EXCLUSIVE Michael Abraham on Farrah Abraham’s ‘fake firing’ and her future with MTV

Michael Abraham and Farrah Abraham together

On Monday night, Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham announced that MTV had fired her from the show, due in part to her decision to participate in adult webcam shows. Farrah lashed out at show producers over the firing, claiming that their reasons for terminating her equated to “sex shaming” and she called the firing a “hate crime.” Later, Farrah would reveal that the legal department for MTV’s parent company Viacom had informed her that she had not been terminated, but that did little to temper her outrage over what she then called a “fake firing.”

It’s still unclear exactly what happened, so we reached out to Farrah Abraham’s dad, Michael Abraham, to get some clarity about Farrah’s firing and her future with MTV.

STARCASM: So, Michael, the big question on everyone’s mind is: What the Hell happened on Monday?

MICHAEL: I was out of town. Farrah and Sophia were working (Farrah’s stores and Sophia school) and we weren’t scheduled to film till Tuesday. Morgan J. Freeman, Teen Mom OG’s executive producer, called and asked me to contact Farrah to see if she would call him to discuss meeting with him and film because she was allegedly not picking up her calls. I relayed the message, to which Farrah said yes they could film at their home.

What went down was Morgan broke the 4th wall (producers filming with cast members) and started sex shaming Farrah and saying that she is basically “fired”. Farrah was shocked. He continued berating my daughter, bullying her, discriminating her, judging her, and sex shaming her. Filming stopped. We called our attorneys to contact Viacom.

Morgan did this on camera. He had no authority to have a discussion with Farrah regarding her contract. He manipulated me for his own gain and put my daughter on the spot for “production” gain…the “shock factor”. His unnecessary drama, hate, personal judgment against women, and sex shaming is wrong. It was premeditated and planned.

I was out of town but the home(s) security cameras got it all including all the audio. The filming took place on the back patio.

Michael Abraham with Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia

STARCASM: There have been reports that part of the reason MTV was motivated to let Farrah go was because she is difficult to work with. What’s your take on that perception of Farrah?

MICHAEL: When Farrah and our family are not being kept in the loop, or production changes plans to skew facts – yes, we are going to challenge it – that’s not being difficult, that’s doing what is right. Now, if you’re talking about her not sharing a stage with her cast members … it’s about insuring safety. The production company has FAILED in the past to keep volatile cast members from physically and verbally attacking our family. That is being safe, not hard to work with.

STARCASM: Judging from Farrah’s posts about the “fake firing,” she perceives this as a personal issue between producers and her. Do you feel like show producers have something against Farrah personally?

MICHAEL: Some do and some don’t. Farrah has been on more TV shows (other than Teen Mom shows) than any of the other cast members and worked with different TV networks and production companies – and has personal/working relationships with many executives from different TV networks. With that experience, she knows bullsh!t/manipulation when she sees it. 11th Street doesn’t like her strength, confidence, or independence – even though this next season’s mantra is all about the Teen Mom OG woman being stronger and more independent.

Michael Abraham Farrah firing quote

STARCASM: And do you feel they treat the other moms differently?

MICHAEL: Yes, absolutely! Some of the production staff have very close relationships with other cast members …… some married into cast members’ families… some are God parents of cast members children etc. The others have not been judged like Farrah has been. You haven’t seen production executives harass, interrogate, threaten, sex shame or spew hate to the other cast members. And yet, they have glorified criminal behavior such as being filmed doing illegal drugs, sharing prescription opioids and driving under the influence, (again with opioids). There definitely is a double standard!

STARCASM: Farrah has since revealed that the legal department for MTV’s parent company Viacom has informed her that she hasn’t been fired. What does this mean for the future of Farrah and Teen Mom OG? Will fans be seeing her again after the new season that kicks off November 27?

MICHAEL: Filming was scheduled and at this time we are ready to film as soon as the Viacom corrects items and people on their end – Farrah was never legally fired, she was never in breach of her contract, she never cancelled filming. Time will tell. As shown on Monday’s Teen Mom OG upcoming trailer – Farrah will be there!

If they elect to discriminate against Farrah (who is a single mother) for her doing something that is not illegal and which is a part of many teen parents’ and single parents’ lives, or removing/or firing her at a future date because “she is not what Teen Mom represents” then they (MTV) lost what this show was meant to be – showing real people’s lives without TV production manipulation.

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Thanks to Michael for taking the time to speak with us at what must be a VERY crazy time for him and his family! I want to iterate that it is still unclear at this time whether or not Farrah will continue filming for Teen Mom OG. Michael says he and his family are more than willing to continue to film, but production is currently still at a standstill.

It is also unclear how the Farrah firing will affect MTV’s plans to film her mother Debra Danielsen’s wedding this month. Farrah’s pregnant co-star Amber Portwood was planning to be in attendance, so I simply cannot imagine that if she does attend the wedding that MTV cameras won’t be there to capture it! (Of course, Amber has a pretty good excuse at this point to cancel.)

I should also point out that Farrah is currently appearing on the MTV UK series Single AF. There is no indication that producers of that show have any issues with Farrah personally, or with her professional decisions.

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  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    He’s a textbook example of an enabler.

    So hey dad, what’s your defense of the way your little sh- of a daughter treated the crew from MTV? Why did she force them to use a port o potty that’s parked out in the driveway like they are some sort of second class citizens. She yelled at and berated them on national television. You raised a total a- hole and you are still defending her. You are a total loser yourself. Go do yourself a favor a suck a d. I’m sure your wh- of a daughter can give you some pointers.

    • Kerri Locigno

      At least we know where Farrah came up with her bs lies

    • It’s me

      It is so insane how she treats her parents & they take it. She tells her father to get a set of balls. My parents wouldnt care how much money i had they would NEVER allow me to disrespect them…or anyone else like that. They must be using her for money, no wonder she is so insane & bratty. Just wait until her daughter gets older..good luck

      • Sliceo’pie

        The dad’s sole source of Income is Farrah. It’s so pitiful. She treats him like a servant and he asks how high he should jump. It’s been obvious he can’t keep a regular job. The family dynamic is So dysfunctional.

  • Che

    Sophia looks a lot like him

  • TNC

    The thing with this family is that nothing is ever their fault and they take absolutely no responsibility for their behavior. For example: that time Farrah accused an Uber driver of attempting to rape her. Fortunately for him cell phone footage came out proving no such thing ever happened but did Farrah take responsibility or apologize?? Nope! Her response was that “he had a look in his eye that he wanted to rape her.” Farrah is now banned from Uber for that stunt yet takes no accountability. It’s funny that they accuse all these people of “shaming” Farrah but these are people that Farrah treats like absolute garbage. Farrah is the reason why I don’t regularly watch this show. I absolutely can not stand how she treats people and her over inflated ego. Oh and her using Sophia’s account to try and shame MTV even more was ridiculous. Farrah is the true piece of garbage in all of this.

  • Bruja

    2 things:

    1) Publicity stunt.
    2) Michael has definitely watched Farrah’s porno and her recent webcam “performance”.

  • Rice

    Delusional! Must be nice to be so guilable..

    • It’s me

      He is just scared to piss off his meal ticket

  • Trash 4 cash

    So someone said something that clashed with Farrah’s delusions and she freaked out.
    The producer had every right to talk to her and ask her questions, that’s her work. When she does not agree with him, she can simply say she doesn’t agree or ‘no comment’ or…. have a normal adult civil discussion.
    When she is so sure what she is doing is not wrong and not just for the money, why does she get herself so worked up when someone asks her about her work in the sex industry?

    • It’s me

      She keeps insisting that she is not a porn star.
      (If you get paid to have sex your a hooker, if you get paid to have sex on camera your a porn star)

      • Sliceo’pie

        We should probably use the words, “Porn Actress” this woman is SO far removed from a star-except in her own mind, there she is a legend.
        The only reason the ratings go up when she is on is because people are fascinated with a train wreck -they create a bottle neck to watch. It’s also amazing to guess how someone this narcissistic, selfish and nasty can possibly get through life. As we’ve seen, she has no friends and no one to film with her except her family another Porn Actress and a bewildered Christian neighbor (who feels sorry for her). She treats Simon horribly.

  • Ya’ll want to analyse them & pick them apart. They are bringing what we all want, drama. I see all this as entertainment. I dont care about them as people. I just see them a characters. Dance! Fools, Dance!

  • LA79

    There is something so creepy and unsettling about this guy.

    • It’s me

      Because he went with his daughter AND GRANDAUGHTER to negotiate her porn video.
      That family wrnt past creepy long ago

    • Sliceo’pie

      This man can’t keep a job and has relied on his daughter to support him. Now he works for her even though she treats him horribly. It’s painful to watch him suck up to her. He has no self-esteem or backbone. Farrah has no consequences for her actions within her family so why should she expect the world to treat her any differently. If you disagree you’re branded a, “hater”, not someone with their own valid opinion.

  • It’s me

    Farrah is gross (the way she treats people). It is also slander to call Morgan out for “Hate Crime” & everything else.

    They forget that everyone that did drugs got help (Amber Jenelle, Leah) & stopped or they are off the show (Adam).
    They cant fire her unless it in the contract that they cant do porn or they cant be part of certain activities BUT they have every right to refuse to renew her contract without being slandered & accused of hate crimes.

    By the way according to Farrah a producer was fired for spending the night at her house?

  • Mandy

    Okay so is she fired or not? I’m so confused. And if she was then wasn’t WHY would she go back to a company she has trash talked and accused of sex shaming her? She “doesn’t need the paycheck” so why continue working for them if she feels so strongly about how they treat her?

  • and the fact that Farrah is so self-centered to say that she is the biggest talent on teen mom OG is the exact reason people are celebrating your “possible termination!”

    To Farrah – – you have no morals or respect for others and yet you cry wolf how you are treated by MTV, VIACOM and the cast??? look how you treat other people!!!!

    You treat people like shit and wonder why you are so hated! I personally don’t care that you do “adult entertainment” you want to spread your legs and get paid for it, that’s your business .. I’m just glad you were let go for the very reason that you treat people like SHIT, walk all over people and expect to be respected in return????! doesn’t work that way, sweetie!

    Maybe if you start having respect for other people, you won’t be the target of such hate by others – you get back what you give, times 10! You want respect, give it! If you are indeed let go, I am not crying over your termination, I am glad I can now watch the show again without having to watch you belittle and treat people with such disrespect and cruelty!

    its amazing how your father comes forward to your defense and yet you treat him with such disrespect, they are ALL blind! This is what your teaching your daughter? ? ? truly sad!

  • Rice

    This moron was retweeting his daughters sex webcam (or sex toys) advertisement Who’s Dad would ever do that? He’s as sick if not sicker than Farrah! Plus it is probably most of his paycheck comes. From TM or serving his master Farrah. He is a woooose!


    Yes Farrah is the victim. As always ?

  • Reality

    Michael Abraham is just as sick and disgusting as his daughter. By the way, Farrah was arrested for DUI, did drugs and far more worse things. (Won’t even get into the prostitution…)

  • Sliceo’pie

    Please Michael et family, get over yourselves. This family lacks any insight or accountability. I bet the producer dared to question her about her unusual lifestyle choices-Farrah has no tolerance for anyone who dares to disagree with her or question her. This is not a, “hate crime”. So melodramatic-people suffer from real hate crimes & you trivialize it Michael putting her in that category. Farrah much prefers to be the shammer -she shames her mother, father, boyfriend on virtually every episode so NOBODY has any empathy for her at all. Their crime? They disagree with her. The way she’s attacked her mother is despicable.

    Let’s call a spade a spade-she PUTS THINGS UP HER BUM while hundreds of people watch for a fee. It, may, not be,”illegal” but it’s most definitely NOT, ” a part of many teen parents’ and single parents’ lives” What world do YOU live in?? WELL ADJUSTED PEOPLE DON’T put things up their bum in front of thousands of people for a fee. There’s a HUGE difference between doing something in the privacy of her home vs doing it in front of an paying audience.This is a show geared to teenagers and she’s doing porn for a fee, promoting her plastic vagina and anus. She sending the message to teenagers that being a porn star is a great career alternative – IT’S NOT. The porn industry hurts women much much more than MTV. Ask any washed up ex-porn star.
    Further- It’s despicable that Farrah had Sophia film a video supporting her-the kid looked uncomfortable as hell. How pitiful to use your child to do your dirty work-but then she’s had Sophia do it before. Please-just go away.

  • Adelane

    Maybe the made the mistake of referring to her cam shows as p0rn. We all know how touchy she is about NOT being a p0rnstar. She just gets paid to perform sex acts on camera, jeez MTV get it right.

  • Jackie

    If anyone should have been fired it should have been jenelle. I would actually start to watch Teen Mom again if they brought farrah back and fired jenelle.