ANIMATED GIF Teen Dads react to Gary Shirley once using Saran Wrap as a condom

Teen Dads react to Gary Shirley's Saran Wrap condom

The entire Teen Mom universe has been in a state of continuous laughter since someone shared a screen capped image from the Teen Dads Special with Dr. Drew that showed the reactions of Adam Lind, Jo Rivera, Corey Simms, Ryan Edwards and Tyler Baltierra to the rumor that Gary Shirley once used Saran Wrap in lieu of a condom.

The image above is slightly different than the one that went viral a couple days ago, but I like it better because in this one Jo has quite the hilarious face too. (Of course, none can compare to Maci’s baby daddy Ryan, whose appalled stink face says it all! Click the image to zoom in.)

Anyways, I thought I might take this Teen Meme just a little further by saving that wonderful moment in a brief animated gif! Without further ado, I present to you five young men’s reactions to the possibility that the guy sitting next to them once used Saran Wrap as a prophylactic:

Teen Dads react to Saran Wrap condom story in an animated gif video clip


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You know, I think Saran Wrap might be missing out on a valuable marketing strategy here!

(For the record, Gary’s response to whether or not the rumor is true was “no comment.”)