Manager Gina Rodriguez let Danielle Jbali go because of ‘extremely unstable behavior’

Gina Rodriguez from GR Media and Danielle Jbali

As we reported Friday, 90 Day Fiance star Danielle Jbali and her management firm parted ways on less than amicable terms last week. Danielle made the announcement on her Facebook page, citing a lack of control over her own social media presence (including her dislike of clickbait article links being posted on the Facebook page) as a main reason for the professional relationship coming to an end. The head of GR Media, Gina Rodriguez, confirms Danielle’s departure, but Gina says Danielle’s narrative is “completely fabricated” and she wants to set the record straight.

The first thing Gina clarifies is the misconception that it was Danielle who decided to leave. “I quit on Danielle, not the other way around,” she says, “and it had zero to do with the story she made up about social media.”

Gina explains that working with Danielle was difficult, to say the least. “She showed extremely unstable behavior towards myself, Natasha Fett [executive producer and physical trainer featured on From Not To Hot] and Brandi [makeup artist, head of BMB Management, and Gina’s daughter]. We almost had to file a restraining order and we had to block her on everything because she could not accept that we no longer wanted to work with her.”

Danielle announced back in July that she was in talks with Gina about a new show, and it was assumed that it would be another makeover reality series similar to From Not To Hot, which featured another of Gina’s clients, Mama June Shannon. “There was never a makeover show for Danielle,” Gina says, “the media made that up because I produce June’s show.”

Gina Rodriguez From Not To Hot

What about the control of Danielle’s social media pages? “This social media story Danielle made up was to make herself feel better and to get sympathy, it’s completely false,” says Gina. “The stories being posted on her Facebook page she approved prior to ever being posted on her page. They were never an issue.”

Another clarification that Gina makes is that Danielle was actually signed with BMB (Big Money Brandi) Management, a company owned by Gina’s daughter, Brandilyn Snail. Danielle was listed as a client on the GR Media website, but I looked back at the announcement for Danielle’s signing and it included BMB: “GR Media and BMB Mgmt welcomes 90 Day Fiancé co star @DanielleJbali.” We asked Gina what the connection was between GR Media and BMB Management and why it was up to her whether or not to let Danielle go. “BMB is a sister company of GR media,” Gina explains. “We all made the decision.”

UPDATE – Danielle Jbali has posted a lengthy statement in response to what Gina had to say in this post. She disputes Gina’s claims that she exhibited “extremely unstable behavior,” and talks about unrealistic expectations for the rumored makeover show, but otherwise, Danielle seems willing to let bygones be bygones as both parties move forward:

I would like to thank my supporters for supporting me this season. Due to difference of opinion, and much speculation by parties, it is unfortunate that me, GR Media and BMB Management have to part ways. I am writing this to clear up a couple of things that was stated in an article by Starcasm giving Gina’s side. I signed with BMB Management which is owned by Brandilyn Snail and I have never talked to her nor met while being signed to her company. My dealings were with Gina Rodriguez and I only talked to her a few times on the phone and [the] rest of the activity was done by text messaging. I only talked to Natasha Fett a couple of times on [the] phone too, and the rest by text messaging. I have been accused of extremely unstable behavior by all three which is not the case. How can they say that when they have never met me in person? They get that by what is already out there and has been portrayed on the show, and that is sad to say that about someone you have never met. Furthermore they set me up to fail at this makeover expecting me to lose 20 pounds in a week to two weeks. I am moving on from this on my own weight lose journey, or with the help of another manager. I am grateful for the connections I’ve made and the friendships I’ve formed during this time. I wish continued success to my former management team and I implore my fans to take caution when reading certain stories as they pertain to the events that supposedly have taken place. Again, I wish the best for all involved and I am looking forward to what the future holds for myself. Thank You

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