neighborhood school or pick up trash at the park. The great thing about our country, our great democracy, is we can all make our own decisions, law abiding of course. We can get pregnant if we want to,and then we can keep it or kill it or give it to someone else. We can also allow cameras to follow us, and we can make judgements about people we don’t know who we watch on TV. We can also look at other people who make ignorant, uneducated, selfish, and worthless judegments about other people, and know that they themselves are much worse off then those they are judging.

  • nick

    Another thing to add about the 60k – That money is going to stop coming in once the show is over. The reason they’re not living extravagent lives and spending crazy amounts, contrary to what many of you believe, is because they realize that once this show is over and the Teen Mom phase is over, they will have no source of income. They’ll be forced to resort to normal, low paying jobs. Personally, I think that they are smarter than many of you are making them out to be, and are probably saving some of the money they make to provide for their families in the future.

  • no

    Ok I don’t think Catelynn and Tyler have taking the easy way out nor do they mooch watch the shows and you’ll no and taking the easy way out about giving their baby up I don’t think so, they didn’t have jobs nor did they have a good enviroment for their child, so they wanted her to have the best they deserve good just as well as the other girls because as I see now Catelynn and Tyler would of made great parents I don’t think they would leave their child in a sink and go in another room nor would they fight in front of their child and ty would make a great dad and catelynn would make a great mom. Just saying..

  • Karla

    Im a teen mom && i think tyler And catelynn did choose the Easy way out because they didnt even TRY … I Also had To struggle alot during My pregnancy but adoptionn never came into My mind…. That shows how immature & cowards they were To do that… They dont even call the adoptive parents To see how the Baby Is doing anymore !! UHg they shouldn’t even b on the show .. What are they struggling with?? Not even the most poor people with like 4 or 5 kids give their children up

    • Karla, with adoption, could you even imagine giving your child up after 6 months or two years? Of course not. Unfortunately with adoption you make that decision at Birth. Yes of course many poor people keep their children (and live of welfare which we pay for) and that’s fine. However different people have different morals and values. Those two want to be more stable before they parent. I would NEVER have given my children up, but jesus, I would never look down upon someone else who did. It make my heart drop when I see children abused or starving or freezing. I don’t think I could look there parents in the face and tell them not to give their children to a great family. Money isnt everything, but you have to be able to provide. And if you could NOT have children, do you think you would ever want to adopt? There are hundreds of thousands of people who want to adopt bc they can’t have children. These people deserve to be given this gift by people who are willing. Im just trying to make the point you need to look at things from other points of view….

    • growthefuckup

      How can u say there decision was wrong? They made a selfless decision for there child. They new they would have money from the show and miss there daughter everyday yet they were SELFLESS ebough to do what was right for them!

  • Sarahaz

    You are all so stupid they didn’t take the easy way out and everyone gets paid alot more than these girls did 60,000 is measly they deserve alot more as they adde the stress of being filmed to the already hektic life of a teen mom

  • Cole

    Catelynn and Tyler are one of the reasons I watch this show, what they did was not easy. Amber and Gary should have put Leah up for adoption that child has no stability…I feel bad for her. They took a mature look at their living situation and made a hard hard decision, Im proud of them. I think this show has glorified teen pregnancy but seriously social trends go in cycles and yrs ago it was normal to have children this early and this is an obvious baby boom trend. It is also a trend for grandparents to raise these children. I can only hope as someone who waited to have a child that this trend will be over when my child grows up.

  • Ashley

    I think what they’re going through is difficult, being a teen AND being a mom. However, do I think they should be paid 60,000 an episode? That’s nothing compared to Charlie Sheen’s 1 million per episode of two and a half men. I’m just saying, who really deserves that sort of money? It’s no wonder this f**king country’s in debt. It’s not like we’re just throwing it all away to every larry moe or curly that pop’s a baby out, it’s not just teen mom’s that are taking advantage of the television industry. I can’t say I blame them, if this sort of opportunity fell into my lap I’d take advantage too- especially if I just had a baby. I don’t think the government has done anything to deserve it more than anyone else.

    p.s. yeah they make it look pretty cool, having mini-me’s and being financially stable.. looks good to me (:

  • gene

    actually its in there contract that they cannot be flashy.plus its all scripted reality anyways.tv can make it look like however they want.trust me they are making bank.

  • Carrie

    I don’t care for the show. It is hard decision letting go of your child but I don’t know why they have them on the show. Some o you are also missing the point. Amber makes a lot o money, I do’t know why she is complaining, but some of the other girls do deserve the the 60k+. We met one of the teen moms, and she told us the first time she blew all her money and was going to be conservative. She also said she doesn’t get paid until the season ends. So when she did Teen Mom she did it because she needed the money mostly. It was either struggle not do Teen Mom or struggle and do Teen Mom. Only difference is cameras following you around and trying to ind every little thing shock worthy.

  • Disgusted

    Wow lawanda did you finish high school? Is your 2 year old typing for you?

    I am shocked at these comments! I think what Tyler and Caitlyn did is amazing! They are doing well! I had my daughter at 17 and I would not have had the courage to give her up for adoption. I was very fortunate to have my mother there to help me but without her I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own! These girls should get paid good money for these shows! I’m sure that if T and C knew that they would be on the show more than just the 16 and pregnant maybe that would have given them the opportunity to keep Carley but how were they to know it would be such a big hit? I mean look at Amber and Gary! What a freaking train wreck! I think the other girls are doing great and beating the odds and seem to be amazing mothers. Good for them and shame on you for ever saying the “took the easy way out” it’s not always about money. They wanted a better emotional and supportive family for their daughter than they could give her! Your disgusting. Didn’t your mother ever tell you “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all?

  • tonya

    Easy way out…WOW….what a rude thing to say…as an adopted mother of four children I guess I am then thankful for that easy(NOT) decision that the moms of my children made in order for me to become a mother and my husband a father. I think 99% of teens have no idea what it is going to take to be a parent it is a life long committment it’s not just about playing house for a couple weeks. Tyler and Caitlyn were the two smart ones who realized that it is a life long committment and they were not ready to make that committment just yet in there life. All teens need to remember unless you are truly ready which most are not to do it ALL ON YOUR OWN and be able to get a good education, job, home and provide a future for your child there are thousands and thousands of great couples out there wanting to adopt so maybe think of them when you are being greety and saying you can’t do it…do what’s best for your child not what is best for you at the moment. Most teen parents lean on their parents what happens if your parents are gone tomorrow are you truly ready and prepared to raise a child on your own…doubtful…now don’t get me wrong I know that some can do it, my sister for example had two children by age 17 and her and her husband then boyfriend are still together 18 years later and doing well but have they struggled YES and could have they done it without the support of family both finanically and emotionally NOPE…did they make the right choice to keep there children at such a young age…probably not…however I got a beautiful niece and nephew out of the deal but knowing now what I didn’t know then (that I would not be able to have children of my own) I would have very much encouraged my sister to allow for a loving couple to adopt her children, after all obviously she has no problem having children so she could have had more. I know some will think this is harsh but coming from an adopted mother’s point of view it’s a totally different outlook

  • summer

    Its pretty OBVIOUS theyre getting ALOT OF money from filiming…JUST LOOK AT HOW THEYRE ALL MOVING INTO BIGGER HOMES AND APARTMENTS! When they first started they were all living at home, or in a trailor…now they have HUGE APARTMENTS, CATELYNN has an IPAD AND HER N TYLER HAVE a huge apartment…MACY GOT A NEW APT, AND FARRAH GOT BREAST IMPLANTS( 6,000) AND BRACES (which are about 2-3,000) as well .and none of them have real jobs…its VERY OBVIOUS that they’ve been given some nice checks. AMBER AND GARY now live in nicer homes and LOL@ GARY having a HUGE MAC COMPUTER in the living room….WOW…SMFH at giving these teenagers money this isnt making them grow up to be responsible adults, just how to be in the spot light for doing what SO MANY women already do on their own..which is take care of their kids..

    • jessi

      agreed! this show is not reality. this show began as a way to show teens how hard it is to be a parent. i think the number one struggle they would have is money but this show has yet to show one financail problem. if i could get a big pay check like that then i most definalty would have had a kid as a teen. easy money. as for the eariler comments, they say theses girls only did the show for the money. thats defeating the purpose of the entire show. they should have done it to help prevent teen pregnancy. the teen girls that are already having sex and/or wanting a kid that are watching this just makes them want it even more. just out of the good of their hearts. and they are getting more money than just from the show. they live fabulous life styles. maci was out partying with the girls from jersey shore. they could get money from interviews and appearances. i dont really know if they are doing that but im sure the opportuny is definatly there. the only struggles they have shown in this show is amber’s domestic abuse charges which she just brought on to herself, maci not wanting to go to school and relationship troubles (not unlike any other kid in the world), farrah just being a brat (if i ever talked to my parents like she does i would get smacked), and caitlyn missing her kid but all together seems to have a great life. makes my life look like crap.

  • Just Me

    IMO..Catelyn n Tylers situation is very sad. They made the best decision for Carley. Now their roles as “teen parents” is over. They shouldnt be on the show anymore. I wish em the best but the show is after all called “teen mom” The thing I cant stand about Catelyn is she uses the excuse of having a baby for being fat..she plays on tylers heart n so many ways! Tylers is so head strong w a big heart. determined not to do things the way his dad did em that he dont even see how Catelyn is playing on his emotions! I believe his sister n mother know this but scared to say to much cuz they dont want Tyler to be upset with them! Catelyn needs to get a grip on her life. She looks for excuses 4 everything! Im fat cuz i carried a baby! Wrong girlie! ur fat cuz u lay around n eat to much! U should of lost that baby fat long ago! then she says im insecure cuz of….well sissta spit happens! get over it.. u got to love ur self..respect ur self..before anyone else can!!! I cant stand a cry bag..pity on me person!! Get the heck up n do something about ur weight..ur looks n ur problems!! and most of all quit making tyler feel like he is responsible 4 all ur pains n has to take care of you!! he is not ur daddy!! Best yet..u said ur close to ur dad?? hmmm where has he been?? he left you..was never there..u havent seen him n 4 yrs! Quit mind fkn yourself!

    • growthefuckup

      Why are u so mad at catelynn.?? Guessing u have some weight issues yourself there hun?? Dont b mad she did the rt thing for her child and it upsets u she can make a living off it!! Notice shes the only one still with her man. And if Tyler has no problem with her weight then why should you?????

  • Just Me

    N concerning their salaries….hmmm….i dont think they should be getting paid right now! nor do i think they should do it for free. BUT its a reality show..suppose to be showing struggles of being a teen parent. Most problems w teens having babies is the $$.I dont see this on the show at all! I think MTV should not pay them but put the $$ n some sorta fund for them until their part ends. 25% of that $$ should be put n a trust fund for the babies. this way they are getting paid BUT after they full fill a true role of struggling teen parents!

  • Just Me

    Amber really makes me want to pull her outta the tv by her nappy hair! what kind of drugs is she on??? seriously!!! Gary you need to grow a back bone n loose some weight. Im not being mean at all. im just saying…Leah needs you n all the wight u have gained is not healthy 4 u at all…. Farrah makes me so sick! her parents need to cut her off n let her fall flat on her duck beak nose! she is the most self centered..unappreciative person i have EVER saw n my life! many ppl would love to have 1 single parent be by their side! U have 2 loving parents who support u n adore ur baby! yet u constantly spit on em! 2 words 4 u—- ungrateful witch!!! Macey however is the best teen mom!

  • Tina

    I agree about macy, she is a sweetie and a good mom. I hope she does go through with college. This show will end and I want her to be ab,e to support herself and make a great life for herself and son!! Amber and Gary both make me sick! They both need a diet and some ambition!! I wish I could have been on a show when I was a single mom struggling! To get that kinda money would have made life a lot easier! Wow.

  • My thought

    Everyone wants to talk about whether people made the right decision with keeping their child or not or how much money they make…..who cares! They are taking care of their kids or gave the child up to someone that would and that is what matters. The children are healthy and that is what matters! I had a daughter at a young age and she would be 14 years old now if she hadn’t been murdered……so I could care les about if they should or should not be on the show or how much they make…..all that matters is their kids are alive. I would give anything to have my daughter back, poor, rich,or otherwise!

  • wow

    you guys all idiot! It is just a show

  • Jessica

    I don’t believe they took the easy way out, I do feel it is hard for them to wake up every morning knowing they don’t get to hear their child’s footsteps running through the house, or her laugh or cry or get to rock their baby to sleep, etc. They chose education over family… But Maci and Farrah went to school and raised a child, but THEY also had a suitable family to help… come on, if your mom and dad were anything like butch or caitlynns mom, would you want them babysitting your daughter while you attended school for another two years?? If it were ME.. I would have choose a close friend or family member that was more suitable and would have been able to financially take my child that way I could still see her. After all, 60-65k a YEAR is plenty enough to save up for that child once they graduated… just sayin. No one should cast judgement on anyone. They seem to be the ones that are the most mature on the show, but honestly, having a child causes a lot of stress, and some people buckle under stress.. They’ve both said they probably wouldn’t even be together if they had made the decision to keep her. No one knows that better than them. Stop being so damn immature by saying such mean and hateful things, everyone has their own reasons for the actions they take.

    • Cubbie van der Logan

      Has anyone considered that this is NOT $60-65,000 free and clear? Taxes have to be paid on all of this!Why should they not be paid? This is really not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things; it will not last forever and after they piss it away, if they do, then it’s gone.
      I have no confidence in Amber’s dumb ass and really believe she’ll never be any more than a welfare Momma.

  • sarah

    this is a question i’ve been wondering for awhile, i know they get paid. but i wonder if they’re getting a college fund and stuff for the babies..

    follow me on twitter 🙂


    • growthefuckup

      why would anyone follow you??

  • Angel

    When the show 16 and Pregnant first started, mtv told the public that they were all paid by providing a trust fund for the babies. They didnt state how much or when they could access it or if the parents could access it, but that is what the public was told about how they all got paid.

  • Sara

    It would be really great and a lot easier to read if everyone could learn the different, most common homophones. You’re vs. your; their vs. there vs. they’re. Also, punctuation is very important: “dont” is not a word, but “don’t” is. “Family’s” is the possessive of “family” not the plural (“families”). These are just a few examples, and by addressing them, you’ll come off as better educated than you may be.

  • Lisa

    I am thankful for parents like Caitlyn and Tyler. If not, I would not have my beautiful children. And I would not have the parents I had since I was adopted as well. We thank you!

  • Kb

    And if you guys don’t like the show and all you do is complain about it? DON’T WATCH IT. Get over it and go on with YOUR life. No one is making you watch the show. So if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it and leave.

  • BillyBob

    The show is pretty much be irresponsible, get knocked up, and mooch off the tax payers…Pretty pathetic how we value hard work and who makes money in this country…

    • growthefuckup

      How can u say there getting tax payer dollars? @ least there not living off welfare. Do u think they really got pregnant to have a 1 in 50,000 chance of getting a contract for this show?

  • grow up

    I think this show glorifies teen pregnancy and it is absolutely disgusting. Use self control use birth control anduse your head. It’s not that difficult to not get pregnant in high school people do it every day.

  • julie

    Wow…wow…wow! Everyone here has an opinion. We are all entitled to that. Those of you that bicker back and forth about who did the right thing, the wrong thing, took the easy way out, etc. should stop and think for ONE minute that in the end, no one really cares what any of us have to say. You are fighting someone else’s battle. We are all human and we all make mistakes and different decisions. Maybe you’re young and naive about life; maybe you’re old and wise. Either way, you are always going to have someone disagree with what you have to say. How about we agree to disagree? The sooner we all accept this fact in life, the less turmoil we’ll have. I could sit here and tell you my story and why I chose the path I did, but someone would have a different way of looking at things. We all do what we feel is right for US at that very moment. Who are we to judge anyone else for the decisions they make? How about we all start being adults and respect one another’s choices in life. We can’t change it, so I say accept it and move on. But, what do I know? I’m just a woman with an opinion. Who knew!

    • Elexcyus

      Ur very smart 🙂 and I agree %100 with u