VIDEO Weeds Season 6 trailer released

Weeds Season 6 Poster

For all of you Weeds lovers out there with the munchies for Botwins, Showtime has released a trailer for the upcoming sixth season of the show which finds America’s favorite drug-dealing family on the run and changing identities!

Mary Louise Parker and the gang are leaving all that dangerous Botwinegery behind for a quieter life as the Newmans. As Nancy Botwin says in the trailer, “The Newmans will succeed where the Botwins failed: they will find jobs, have hobbies – they will have a normal life.”

Of course it isn’t long before a gap in the supply and demand chain lands the Newmans right back where they started.

From Showtime:

Nancy Botwin is on the run. Last season took her south of the border, where she only found more trouble for herself and her family. Now she must use everything her wits will allow to keep Shane, Silas, and baby Adelita safe from Esteban and his men. But even fake identities and a “normal” life in middle America can’t disguise Nancy’s sharp tongue and inspired resourcefulness.

The original teaser video put out by Showtime:

Here are some stills from what is sure to be another HIGH-larious season of Weeds, including The Terminator‘s Linda Hamilton who will be joining the cast as another tough mama dealer:

Mary Louise Parker as a punk maid in Weeds Season 6

Linda Hamilton from Season 6 of Weeds

Hunter Parrish as Silas Botwin as ??? Newman in Weeds Season 6

Justin Kirk as Andy Botwin and Randy Newman in Weeds Season 6

Photos: Showtime / YouTube