VIDEO Are MTV producers turning on Farrah Abraham just before her firing scene airs?

Farrah Abraham and MTV Teen Mom OG producer Larry Musnik fight

Teen Mom OG fans are still waiting for the highly anticipated Farrah Abraham firing scene, and as the unknown episode air date continues to get closer, show producers seem to be nudging Farrah under the bus — both officially via a new “Producers Tell All” video, and unofficially via tea spilled by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup thanks to her production sources.

First, here is the video clip in which producers talk about their relationships with the moms, and the only one they have anything negative to say about is Farrah:

The clip begins with the producers (and editor) talking about how their roles changed when the show decided to break down the fourth wall, which allowed the crew members to be seen and heard on screen as part of the cast members’ lives and stories. Producer Kirsten “Kiki” Malone starts the segue into the relationships with specific moms when she says: “We actually live in our cast homes more than we live in our own home. We try to be as respectful as we can.”

From there, the baton is passed to Farrah nemesis Larry Musnik, who starts to get specific without mentioning names. “Each of our cast houses have different rules of the house. Some are a no shoe house, so you have to take your shoes off,” he says as we are shown video footage of crew members in Farrah’s house putting netting on over their shoes. “And then in some homes they prefer us not to use their bathrooms, which seems crazy, but it’s true. So I, just as a joke, once went to the store and bought the entire crew diapers to wear during a shoot day because the closest bathrooms that they would be allowed to use were several miles away. Then we ended up figuring out that, you know, bringing in a porta potty would work.”

The video then cuts to the infamous porta potty on Farrah’s driveway.

Larry Musnik Farrah Abraham bathroom quote

After that, the clip shifts to producers talking about the highs and lows of being so connected to the cast members. The highs include things like their trips to exotic locations and finding out about a pregnancy, while the lows include moments like when producers found out during filming that Maci had suffered a miscarriage.

On the same day that MTV published that video, The Ashley published a story listing “5 Times Farrah Abraham Was Awful to The Crew Behind the Scenes of Teen Mom OG.” That list was courtesy of “a collection of Teen Mom crew members” who spoke with The Ashley anonymously.

Of course, one of the five times included refusing to allow the crew members to use any of the bathrooms in her house. As Larry spoke about in the clip above, the “solution” was to pay for an on-site porta potty on days they were filming, but The Ashley’s source shares another chapter of the story. “She got rid of the Porta-potty and still didn’t let the crew use her bathroom so they had to drive down the street to use the bathroom,” a crew member says. “There weren’t any public restrooms nearby either, so if you had to go to the bathroom, it kind of halted everything. And Farrah was very strict on that rule; there was no budging her even for an emergency.”

Farrah Abraham porta potty driveway

The topic of the “no shoes” (or shoes covered) policy also came up. “We all respect the houses of the girls,” a source says, “but it’s kind of hilarious that the crew can not enter the home without their shoes off but Farrah’s horse is allowed in the foyer!”

“The fact of the matter is that she viewed the crew of Teen Mom as people who were ‘less than’ her, plain and simple,” a different crew member adds.

In addition to her strict house rules, The Ashley’s sources also say that Farrah once attempted to fire a crew member, and berated one producer during the end-of-year reunion filming after demanding her own VIP section separate from the other Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 cast members.

Farrah was also reportedly quick to ban members of the crew from filming her based on all kinds of reasons. “She legit banned one crew member from the set because she could not pronounce his name!” a crew member reveals. “It’s so ridiculous that people thought we were making it up but it 100 percent happened. There may even be footage of it somewhere.”

Farrah was so quick to act with her ban hammer that MTV reportedly had difficulty staffing some of her shoots. “It was to a point where there was basically no crew left to go out there… so people who she ‘banned’ had to go but hide out in a car outside,” a crew member says.

So far, there has been no response from Farrah about either the “Producers Tell All” video or The Ashley’s article — but I think we all know that it’s just a matter of time. Farrah has not been reluctant AT ALL about expressing her feelings towards production and how she felt she was treated on set — including her firing. If she responds with something quick and short, we will update this post. If it is another EPIC Earth scorching tirade, we may have to do another post and update this one with a link. Stay tuned!

And speaking of staying tuned, if you are curious (like me) about when the Farrah firing episode of Teen Mom OG will actually air, the answer appears to be February 19. In the description for the episode, titled “Something Blue,” it states: “Farrah gets vaginal rejuvenation and lashes out at her producer.” Actually, that could just be the precursor to her firing, so it may actually be the episode airing February 26. ***SIGH***

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  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Hate is a strong word but I truly hate Farrah. She’s is just a terrible human being. She has no redeeming qualities. Even when she is in a good mood, she comes off totally fake.

  • Caramel_CarlaBelle

    MTV created Farrahstein, so not much sympathy on my end.

    • srt_3

      I agree….to a point. They definitely should have nipped this is the bud at the beginning. Having said that, though, I think she was just truly an awful person to begin with so it was just a matter of time till her awfulness truly came out.

  • srt_3

    I feel like any time anyone disagrees with her or has another point of view, she shuts them down immediately. She is a narcissist and the most combative person I have ever seen on TV. I can’t stand her. Her daughter is turning into her and it is a sad site to see.

    One thing I truly do not understand is how no one that she is “close” to sees it. Do her parents think she is a good person? Do they really? And her therapist needs to be fired. She has done nothing to help her.

  • Nicole

    You know what, I know it’s wrong but I have little sympathy for the crew. They created this monster and I hold mtv completely responsible. There should be more outrage that they allowed their crew to be treated like this! They should have fired Farrah long ago. These actions should not have been tolerated

  • cininne

    I think it went on for so long because in the beginning her behavior was ratings gold, everyone loved to hate Farrah. But then it became apparent that this was not amusing anymore but the monster was out of the cage. Personally I am glad that they decided to fire her in front of the cameras, its about the only real thing about any of her segments. Now they need to crack the whip on some of the others who are out of control… we all know who they are. They need to realize being on this show was a gift that has brought them a lifestyle they could have never hoped to achieve otherwise and those who decide to behave like Divas need to be cut off.

    • Terri Hunter

      I know jenelle thinks shes all that always threatening to quit if they dont do what she wants i wish they would just say ok quit! We all know she needs that damn money she has nothing going for her with out it!!

  • theStevieJBus

    Farrah as evil as they come but I still don’t buy that they fired her. She is one of the biggest draws of the show, sorry but no one tunes in to watch Maci bitch about Ryan or Caitlin have breakdown number 5,000,484. Amber and Farrah are the biggest draws because they have the most drama. Same goes for Janelle on TM2, she is the reason people tune in, not boring Chelsea.

    • Kaia Elle Murray

      I guess I’m the only person that actually does watch for Chelsea and Maci. I really like them. I fast-forward Jenelle, Farrah and Leah lol I can’t stand to listen to Farrah or Jenelle talk to people the way they do and I think Leah is way more boring than Chelsea. I like seeing the good things happening to her. But that’s me. But I will admit Farrah brings the drama and that’s what people wanna watch.

  • Alisson Leech

    I truly understand not letting people use her bathroom and not wearing shoes in the home. As far as Farrah mistreating people, she should have been fired years ago for that.


    I’m hoping that this is real and not some made for tv drama because I’m sick of having to record the show and watch it later just so I can fast forward through Farrah and her demon spawn’s parts 🙄

  • Kaia Elle Murray

    Farrah was awful before MTV. She got a taste of “Fame” and then did multiple reality shows but what really did it was the porn. The money she made from that and the other back doors that it opened it was so over. Especially with her mother and father all of a sudden kissing her ass and tiptoeing around her that hasn’t helped. They’re scared she’ll take the money away.

  • Murphy

    Forget Farrah, these people need to fire Jenelle!

  • discoatnine

    I don’t mean to sound like an idiot but I also can’t stand to sit and read all of this so…is Farrah actually fired for real or no?