AUDIO listen to Gary Shirley’s 911 call about Amber Portwood’s suicide threat

Gary Shirley and Teen Mom Amber Portwood walk happily together

The 911 call placed by Gary Shirley after Teen Mom star Amber Portwood suggested to him over the phone that she was going to kill herself has been released.

In the brief phone conversation Gary explains to the operator that he had just gotten off the phone with Amber five minutes before and she had told him to call the police and that they “can find my body in the garage.”

Here is the audio of the 911 call followed by a partial transcript:

“Hi. I just spoke with my girlfriend and she had said something to me. She, Amber Portwood she had said something to me, said she’s having a hard time with her life, that call the police, they can find my body in the garage, and I don’t know if [inaudible] on you guys because I don’t want her to kill herself.

“And this was about five minutes ago when I called my mom to go over there because at first I was like, you know, she’s made several, she’s said this several times and I said, well if she’s not answering my phone calls she said call the police so they can find my body in the garage – I called her back four times and she didn’t answer, and so, you don’t tell anybody to call the police if you don’t really want to call the police.”

He also confirmed that Amber was by herself and that his mom was on the way over to her house as they spoke.

There was a bit of confusion late in the conversation when the operator asked what kind of car Gary’s mom would be driving:

Operator: What kind of car is she going to be in?

Gary: She’s not in a car. She’ll be in the garage, and in the garage she has a Dodge Magnum in her – she has a Dodge Magnum in her driveway.

Operator: Wait a minute. You said your mother’s going over to check on her?

Yeah, but I don’t…

Operator: And she’ll be on foot?

Gary: She’s going to hang herself.

Operator: That’s not what I asked you sir. You said your mother’s going over there to check on her. Is she going to be in a car or on foot?

Gary: Oh! She’ll have an Uplander – Chevy Uplander.

The call backs up Radar Online and Star magazine’s initial reports, which were later called into question when police said it was Amber herself who had called.

Say what you will about Gary, but he does get credit for doing the right thing here. If he had dismissed Amber’s statements or not done anything out of anger she may have been able to fulfill her wish to end her own life.

Photo: Jackson Lee / Brian Prahl / Splash News
Audio source: TMZ

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