Do the Busbys from Outdaughtered have a nanny?

Do the Busbys from Outdaughtered have a nanny 6

The Busby family of Outdaughtered fame has always been forthcoming about how they managed to concieve quintuplets, but reality TV’s endless “Is it fake” drama has caught up with the show (in an admittedly minor way). In Touch is reporting that there’s a controversy brewing among the show’s fans as to whether or not the Busbys actually employ an off-camera nanny to keep things tidy for the cameras.

According to their take, “eagle-eyed OutDaughtered fans have pointed out that the house is always spotless” (and that Danielle Busby always looks great, though that’s probably a product of the cameras being on more than it is any extra time a nanny might have freed up for her). Furthermore, the women who’ve appeared on-camera and helping out around the house are always referred to as “a close family friend.”

But do the Busbys from Outdaughtered have a nanny? Some of the alleged evidence against the family comes from the message board DC Urban Mom, which has a nanny-specific forum and a ten-page thread devoted to the Busbys. Unsurprisingly, some of the parents on the board are less than thrilled with what they say is deception on TLC and the Busbys’ part. In one part of the conversation, a commenter suggests that Adam and Danielle never seem fazed by their kids’ crying because “they know the nanny will take care of it”:

Do the Busbys from Outdaughtered have a nanny 5

In another, a commenter suggests that the family used to have a nanny, but let the woman go in favor of a “part-time / occasional babysitter.”

Do the Busbys from Outdaughtered have a nanny 4

Both the DC Urban Mom thread and In Touch’s article refer to a nanny group on Facebook where at least two women–”the old nanny and the new nanny,” according to an In Touch quote–claim to be associated with the show. We gave up on trying to find the specific group after a quick glance at the first page of search results, but you should feel free to dive in if you’re curious and don’t have much to do for the rest of the month.

That said, if the Busbys do or did have a nanny, it seems as ridiculous for TLC to try and disguise the fact as it does for the family to go along with it. Cleaning up after one child with minimal help from grandparents is a gigantic enough task; there’s certainly no shame in putting the truly disgusting aftermath of six on air.

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  • Mothership3

    I love this show and this family! Such a lighthearted refreshing program and much needed from all the negative crap in the world right now. The Busbys are a breath of fresh air and those little girls are adorable!

    • Kari Kirkland

      I agree. Who care if they do or don’t. Maybe the nanny doesn’t want to be on the air and have her life picked apart by the internet. I love them regardless and they aren’t extreme, pretty normal folks! And the kids are super cute!

      • Mothership3

        Exactly! A nice normal family with normal life struggles opening up their world to the rest of us.. could care less if they have or had a nanny!

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    I’m amazed that people are still interested in these multiple family shows. These types of shows were popular 10-15 years ago. The concept is old and outdated. Are people’s life so boring that they have to waste time and watch someone else doing every day things just because they have a litter of children? Jesus, turn off the TV and go spend time with your own family.

    • kate

      I’m amazed that people are still interested in commenting on shows they don’t watch. Are people’s lives so boring that they have to waste time and criticize what someone else is watching on tv just because they themselves have no lives or friends to talk to? Jesus, turn off the computer and go spend time with your own family.

      • Grace

        Lol right on…If they don’t want to watch it ..Don’t watch ..So judgemental ..I would rather watch this family then the Kardashians

      • Mothership3

        Best comment!

    • MIndy O

      Obviously people find this type of show interesting. It’s not that people’s lives are so boring, but they enjoy the down time and guilty pleasures. Sports on TV have been popular for years so I suppose that concept is outdated, too.You are being judgmental for no good reason and I’m guessing those with kids have put them to bed and are simply relaxing.

  • HLB

    “do the Busbys have a nanny?”… I sure as hell hope so

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    I love this show. I don’t think they have a nanny but they do have a babysitter that helps that they even took on vacation with them to help out. Even if they did have a nanny I see no problem with it. After all they do have 5 2 year olds running around. Their family also seems to be a big help to them.

  • Carole Miller

    I think they have that right to have a nanny friend. Do you see the mess those girls make?.they cry all the time. I would have 5 nannies, golly just to change them, dress them that is why we say it takes a village.
    They should have said something but it is no biggie, they are cute and love to watch them. It is reality t.v. Just go with the flow and continue to enjoy these blessings from God. Good !yuck Danielle and Adam suck it up as you are blessed for sure. You have had help and got the van from the church I just can not see why you have this black cloud over you. You should be thankful for those blessings. Think of that.

  • twelfthnight

    Better that their scandal be that they have a bit of help so all their children are adequately cared for and not wanting for anything or neglected than probably literally anything else…

  • Renee L

    I’d be more interested in knowing if the Gardner Quad mom has a nanny. I don’t get how she has perfectly curled hair, a dark smokey eye look and clothes that don’t have a stain on a daily basis.

  • Alisson Leech

    Of course they have a nanny!! Danielle has too much energy to not have help. I love Adam. He’s so… so REAL and relatable!

  • Paula Clements

    I doubt care about if they have Nanny they have 6 girls and needs help with them yes her family helps them I Love them they have a heart and GOD bless them with 6 BEAUTIFUL Girls I Love the show

  • Stacey J

    If any family ever deserved to have one…this family would be it! This is manufactured drama…the show is cute….leave it alone….

  • Chewy


  • Cathie

    So what if they do. Everyone needs help sometimes . She had 5 babies under 3 plus Blayke she needs a break once in awhile and maybe the nanny doesn’t want to be seen and I watch and I never hear them say we do this all alone they always talk about having help from friends and family . Give them a break could you do it alone

  • Sacy

    As someone who has triplets, they 100% have a nanny. No way could they be so calm, nor have their house look clean, nor have the kids all cute and matching, if they didn’t have a helper.

  • Caty P. :)

    Funny timing, I actually have an episode playing right now when I found this article 😉 They do have a ‘babysitter’ named Taylor who they showed briefly, but yeah, wouldn’t surprise me if she’s more than that. Not blaming them, that’s a LOT of kids to handle!!

    Little Hazel with the red hair and baby-glasses is the cutest lil thing I’ve ever seen <3

  • I would shoot myself in the face, twice, if I lived their life.