VIDEO PHOTOS Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child

Joy-Anna Duggar pregnant photos

Pretty soon Arkansas may be changing its name to Duggarkansas as the reality show family continues to inch toward becoming the state’s majority population! The newest addition will come courtesy of Joy-Anna Forsyth and her husband Austin Forsyth as they announced today that Joy-Anna is pregnant with their first child.

“We are Austin and Joy Forsyth and we’re so happy to announce that we’re pregnant,” says Austin in the TLC Me announcement video above. “When we found out that we were pregnant, we were both extremely happy and felt blessed.”

Joy then not-so-shockingly reveals: “Before we even were married, we were praying that God would give us kids, and so thankful that He has.”

Joy-Anna Duggar pregnant

So what do the first-time parents-to-be think the baby will be, a boy or a girl? “I think we’re going to be having a little girl,” says Austin. “There’s kinda been a trend of having boys in the family — I think we’re going to break it and have a girl.”

Joy feels differently. “I think it’s a boy,” she says.

Austin then talks about his hopes for what the newest Duggar grandchild will be like. “I hope that our child is pretty much just like their mother,” he says. “Selfless, and always serving and loving people.”

Joy chimes in: “And learn about a lot of different skills like Austin does. He’s so diligent and can do just about anything.”

“I’m really looking forward to seeing what the baby looks like,” Joy says. “Especially in the first two years — they grow a ton. And so, getting to see him going from, you know, just being a baby to being able to sit up, and then to crawl, and then to walk.”

“I’m looking forward to have him in our lives and take him to places we go, and let him experience life,” Austin adds.

Joy-Anna Duggar pregnancy announcement ice cream

Does Joy feel prepared to be a mother? “I have already gotten some advice from Jessa, and Jill, and Meghan, Austin’s sister, just about good tips to remember,” she says. “I think I’m going to be asking a lot more questions closer to the time when the baby’s almost here.”

Joy ends the announcement with an appreciative message to her fans: “Thank you to all you fans for keeping up with our life, and for supporting us, and for your love, and encouragement.”

We will wrap this post up with some congratulations from the Duggar clan:

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  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Does she feel prepared???? Of course she does. She’s been raising her younger brothers and sisters since she was little.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Jim Boob and Moochelle must be so proud.

  • LaraCroftEyes1

    Joy Anna was pregnant before she marry Austin

    • Liz

      The first thing I was thinking was that she looks very pregnant for 3months along with her first child..

      • TA

        I thought the same thing, but so did Jill, both times.
        I think they just gain weight quickly after marriage– they only know how to cook for 15+ people, and sit around the house all day with not much to do since they don’t have to parent their younger siblings anymore. They’re not encouraged to get a job or go to school, so they are probably pretty sedentary.
        Joy looks scared as hell.

    • barbinop

      I think so too

  • Kerri

    Well this is what she’s been groomed her whole life.

    Have y’all seen what Jinger’s up too? It looks like her marriage was an actual escape. She’s wearing normal clothes, and she’s moved away from the cult.

    • Alisson Leech

      Yep. Jinger was finally freed.

    • twelfthnight

      Did she really escape? That’s wonderful. I hope she takes her little sisters with her…

      • LaraCroftEyes1

        Yes Jinger escape she living in Laredo Texas and she been wearing pants and short sleeve shirts

  • barbinop

    Another honeymoon baby? Lol. She looks like she’s in her second trimester. I just dont understand the rush to get pregnant in that family. They just got married. Is this a contest? The girl just recently? Lost her virginity.

    • kate

      I think it’s because they don’t practice any form of birth control. I think the only reason Jinger isn’t pregnant yet is that Jeremy is “worldly” enough to know about pulling out (not that that’s 100% effective).

      • DVM

        Actually is probably has way more to do with genetics. Your average woman doesn’t get pregnant that fast, or can have THAT many kids in short succession. Even in the times before birth control it could take a woman months or years to conceive.

        The Duggars aren’t normal. They have some freaky fertile genetics LOL!

  • PerfectingPaula

    That’s a pretty sizeable baby bump! I’m thinking we now know why the wedding date was moved up several months.

    • Cupcake_boss516

      Exactly, cause they weren’t supposed to get married until October. That’s the same thing I thought when I first read about them moving the wedding date up and getting married so quickly. I also heard that she had sex before she got married and thought she was pregnant. So she had to tell her parents, which obviously means, they didn’t wait for marriage. ???

  • Alisson Leech

    Joy-Anna is pretty! That’s all I got… Lol

  • Aussie cathie

    No side hugs for these two ????

  • Charla

    Where do they find these guys that are ok with endless pregnancies?

    • Regina

      Erm… Arkansas.

      • Charla

        Lol. But most of the guys (and woman they’ve married) aren’t from Arkansas. Most of them seem to have been fans of the show, in my opinion.

        • Regina

          Hmm good point! Joining a religious cult might be the way.