Teen Mom OG to replace Farrah Abraham with a Mackenzie, but which one?

Ryan Edwards' wife Mackenzie Edwards replacing Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom OG?

It appears as though the rift between Teen Mom OG producers and soon-to-be former star Farrah Abraham is irreparable as a new report reveals that MTV has already chosen Farrah’s replacement! Well, almost chosen. There are technically two moms still in the running — both named Mackenzie.

The front runner to replace Farrah is Ryan Edwards’ wife Mackenzie Edwards, according to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. Her source reveals that MTV has already set it up so that Mackenzie will take Farrah’s place and receive $3,000 per episode. “It is not a done deal yet, but the consensus is that Mackenzie Edwards will get the spot,” The Ashley’s source says. “Recently, they’ve been filming her life with Ryan for Maci [Bookout]’s segment almost more than Maci’s life. Plus, she was a teenage mother so it kind of makes sense.”

Although Mackenzie and Farrah couldn’t be any more different, they do seem to share one thing in common: they both have a sizable army of haters! So, if MTV’s intention was to fill the villain role, Mackenzie seems like a good choice — especially since they will be getting day-to-day interactions with Maci, perhaps the show’s least derided cast member.

But wait! There is still another dark horse in contention for Farrah’s spot on Teen Mom OG! Another source for The Ashley reveals that producers haven’t ruled out former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee. As our readers are well aware, Mackenzie and her family are currently struggling with her mother Angie Douthit’s cancer diagnosis and treatment. A photo surfaced online that appeared to include MTV producers with the Douthit family, and The Ashley’s source confirms that they have resumed filming.

“There’s a production team that’s been going down to Oklahoma to film Mackenzie over the past few weeks,” one of the crew members says. “Right now, they are planning to use that footage to do a Teen Mom special. It will likely be ‘Being Mackenzie’ but that hasn’t been totally confirmed yet.”

UPDATE – Mackenzie knows what’s up — check out this tweet teaser:

I think MTV is missing out on a golden opportunity here. I don’t think I need to say anything more than The Challenge: Teen Mom OG Slot. Mmm hm.

Mackenzie Edwards or Mackenzie McKee to replace Farrah on Teen Mom OG?

It’s important to note that it may not be an either/or with the Mackenzies. MTV has previously demonstrated that they are willing to expand the cast to five moms, as they did when they added Briana DeJesus to Teen Mom 2.

So what do you think of one or both of the Mackenzies joining Teen Mom OG? Making Ryan’s wife an official “Teen Mom” wouldn’t seem to change the much, other that giving her more air time and her own scrapbook graphic. In stark contrast, bringing Mackenzie McKee on board would be introducing a COMPLETELY new story line and would have a much greater impact on a show that has been around for nearly a decade. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing (at all), but it is more of a risk.

On a side note, I’m going to stir the pot a bit by saying that I think Ryan should get a pay increase as he will now be playing both the role of Maci’s ex (and Bentley’s dad) as well as Mackenzie’s husband. It’s only fair! Otherwise MTV will just be pocketing that extra money they would have paid the new cast member’s husband, right? 😉

Meanwhile, someone else is over here wondering why he got passed over for Farrah’s old gig:

Teen Mom scrapbook Tyler Baltierra Batman

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  • Guest

    Mackenzie McKee seems so boring!! (I just took a nap) They need to switch off all the girls and put one girl of each season.

  • DramaLlama

    Meh. Mix it up and add someone like Jordan Ward or Nikkole Paulun.

    • DoogieHowser

      Nah, Jennifer Del Rio and her mom were like the original Brianna and Family. Her mother was way too into the cameras, she could be easily set up or manipulated into a screaming match rivalry with Bri’s mom and sister for reality show cluster F. All of their shoes will be flying all over the place, they would have to install those plexi glass walls they have at hockey arenas to protect the live audience when they do those big special reunion type shows.

      I don’t want to hear about Mack getting knocked up with a heroin addict for the show. I am sure Ryan’s mom would be thrilled for another baby that will live in their home 24/7 tho.

      • DramaLlama

        I like the way you think. I can’t stand Ryan’s wife. I don’t get the feeling that Ryan likes her too much either. 😉

  • Stacey J

    Ryan’s wife would be awful…I’m so tired of her making excuses for dug addicted husband…all for the sake of having a man.

  • DM

    Why does it have to be either of them? Or anyone? They’re both terrible. Adding Brianna was completely unnecessary in the first place.

    • DoogieHowser

      Bri was added to replace Chelsea who isn’t going to sign a new contract.

      • DM

        Chelsea is not going anywhere.

  • theStevieJBus

    I still don’t believe Farrah is gone. She is ratings gold and there is no way they’d let her go.

    As for the potential new mom’s Ryan’s wife is terrible and McKenzie from TM3 was kind of boring. If they want a true Farrah replacement they should get the one who had the baby daddy with the drug problem, she was almost as bad as Farrah.

  • TA

    A real “which one is the lesser of two evils”. Rhine’s wifey is possibly the most annoying person to ever be on MTV. I’d rather they keep Farrah.
    But I guess someone needs to work to keep up with his expensive drug habit and her love of cheap extensions.

  • Nicole

    I hate Ryan’s wife, sorry

  • Jessica

    Why they don’t have Joy-Anna duggar or kendra dugger to fill the spot I know they are tlc royalty but I think it would be a hell of a lot of religious pregnancy drama with one of those two.

  • K

    Mackenzie Edwards is a monster and doesn’t deserve screen time. Mackenzie McPhee may let her kids carry dead dogs around but I’d rather see her than M.E’s manipulative mug.

  • sysmjp

    I would rather only slightly prefer to watch Mackenzie McKee than paint drying so Mackenzie Edwards wins for that reason alone. Also, I have not watched much of the most recent season so I have not seen her antics but must admit even hearing of them makes me want to watch just to join in on the hate. 🙂 She may be a b* but it would be awesome, for her, if she lucked up on the money train despite not being an original cast member. We all know she will not have a long term partner out of the deal, she my as well get paid.

  • SweetTeacher

    Not Mackenzie Edwards! That girl is vile and basically evil. She’s so thirsty for attention.