Anfisa embraces ‘psychotic’ label with HOT bikini photo and zero f***s given

Anfisa bikini Instagram I put the hot in psychotic

So what is the best thing to do when you become the bratty villain of a reality series? You own it! That’s the lesson that can be learned from 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After star Anfisa Arkhipchenko as she continues to build her HUGE fan base by responding to negativity with her “OK, so?” attitude — an attitude that looks especially appealing in a skimpy two-piece swimsuit.

Anfisa took to Instagram to share a photo of herself (above) wearing a pink bikini by Haute Glam Boutique while stretched out on a sandy beach. “I put the hot in psychotic,” Anfisa captioned the photo, adding the ? emoji.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Anfisa’s, but that was mostly because I enjoyed the entertaining drama she brings to the small screen. Lately, however, I think my fandom has shifted a bit to where I not only shake my damn head at her antics, but I also smile and applaud.

The way she turned the tides on Pao and Loren during the Tell All episodes was completely unexpected — by me, and Pao and Loren I’m sure! As I mentioned previously, it seemed as though Paoren assumed they could go after Anfisa from their high moral ground, but when Anfisa laughed off their judgmentalism and refused to engage, Paoren went zooming by Anfisa, crashing down into the crosshairs of the show’s passionate (and often quite sarcastic) fanbase. All of a sudden, Pao and Loren were the bullies and Anfisa was a victim! Amazing.

Do I think Anfisa was ever justified hitting Jorge, even if he was guilty of financial domestic violence, as Anfisa claimed? No. Would I ever date someone like Anfisa? No. Would I use a photo of Anfisa wearing a cut-off shirt with “I put the hot in psychotic” printed on the front as my Twitter icon? Hell yes! (I still like Cassia’s “You’re So Idiot” shirt better, but it’s a close call.)

Speaking of dating someone like Anfisa, I think Bill Withers may have experienced some of what Jorge went through in this anthem for all smitten man kittens:

Meanwhile, I have some potential new Anfisa Instagram photo/caption combos that I would LOVE to see:

90 Day Fiance Anfisa bikini I put the rack in cracked

I put the bra in bratty ?
I put the lip in flipping crazy ?
I put the hawt in shawty ?
I put the YAS in nutty as a fruitcake ?

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  • smithy jones

    So… she a stripper like Jorge said in the reunion show? She’s getting money from somewhere…

    • FYO

      Jorge never said she’s a stripper. But she is a webcam girl and there’s a 51min video from a live feed she did. Yes it’s real and yes she’s completely naked & showing everything.

      • smithy jones

        Seriously?!?!?!?!?! Yikes!!!!

        • FYO

          The live feed was from before she got the botox and new breasts. She actually looks like a normal girl in the video.

  • boomdeyay

    I feel bad for her. She is just a kid and was stranded here with no money, friends or resources. No wonder she is camming. Throwing the keys at Jeorge and hitting him with her bags wasn’t appropriate. She needs some ager management therapy for that crap. Jeorge is a very creepy guy. Very. And a huge liar. .

    • Candy

      They both have issues

  • sahali735

    She is extremely unlikable, but has never been anything but up front about the fact she is in it for the money. Full stop. That said I would keep an eye on her because I think she’s crazy in an I-will-stalk-you-and hurt-you kind of way.

  • Emmanuel Parker

    I want to married on ninety day
    And travel to America

  • Candy

    The guys just like the Trampy side of her! You notice how she kept trying to shut Jorge up? I wonder what would happen if someone got ahold of her parents or Grandparents email and sent them some of this Trampy stuff?? I wonder how fast she would go back to Russia?