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The latest Basketball Wives Season 7 cast info comes from no less an authority than Shaunie O’Neal herself. In a recent interview with Hip Hollywood, Shaunie revealed who will be coming back to the show next year and who’s already gotten the boot. And, while she was quick to point out that hers is not the only vote, Shaunie also spoke with the authority of someone who still has an executive producer credit on the show she created. (Plus, it’s worth pointing out that Shaunie’s post-season predictions–with the notable exception of Brandi Maxiell’s quick Season 6 return–basically always turn out to be true.)

First of all, here’s Shaunie’s Hip Hollywood interview, followed by her thoughts on each member of the Basketball Wives cast:

Saniy’yah Samaa: “Going.”
Aja Metoyer and her sisters, who were the most-hyped members of the new cast: “Going.”
Brandi Maxiell: “Hot second.” (As in she appeared for a hot second last season and that’s the last we’re going to see of her)
Hazel Renee: “My vote would be Hazel stays.”
Bonnie-Jill Laflin: “I really like Bonnie-Jill, but I don’t know that Bonnie-Jill was comfortable in this setting. Poor Bonnie-Jill. But I do like Bonnie-Jill, and I would like her to come back. But I’m betting if I ask her she’d be like ‘I want no part [of] any of you guys; stay the hell away from me.'”

Keonna Green:: “She’s a very sweet girl, but I don’t know that TV’s for her.”
Jennifer Williams: “I hope Jennifer will stay.”
Tami Roman: “Tami is not goin’ anywhere.”
Malaysia Pargo: “I don’t know where Malaysia falls. We had some issues off-camera on the production side…it was some things going on behind the scenes.”

As for Jackie Christie, whose departure has been rumored for weeks, Shaunie had this to say:

She’s crazy Jackie. And we need a crazy somebody. You know what I mean? I really want Jackie to come back. Is Jackie a lot of work? Yes. Does Jackie get on my last nerve sometimes? Yes. But I love her…[and] I think she does not mean to be quite what you guys see….I just want to see if we can fix it. You know? And maybe fix it on the show. And maybe help her be better.

Speaking of Jackie “be[ing] better,” one bit of Basketball Wives Season 7 cast info that Shaunie did not address was the addition of new cast members. So we still don’t know whether Jackie’s estranged daughter Takari Lee might consider joining the show, even if only for a few episodes.

Finally, although the topic of recently single Evelyn Lozada did come up–she got lumped in with the discussion of Jennifer Williams–Shaunie didn’t directly address whether she’ll be back for Basketball Wives Season 7. Evelyn’s return for Season 6 was something of a surprise, and resulted in a lot of the drama between Jackie and the rest of the cast. It would be odd to see all the old-schoolers come back and Evelyn get left out, but it’s also not clear whether Jackie would be willing to put up with another season of Evelyn.

Basketball Wives seventh season is expected to begin filming soon.

(Photo credits: Basketball Wives Season 7 cast info via Instagram)

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  • Kel2707

    I can’t stand Shaunie and her shit stirring ass. Everyone who kisses her ass or bows down to her will return.

    • Barbie

      Dats her part in it all I like shaunie she laid back starts shit just like me……

      • Kel2707

        But why be a shit starter then try to act all innocent

  • pmo

    get rid of jackie she is just too far over the edge, doublt evelyn wants to be raked over the coals re: her failed engagement, agreee with all the other firings but add malasia to that list sick of her as well.

  • Jacqueline Battle

    Evelyn needs to come back hope she Tami work together.

  • Brendah Bwalya

    Jackie must stay!! Like Shaunie said, “We need a crazy somebody” just to make the show interesting… I know Jackie is a loose canon and she over reacts to things, but she is quick to forget and move on, unlike Evelyn, just because she a close friend to Shaunie she wants to be untouchable and act bossy. If you can say bad things to your friends what will stop them from doing the same? And why is she so interested in Jackie’s family business? Leave Jackie & her shit alone and stop entertaining little talks from Takari. Of all the women I love Tami, and in season 6 she acted so mature and responsible unlike some other women who are into stirring fights…. Tami, Jackie, Malaysia and Hazel must stay. Evelyn need to go and deal with her failed relationship or maybe find a man to keep her mind occupied. And Jennifer, i don’t think this show is for her.