Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood is down to 120lb!

Amber Portwood fat and skinny photos

Amber Portwood was once the most zaftig girl on MTV’s Teen Mom (Second Season premiering tonight at 10 pm. EST), but from the looks of this picture of her posted this May she’s now almost stick-thin!

Amber was already looking more fit during the reunion special for the first season of Teen Mom this February, but now she’s reportedly down to 120lb. There’s a lot of speculation on the ‘net as to how she lost so much weight so quickly. They wonder if she’s taking some kind of diet pill, or if other meds she may be on have helped her drop the weight.

During the reunion special in Feb. she said she was losing weight by eating lots of veggies and fruits and watching her diet. It’s also rumored that she’s been doing Krav Maga, a fighting style developed by the Israeli army that’s becoming a worldwide fitness sensation.

She looks great, but hopefully she’s lost weight in a healthy way and avoided anything too drastic. They began filming in February, so MTV has no doubt documented Amber’s weight loss journey. The trailer reveals more strife with Gary as well, and another pregnancy scare. It looks like a scare is all it was because her belly has been deflating instead of expanding.

UPDATE 8/5/10 – Amber is in the current issue of Us Magazine talking about her dramatic weight loss! She tells the magazine that she is down to 118 pounds and they reveal some her secrets:

How did she do it? Out with mac and cheese and sweets and in with lean meat, fruit and vegetables — plus two-hour cardio and weight sessions four times a week. (The Krav Maga disciple is even gearing up for her first martial arts competition.)

The 5-foot-4 native of Indiana has lost a total of 65 pounds since giving birth to Leah in November of 2008! “I was looking in the mirror and I thought, I don’t like this. I’m only 20. I need to kick it into gear,” Amber says.

Here’s an updated pic of Amber (right). Looks like Amber has been taking advantage of the tanning salon where she works. Here she is with friend Teresa:

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  • Ce’Onna

    I think that you have to many pronlems and ned to figure out whats really eating you up inside.Honestly i think your problems aremuch bigger than you and to much to handel. You blam the father of your child for the reasoning of why things in your life are not falling into place when really you should’nt be calling out his faults when you have your own. i think you need to really sit down and talk about whats really bothering in order to move forward with your life.

  • OMG

    She lost all that weight from throwing it around and beating GARY.. She is the most HORRIBLE human being around. She not trashy and rude and has NO business being a mother. She treats people like she is an entitled spoiled brat. And she is FAR from entitled. The spoiled Brat yes.. And she wonders why Gary wanted a different girl. She is just plain MEAN..

  • Courtney

    I believe u are holding things inside tht maybe are bothering u and succh. and ur jus not wanting to admit it. Gary isnt perfect no, but he is a ur baby’s father. and he is there to take the role. stop gripping at him for NOTHING and snap back to reality and realize tht it could be worse. give him a break for once. and even tho Leah didnt understand wat u was talkin bout and all when u said “daddy’s a cheater!” tht was jus un-called for. u dont say tht. minus the negative stuff, u are strong. but selfish some. and u look good frm ur weight loss. congrats on tht.

  • Jessica

    Does she really have on an Aeropostale T-shirt, leggings and prom strappy heels? White trash at its finest.

    • JT


  • Mandy

    She looks great. Sometimes new moms finally find time to work on themselves too. Maybe she started to feel good about herself and stopped worrying about being so dependent on Gary. You people are such jealous haters.

  • Issa

    Wow, what a loaded gun a simple picture of a reality star losing some weight can be. Folks, she’s just a young mother who’s slimmed down for the better. Regardless of who she is, it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

    @Jenny – you are so funny, the outfit is not too great, I agree – but give her a break, she’s a young teen mom living in some desolate suburban icebox, and strapped for cash

  • lindz

    blah blah she looks great but when is gary gonna do the same???? hes disgustinggg

  • Amber

    She looks good, but in reality not because she lost weight, what really made her look bad before was how she did her hair, having it up with the geled front pieces..ugh looked like crap. You can still be bigger and be cute, she just obviously didn’t know how to do her hair or dress back then is all.

  • Sammmm

    She looks good, but she’s still ugly

  • paula

    “I was looking in the mirror and I thought, I don’t like this. I’m only 20. I need to kick it into gear.”shes this age now in 2010 right?….so she lost the weight in like 8 months???thats a lie.you can tell she started losing weight after she gave birth.


    …THATS NOT chelsea houska.
    its a totally diff face

  • http://hugh snuckms

    i think u look great and honestly u are kind of mean specially to ur baby daddy his actually a good dad and you should be thankfull he puts up with so much. You guys should get profesional help. Your guys daughter is the only victim in ur home. Thats because you guys aren´t carefull with what u say and do infront of her. Im against that 100%. Grow up so that your daughter looks up to parents and not a couple of idiots!

  • http://hugh snuckms

    oh yeah and gary ur not ugly! Ur fat! Look in the miror and say the same thing amber said when she saw her fat ass. U are way to young to be so big. Thing about it you both have a chamce to be slim and have great sex! LOL really. And watch that ur baby starts eating healthy now that she is in a perfect age to learn. Imagine if she says she wants to look like dad! NOp u need to do the right move!

  • http://starcasm CaliiBabee:)

    well why are all you ppl jealous i think its good that she stepping up maybe she will find a better person than gary someone thats like well that has the same qualities same likes idk thats wat i think -Cindy<3

  • Ana

    Why are people criticizing these mothers? Do you not realize MTV doesn’t film these families 24/7? And it’s MTV, they are going to add in dramatic scenes and cut off scenes at certain points to add a suspenseful feeling of what’s going on. I mean, it’s MTV..

  • Melissa

    I was shocked when I saw the “spring break” episode
    she looked thinner but now she’s just soo skinny she looks good but I hope she’s losing weight doing the right thing…I agree that she’s real mean to Gary and she cries for everything!!!! Oh and that is not Chelsea houska by the way….

  • Steve Martin

    Amber is doing a great job with her weight. She does appear to be an unmotivated, lazy woman. That’s right WOMAN. She’s not a little girl….she has a child that she does not treat well, does not provide her with a clean, happy environment.

    Run Gary…Run! This selfish woman you impregnated finds it to taxing to even get a GED or clean a small apartment.

    Gary, you seem like a decent man. Take care of yourself and lose some weight, keep being as good a father as you can and distance yourself from koo-koo bird.

    Oh…and while you are eating healthier, you both (even koo-koo bird) will help that sweet baby have a better idea of food.

    Remember Gary: RUN!

  • Melissa

    When I first saw amber on the “spring break” episode I was shocked
    Because she seem thinner but now she’s just soooo skinny she looks pretty good but I hope she’s losing weight in a healthy way!! I agree she’s real mean to Gary but he’s so lazy, but he tajes really good care of Leah! Anyway my faces are maci n Farrah they’re such a good moms !!! Oh and that is not Chelsea houska by the way…..

  • Melissa S.

    I think she looks really good. People are just jealous bc their fat asses can’t lose weight. She’s mean and not cute on the face, but at least she’s not big anymore!

  • I’m keeping name a secret :)

    Honestly, Amber looks really good…Considering she’s 5’4, 120 lbs is in really good shape. I think she deserves to get her G.E.D. I mean, come on! She dropped out of HighSchool after finding out she was pregnant…She’s deserves to have her G.E.D. She works part-time in a tanning salon, yet, she doesn’t have her G.E.D.yet…I like Amber…But, you’d think that by now, she would’eve had her G.E.D.

  • http://@yahoo.com QUEEN DEE….AKA)DARLENE


  • lisalisa

    She still has a Miss Piggy face so

  • Ali

    She looks great! She should give Gary some of those pills.

    • Ashley w

      Wow. I have been watching teen mom with a friends daughter. I am a married mom and clinical counselor I can’t believe MTV would air the amber girl dropping the baby with no sheets in a crib bc she was doing toddler things. Farrah too gets angry at her daughter and leaves her in that car seat. My child is gift bc he was never left to cry in a crib and all the kids seem like they are clingy bc of tis. So so sad. All have the same personalities. Maci is decent but picks the kids up moves with some guy she doesn’t know,,,,,so sad. Child welfare should get involved and it’s so sad for these babies

  • amanda

    bentley, leah and sophia all are the victims here :( These teen mothers have all become so intolerable now, is it from the money and fame of the show or were they always this rotten, all of them! Yeah amber is abusive to gary and leah. Farrah is the most rude bitch on the planet, who did not deserve the nice bbq her parents gave her. Poor sophia, she needs to be with her grandma all the time, take her away from that disgusting farrah. Maci is a selfish bitch! She isnt a great mom at all, who would do this to their little boy, for a dumb guy, to move him like that. Oh well, maybe this will backfire and Ryan will actually step up even more and get bentley way more now, i hope. I know when bentley grows up he will chose his daddy, anyway and he will resent his mother, she is making such rash terrible decisions. I cant stand any of these “mothers” anymore, except Catelyn and Tyler, they made the most mature decision out of this show. feel bad for ryan and his parents, hope they keep fighting for bentley as long as it takes. Kathryn is great with bentley, as for kyle, ???why??? he is being pushed into this, he even asked idiot maci again in his mumbled way….r u sure u want to move??? Ugh! every word he tries to speak has to be subtitled.

    • Britney

      THANK YOU! It looks like you are the only one that’s posted on here with some common sense!

      Amber is abusive and does not properly care for her child, not that Gary is any better but he at least doesnt scream at poor Leah and swear around her, that is just absurd!

      Farrah…I used to like her but she needs help. She needs to realize she cant do all of this on her own and she needs to do whatever needs done to help her child. She also needs to start respecting the people who are trying to help her!

      Maci….She just plainly pisses me off. She was my favorite until last week, she cant up and leave with her child like that.

      Catelynn…needs to get away from her mom and she would be good to go. She has a pretty good head on her shoulders but her mom is an idiot.

  • nutmeg


    • kayse

      shut the f*ck up she didn’t slap Leah on the face, your delusional, get help, this women is an inspiration….

      • kris

        she clearly is not a good mom, i love this show.. but amber has anger issuez

        • Ashley w

          Kayse. An inspiration…….?… Get some better goals tom follow. She’s on welfare!studies show if you become a teen parent you are nine times like.y to stay less than poverty level. An Inspiration… ?????

  • Angelical

    ARE YOU KIDDING? maci is doing what she feels best, kyle has stepped up more in the last few months than ryan has since the baby has been born! i feel bad if you think bentley is missing out on anything with ryan once that sl*t girl runs off who is going to step in for bentley? it seems like he only wanted to step up and be a dad when that girl wanted to PLAY mommy i commend maci she did everything she felt fit for her son that she raised by herself up until the last few months, i think the last comment was made by someone who got in their mind that men are superior to women, i am a teen mom myself, a successful teen mom and think maci and catelynn are two great mothers doing what is best for their children :) :)

  • Britt

    Lol. She does have a mrs piggy face

  • G

    This Amber chick deserves to be alone. She blames Gary for all her stupid actions even for what comes out of her nasty mouth. Gary needs to find himself some dignity and drop her. He needs to realize that sometimes it’s better for the child to separate than to stay together. This stupid girl kicks him out then throws it in his face about him leaving. And about amber loosing weight I can bet my life that she did it by being too lazy to cook.

    • Heather

      She’s such a piece of crap. And who cares if she lost weight. Now she just looks weird. Like a Bratz doll


      Gary needs to loose about 118 pounds! and her name is Amber!!

  • Ellie

    Yall shut the hell up. Who do you think you are to criticize these mothers ways of raising their children? Its THEIR child for Gods sake. Youre not the perfect parent either obviously, if you sit on the computer all day complaining about how “Teen Mom” stars suck at raising kids.

    • G

      Yeah yeah. Whatever. Whoever defend this amber girl is probably just like her. Disgusting. Find another source of inspiration. Find a rolemodel in someone who doesn’t hit their partner or curse like a trucker in front of their children.

  • Miranda

    Amber is a horrible mother. She shouldn’t have Leah and Gary isn’t much better but she is so abuseive to him and then wonder why he asks as he does.

    Maci is a great mom. I think she is doing what she feels is right and she was smart by not moving in with him. :0) I am a mother myself and I feel as if she is doing the right thing. Ryan is only stepping up because his parents are forcing him to.

    Farrah is selfish and doesn’t always get when people are trying to help her but over all I believe she is a good mother. She is trying to do what is right for her and Sophia.

    Catlyin and Ty are awsome. I love them both. I can not even imagine the pain and the strenth that it takes to give up your child for a btter life. I comend that.

  • IV

    She looks like she is on drug and her skin looks terrible.

  • jennifer

    Amber deserves what Gary is doing, as far as the whole law suit about his child’s safety. She makes me feel really bad the way she does Gary, because he tries, he just needs to work. Gary may be sticking around, but I know him and have for a long time, and he aint stickin around just to be there… he is getting his proof on who REALLY needs to have Leah! If Amber is stupid enough to think she can downgrade him and it not smack her, she is crazy. Thats tha kinda bitch that gets her ass beat around here; Til she had the baby she consistantly got jumped on because of her mouth, now she uses Leah and her new fighting skills (lol) as a shield of that but whats she gonna do when the tv show releases all this footage to the court system against her & she dont have Leah anymore!? back to square one, amber. these people dont know you, but I DO!

    • jess

      Well from what you are saying here Gary has plans to use this info against Amber.. And GOOD FOR GARY!. she is a horrible mom… poor gary gets yelled at for no reason at all. and she looks like someone who would have a big mouth and get jumped.. Amber is lazy… instead of trying to study to get her GED shes out doing that fighting… healthy living is good. but she has other things to do!! Team Gary allll they way!

  • Shay

    Just by looking at these comments i can tell that Some of you people are obviously not parents. I’m a proud Mother of two girls, and let me just tell you I would never EVER find it acceptable to fight with their father or curse in front of them. Amber is a bad mom. She yells at Leah basically for just being a baby, and she is incredibly emotionally and physically abusive towards Gary. This would also qualify as emotional abuse toward Leah. She doesn’t deserve that little girl. Leah needs to be with her father full time.

  • HL

    Maci is the best mom on here. NO she didn’t move just for a guy, she moved to Nashville to finish her college degree at a larger school where she can major in journalism. Ryan should be able to FORCE her to stay, what has that looser ever done (he sure has never had a job for Bentley’s whole life)?

    Gary is the best dad on this show. He spent the 1st season of Teen Mom working 12 hour days to support Amber & Leah. He lost his job because of the crappy economy, not from being lazy (unlike lazy Ryan who has never had a job). Gary also parents his child the most out of the guys on this show, and puts up with the biggest b*t*h.

    Amber is the worst mom, no explanation needed there. She has the most supportive partner, and yet she is horrible in every way. Farrah is a close second, but I think a lot of her problem is her grief from Sophia’s dad dying.

    Catelynn & Tyler knew they couldn’t be good parents. Good for them for swallowing their pride and making the best choice for their child. Just for that, they are great.

  • drea

    Amber needs to give Leah to Gary because its obvious that she isn’t mentally stable enough to care for her. Gary is a wonderful father and everytime he leaves, he does take Leah with him. Amber needs pyscological help.She need to be admitted.
    When you air your dirty laundry its stupid to get offended md when you receive critiszm. After all thats the price you pay for fame.

  • Angel

    I’m not impressed with Amber. She abuses her baby and the father of her baby.

  • cathy strong

    Amber is psycho. She’s the worst mother ever. Farrah is just like her mother and doesn’t treat Sophia any better than own mother.

  • Pamela W

    I’m not really sure what you people persive as t.v. and reality. Your not seeing the whole picture here, your seeing the footage after M.T.V. has edited and deleted. First off, until your in any of these young parents positions you have know idea what the real story is. As for Maci, yes she is running with her child, she is going to find a better life for her and her son, Ryan never got involved until his parents pushed it. Props to Maci for being brave enough to go out and do it on her own. Most women would spend there days chasing baby daddy down for child support. She’s busy making a life for her self. Farrah, may need help, and she may be angry, but what everyone is failing to see is that her parents pushed her into pushing away Sophia’s father and now Farrah is young and all she knows is she screwed up and she brought an innocent child into the world that nolonger has a father because her selfish, materialistic parents wanted her to hide her pregnancy and still be the american poster child. She does need help, but not from people who think she’s just a rebelious teenager. She needs someone to tell her, there sorry and it’ll all be ok. Kaitlyn and Tyler, I do feel sorry for. They wanted to take care of Carly so bad they couldnt stand it, but they new deep in they’re hearts they could not provide what that baby needed, and they gave her to a stable, loving home, I find that very selfless and heroic of them, I can not honestly say I would have been that brave or strong. They made they’re first real descions as adults. They could have tried and possibly succeeded but, they did not want to risk hurting or destorying that little girls life. When they do finally have another child and can do it, they will be great parents.Caitlyns mom, should hate her for what she did, it wasnt her descision, and from what I can tell, she’s not exactly model parent material, she downs her child, humiliates them, she has no respect for authority, basically trash. And for Amber, I cant even believe anyone would have anything good to say about this girl. She’s supposed to be taking medications for her problems what happened, She needs mental help before she should try and take care of Leah bye herself. She has physically, mentally and, verbaly abused both Gary and Leah. Anyone that would argue that after seeing it on national television, probably is an abuser them self. Amber did not lose the weight because shes being healthy, it’s beacause she takes medication that cause her to lose her appetite. She may be doing excercise, and fighting but its for all the wrong reasons. As far as how she acts. She stands on, like I said, national tv and shows how much of a monster she is, how can you call your self a woman, after degrading your childs father, treating your 1yr old child like a dog, and beating on anybody you want. She calls Gary a fat a**, quite frequently, after being as big as he is. She thinks she’s too good for him now and needs more. Gary deserves, a nice respectable girl, not some crazy child. And he should take custody of Leah, while Amber should be court ordered to seek help, angermangement, and parenting classes. Just because she’s on tv should not excuse this madness. This matter should have been addressed bye law officials and authorities upon discovery. Anyone who allowed this to happen should be sued. Stop judging these people bye what you see. Go meet them, live there life and then talk. Im not far behind some of them and there problems myself. Most of you replying are very young teenagers that havent got an idea of life. Your sitting in your lavish house, on your nice new laptop, all provided bye mommy and daddys money. If you werent shelterd bye them where would you be, and would you still think selfishly of life and how things are now.

    • G

      You don’t have to live anyones life or meet them to judge them. It’s all right there in front of you. Maci goes to school and works, Farrah does the same and yet they don’t act like amber. It is what it is. Stop giving all this bs on how not to judge people. Like I said it is what it is and if you act like a lazy fool in front of a camera then that what you are.

  • Amanda

    This bitch doesn’t deserve any positive attention from the media on her weight. She deserves the attention that any other abusive/neglectful ex fiance/mother would receive. I am so happy to hear that there is a detective involved in a domestic violence case against her.

    It’s not looking good for the three of them, because of their actions Leah can be taken away. Of course that is probably music to Amber’s ears, she will be able to sleep as much as she wants! I’ve seen cases of children who were neglected/abused and even killed because of mother’s like Amber who have underlying mental issues. She needs to get some help before she does something she will regret later on…Wait…It may be too late for that.

    When Leah grows up she is going to think it is okay to yell and hit people. How sad that one can grow up thinking such behavior is acceptable.


  • Jen

    This is a reality show. Of course MTV would show the negative flaws or drama going on in these girls lives. That is what brings in the rating. Everyday life is not as dramatic as what is being portrayed. We all have flaws the difference is our drama is not normally shown on tv! At least MTV is portraying that being a “teen mom” is not all glory or fun. There is always two sides to a story! No one is perfect or should pretend to be. It is unfortunate we see the bad side of arguments but this is something we have all faced. Good for Amber on losing the weight at least she is working on herself more than what we think or what is seen on the reality show. In the end its TV and without the drama where would the ratings be? Just saying..

  • Romy

    I personally love this reality show. im a 22yr old mom of a 16 moths old baby. proud mother. i dont like to judge peoples, not my type, but i really think that everybody has its own problems and issues. Really have to say for this “teen mom stars” time that goes never come back. Love your child, and if you have the oportunity to be wonderful in life and the best parent just go ahead and do it. its a TV SHOW but hey” babies has feelings, and depend on how much love and how you treat them now, thats how they gonna be in the future.

  • Stephanie

    Ugh dude even thou she lost weight she still has a fat face! Plus her body is so not nice. She might have lost weight but to me she still looks bad abd get head like way too big for her body. She looks like she starves herself.

    • bianca

      i completey agree w u. No matter how much weight she lost the bitch is still hidious! N her face is all pudgy lol

    • FaithF

      So… I’m not an Amber fan. But before you say something so cruel about her looks, maybe you should use spell check so people don’t say the same cruel things about your intelligence… Just sayin’.

  • bunny wabba

    i love this show! BUT i don’t believe her. i think she has had some sort of extra help especially considering her crazy and wild behavior. a lot of diet pills help you lose weight becausethey stimulate you and the side effects can be mood swings, rage, etc. plus if you watched the show, you’d see her drinking huge sodas from fast food restaurants. so she hasn’t kicked her soda habit, yet she is only eating healthily? yeah right.

  • keyana

    she didnt get extra help from pills it is easy for women who recently gave birth to lose weight for some reason i know alot of people who went back to there healthy weight fast after giving birth so pretty much it is easier for them

    • lyss

      ok to your comment about its easier for women who have had babies to lose weight…you wrong its alot harder actually because you have a baby now and its harder for you to focus equally on yourself..when you so worried and busy about taking care of your newborn. yeah if you eat right you will drop pounds but that doesnt get rid of how stretched out your belly got during pregnancy. when you have a baby you let me know how easy it is to lose weight. you may see other people that you referr to lose weight easy..but you dont really know what they are thinking pregnancy effects your body in many wasy. and you have to work to get off that body weight if you DONT then more and more pounds will pack on. dont say somethhing when you have no idea what your talking about.

      • thekel

        If you breastfeed, you’ll lose a lot of weight after giving birth. I lost 65 pounds right after I had my daughter. I ate right, I breastfed (which was good for both me AND baby), and I got moving.

        Too many women use the excuse of being a new mommy to sit on the asses and not do any work on themselves. It’s laziness, pure and simple.

        It’s no wonder 67% of americans are fat. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

        • get real!

          GET REAL PLEASE!!! Seriouly you can’t sit there and tell me that 67% of Americans are fat because of laziness! Out of that 67% how many people actually have a medical problem that they can’t lose the weight??? Can’t answer that then keep you mouth shut about people being lazy and giving excusses. I have been heavy since my daughter was born 7 yrs ago and still can’t get the weight off thanks to 2 medical conditions that cause me to gain weight no matter what I do!!!! I workout 5 days a week for an hr a day doing nothing but cardio, do the whole bs of eating right and measuring my meals out and still nothing comes off the last time I was at the doctors office I actually gained 3 lbs in 4 months. SO GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TAKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!

          • Sasha

            Actually, Yvonne, I can actually tell you how many americans are overweight/obese because of medical problems: 1%. That’s it. One percent. Most people who claim they got fat because of medical problems only have a medical problem because they got fat FIRST. Which means it was too many calories in and not enough calories burned. Basic logic.
            And even that one percent of overweight/obese Americans that got that way because of a medical problem such as an underactive thyroid are still able to lose the weight. If you have a medical problem or a slow metabolism, then you must adjust your diet and exercise to keep yourself at a healthy weight. There is no excuse for being fat, especially 3 years after your last child. Eat less, exercise more, it’s that simple. There is no “fat gene”. And there is not a sudden increase in medical problems that cause obesity over the last 20 years, unless you count McDonald’s (but fat people choose to continue to eat there, so it’s still their fault).

            • FaithF

              Sasha… you’re ignorant… enough said.

      • aNy

        iyss to be honest there is no need for rude comments like that. I had my baby a yr and a half ago. I am actually smaller before i got pregnant. OBVIOUSLY your not going to focus on urself when theyre newborn!!! and duh pregnancy affects ur body but not the rest of ur life!! and who knows if amber really worked hard like she said she did soooooooo maybe u should keep ur rude comments to urself….

  • yvonne

    look i have two kids with my first child i gained 70 pounds i ate right walked a lot and still gained alot of weight my son was 10 pounds when he was born now he is 3 and i still havnt lost the weight i hate it it makes me feel horriable about my self and i excercise and eat right its just not happening for me and i did brest feed and now i have my second child and i didnt gain an weight threw that pregnance thank god and i brest feed her two so you tell me what the hell you think i should do cause i agree with her completly it is not easy to lose weight after you have a child but truly every womans bodys are diffrent and react diffrently to pregnance

    • caroline

      every body is different especially when pregnant & after having a baby, i have two kids of my own & i understand how it can be hard, but put it this way… if your babies take an hour nap take 30min. to do a lil workout, 2) dont give up. i have done a lot of google search on how to do a good diet and on youtube & thanks to that i have lost 8lbs not working out so much. so google, drink lots of water & dont give up. goodluck

  • Britt

    Idk about medical problems accounting for peoples complete unability to lose weight, but Hypothyroidism, and thyroid problems makes it harder than someone who doesn’t have any health problems at all. Its taken me 7 months but Ive lost 25 pounds, and thats with my thyroid removed due to cancer. 1 in 4 women have thyroid problems, but if thats not the cause, then change everything, workouts, food, sleep patterns, all of it.

  • caroline

    when i had my son i had lost all the weight i gained during my pregnancy plus a few pounds more, i didnt do anything had breastfed him for like a month but had to use a pump machine while at the hospital. after having my daughter who is now goin to turn 9months i gained 30pounds, i got tired of how i was gaining so guess what now am doing something, i have trouble walking even more working out because of my knee but i manage to do what i can, i use my kids as weights. slowly but surely i have lost 8pounds, so i dont think amber is cheating, cuz if i had a good knee i wouldnt of had gained this weight to start with… i would be running, biking, doin zumba & alot more. so theres no excuses :)

  • http://Facebook.com/xprincessteresa Teresa

    um so this is the blonde in this pic, and i would like who gave you approval to use this pic for this site? at least credit it back to my Facebook or something

  • elizabeth

    um, i totally disagree with u get real! stop ur bitching and just get the facts straight. go to ur doctors and ask them what ur weight problem really is. seriously!! just shut up and get R-E-A-L answers to ur problems. please.

  • Jackie302

    I thought this was about amber n her dramatic weight loss? not about everyone elses weight struggles lol smh.

    • fcku

      “b!itch b!tch b!tch b!tch im use this to get out my rage on other stupid issues b!tch b!tch i could really care less about amber lalalalalalalalalala im a b!tch and i post on computers”

      • fcku

        (sorry, that was to go to everybody. i thought jackies response was decent compared.)

  • Barack Obama

    Amber is an ugly skank and a terrible mom.